Voodoo Doughnut

  • 1501 NE Davis St, Portland, OR 97232
  • (503) 235-2666
  • www.voodoodoughnut.com


Louisa M.

Voodoo Doughnut makes some of the yummiest creations in town. It's just as good (if not better) than the original location in the Pacific Northwest. This is located in a prime touristy location, so prices are much higher. Expect to pay a minimum of $1.75 per doughnut.

We got three doughnuts ($6.52 total check) and all were fresh and super soft. I was pleasantly surprised. The original glazed is still my favorite, but my hubby raved about the maple glazed. He did not think the blueberry cake doughnut was very good, however, but who really loves cake doughnuts? Yuck!

All of the Portland classics are available here, including their famous Bacon Maple Bar, the Voodoo Doll, and the Grape Ape. They have candy-colored and cereal-topped doughnuts for the kids, and a huge selection of vegan doughnuts for your pain in the butt friend. If you're looking for something exotic, the employees were friendly and willing to help answer our questions.

The ordering process is confusing because there are all these doughnuts but not any easy to read descriptions. This means everyone has questions, so the line backs up and gets super long.

There's limited seating inside, and they also serve coffee. Note that this location won't accept gift cards, which is a major bummer.

John R

The iconic doughnut shop from Portland now has a location at Universal's City Walk. They offer a vegan menu and a plethora of fun doughnuts. Be sure to take a picture in their giant doughnut chair!

Derek Lakin

Fantastic donut flavours! Loved the Voodoo Doll, which even has jam in the middle and a little stake!

Mel S Wong

Voodoo Doughnuts puts a fun twist to donuts both in shape and in flavors. Come here also for the flavorful Stumptown coffee to wash them down.

Danny Nguyễn

Overrated donuts, they aren't that great to be honest and the lines are long

Laila R.

Well as you can imagine the lines get long here, so be prepared to wait to get those famous Portland goodies. It's a great location and they have a coffin you can even get married in.

Maria Lewis-Hudson

AN AUSTIN MUST! Perfect different yet sweet & perfect donuts. Whether for a late night snack or a dessert for the road.

Christina De La Torre

First time in Austin proper and had to try the famous VooDoo Donuts. It didn’t disappoint and as an added bonus they had vegan options!

Kelly A

Why wait in the Portland snow in mid December when you can get it fresh and hot in under 30 seconds in Austin!

Katie Barba

I came to Austin after visiting Portland where I skipped Voodoo Doughnuts and went to Blue Star donuts instead (yum!!!) - now I regret not going to both! I was not the biggest fan of the filled doughnuts here, but the Mexican Hot Chocolate flavor won me over. I didn't actually pick that donut - the staff member who rung me up suggested it! Definitely trust them when they suggest something. Also, I was expecting much more expensive prices, but it was definitely fairly priced!

Diane Austin

The lines are usually out the door, it is touristy, and it isn't health food. But oh my, it gained it's popularity for a reason. Four of us, four wildly different choices. All fantastic!


My first Voodoo. Delayed flight getting in at 0200 due to weather. Slept in then walked around the corner to get some coffee and donuts. Decor was great. Donuts were, well, they're donuts. Not fond of this trend of putting cereal and other treats on frosted donuts. But the yeast donuts were great, light with just the right amount of grease.
There was a (Hipster) Mommies Group having coffee with all their kids dancing on the stage and throughout the tables. Odd juxtaposition of young innocence and "black magic" vibe.

Carey Reed

Getting my bearings and buzzed from the 'Ol Dirty Bastard doughnut (chocolate frosted with oreo and peanut butter drizzle) to the tune of Garbage and Courtney Love, while a futuristic cowgirl looks on. The cash-onlyness reminds me of NYC's E. Village. Located on a strip of E. 6th in Austin pulsating with live music venues.

Harley Quinn

OMG! This place is so cool, lol. Very unique place. The doughnuts are cute and very affordable. THEY ONLY ACCEPT CASH!

Tiffany Cheung

I've heard so many good things about Voodoo Doughnuts, and wasn't aware that they even had one in Texas until my friend told me she had bought a dozen back for us to try.

Oh my goodness, I'm not a big doughnut fan, but these were amazing! AND I had them a day old. She got the Voodoo dozen, which came in an assortment of doughnuts - Captain Crunch, cinnamon, peanut butter, maple, glazed, chocolate, cream filled, M&M's, blueberry, coconut, sprinkles, marshmallow. They were all good, but my favorites had to be the sprinkles, blueberry, cinnamon, maple, and some Simpson looking doughnut.

Apparently if you want to replace one of the doughnuts from their Voodoo dozen, you have to pay a fee. Overall, a really solid doughnut place. Lines are long! But worth the wait.

Alice Chase

Follow the pink boxes....& bring cash. VooDoo Doughnuts in Austin is an amazing experience and totally worth the moderate wait you may encounter. As you get close to Sixth street you will begin to see people carrying stacks of bright pink boxes. It is a cash only establishment (but if you forget there is an onsite ATM). I also recommend checking out the website ahead of time or while you wait for the unusual varieties of doughnuts they offer. Plan to buy a dozen. Trying to choose just one is torture. If you are a java lover, get the Stumptown Coffee nitro brew, it is a wonderful compliment to the sweet treats. Doughnuts range in price from .95 and up.

Ryan @ OnyxHotels

After just leaving Portland and eating my first Voodoo doughnut, I came home to find one being built in Austin. I was there during the soft opening, and a few times since. They have very creative and often sweet donuts. My favorites are the Blazer Blunt, the Grape Lavender one, and the Marshall Mathers. This location is right in the heart of dirty 6th, so expect a line.

Alexis Perez

Had the voodoo doll donut. Really tasty.

Albert Rosales


Jason Fry

Black magic pastries. They say the magic is in the hole.... And, as a rule I would agree that holes are magical. However, other than the awesome concept and great fun this place was inspired by, it's just sort of middle of the road. The donuts were a little on the stale side. We tried the voodoo doll and the old dirty bastard - both yeast doughnuts. The texture of the donut was good, but the flavors were uninspired and the doughnuts were a bit stale.

Colleen Holbrook

This location is so much more relaxed than the downtown spot. Prices are also fairly reasonable, probably because they only take cash

Jamelyn-Ann Hufton

It's exactly what you'd except from Voodoo, a crazy aesthetic and a whole lot of sugary doughnuts. This isn't a fancy artisan doughnut shop but that's the best part, it's real people getting big pink boxes full of goodies

Steve Baumgartner

The line wasn't very long when we arrived here, at about 9:30 at night, so we only needed to wait about 5-7 minutes to order. They have their doughnuts listed on a menu on the wall, or you can look at the spinning doughnuts in the display case to buy by sight as well. The doughnuts were fresh and they had pretty much all of their doughnuts available so there was no "I'll have x," only to be told they were out of it.

Chris Pohl

The doughnuts here are legendary. They are so good that there seems to be a line any time of the day or night.

Caroline Carlos

The west Voodoo has a line a block long, but there's no line at the East side. Ok, there could be a line, but it'll be much shorter. The neighborhood might seem a little random, but you can't miss the all-pink building. Like, flamingo pink. It's equally as bright as its donuts. Yes, they're good, but the appeal is more of the crazy toppings and names than the sugary carbs themselves (for me, anyway). That said, the Triple Chocolate Penetration is as chocolatey good as it sounds. Oh, and so are the phallic-shaped pastries.

Petey Hsieh

I'd be honest, this place is just a novelty for me. I visit it as frequent as visiting touristy spots like Crater Lake or the Rose Garden. That being said, I come here only to bring newbies. This location is so much better and you don't feel claustrophobic. The only downside is Stumptown is not a block away.

The last time I visited here was back in Summer of 2013. What I remembered from my visit was they have Voodoo trucks parked outside and a couple of video games inside the bakery. As for the donuts themselves, they are as Weird as Portland goes. Kind of fun, kind of strange names and flavors. Quite honestly, the maple bacon for me was just alright. But always a great place to take people from out of town to visit.


I can't say this is the best donut I have ever had, but it is the greatest sugar rush ever.

Cole Herning

Good donuts, but not the best in town. More touristy than anything. Bring out of towners here.

Gibson Coy

Everybody should experience Voodoo at least once in their lives. More than once, ideally. The maple/bacon bar is stupid. Like good stupid.

Nina H.

Voodoo is overrated in my opinion. They do have really special donuts and some with erotic names, but the lines get so ridiculous here that I don't think it's really worth the wait. Their donuts are cheap and coffee is good. The store is definitely worth a visit though, but just once is enough.

shantae duckworth

I've always wanted to try these donuts and I can finally say I did! They only take cash but they have all kinds of donuts from captain crunch to butterfingers. They only take cash so make sure you have some on you!

Yogic Traveler ❀

If you are not in the mood to wait in the usually long line downtown the north east location is a great alternative for the same delicious doughnuts!


Less of a line, less of the city, same delicious donuts. Sit down, chill out, enjoy the atmosphere, and even get hitched if you want!

Albert Qian

If you are in Portland this is a must-see place. There are Doughnuts of every variety - even vegan, and even with bacon on them. There's a line out the door that you will stand in, so talk to the locals. Have a fun time!

Nikki Wells

Badass app for Facebook.....gonna make postcards of my ultimate Portland favorites.

Frances Nguyen Ha

Voodoo Doughnut, Too is located away from central downtown Portland, but its allure of random flavored doughnuts, 24 hour availability, gritty decor, and blasting rock music remains upon entering the doughnut shop. Also, check out the random visual displays of Kenny Rogers and the instant photo machine!

Joaquin Cruz


Jane Y

Famous doughnuttery!

David Aponte III

Best bacon maple bars on the planet!

Eduardo Sasso

A little overhyped, love the name and their style but the doughnuts are just Ok nothing spectacular.

Watson Lee

It recommended by a lot of travel websites and blogs. Very tasty and reasonable price.

Colleen Holbrook

Unfortunately voodoo is moving to other places like LA, like other uniquely Portland places. Busy, long line, special but not particularly amazing donuts

Briana Wright

Decent selection of vegan doughnuts. Went early in the morning. Short line, easy service. Remember this is cash only when you go. Would go again.

Leila Najafi

There are so many donuts to choose from at Voodoo Doughnuts it will give you a headache but it's a fun little spot. It's not the BEST donuts in Portland but they have some fun ones.

Jenny Jones

Very good doughnuts but very crowded. Voodoo doughnuts has so many unique doughnuts to choose from. Some of my favorites are maple bar with bacon cookies and cream and the m&m one!
The doughnuts also look great in pictures lol.
The side of the building is great for taking pictures

Destinee Deely

Really cool spot. Crazy donuts that come in a lot of interesting flavors. Also, it’s open 24 hours so you can go anytime.


When visiting Portland, I was told this place was a must visit.

Expect long lines. I tried 3 donuts of which 2 I don't even recall what I ordered. The only one that stood out was the signature voodoo doll because it was their iconic storefront donut image. It contained some type of raspberry filling covered with chocolate frosting. So what's my verdict? BEYOND OVER HYPED. So why is everyone raving about this place? I still don't understand. The dough was just like any regular donut and there was nothing unique about it.

The up side is that this place opens 24 hours! I'd 100% recommend Pips' Original Donuts or Blue Star!

Becky Bates

I have been dying to try Voodoo for years, and i'm happy to say it didn't disappoint. Even though the main restaurant was closed for construction (we had to order from a temp trailer with a limited selection), the Dirty Old Bastard donut I ordered (peanut butter, Oreos, and chocolate frosting) was delicious. They are cash-only, but there are two ATMs literally across the street....and a convenient coffee shop, where you can get a latte and sit outside to wash down your sugar bomb. Also, maybe it was because the main shop was closed (and we visited Portland during a massive wildfire so people were staying home/indoors), but we hardly waited 15 minutes in line.

Mitchell Cunningham

Great service and even better food. Always wanted to go here and happy we finally did.

Kevin Krauss

Super fatty sugary donuts, topped with heavy chocolate. After two bites you will be tired of them unless you are high.

Monica Jaramillo Justice

Great place! The lines can be very long but it is worth it. The store only takes cash so be prepared!

Laura Christine

Voodoo Doughnut is an independent doughnut shop based in Portland, Oregon, known for its unusual doughnuts, eclectic decor, and iconic pink boxes featuring the company logo and illustrations of voodoo priests. The company maintains two shops and a cart in Portland,


Creative shape donuts looks funny. Little bit too much sweet but perfect taste with americano. I like it:)

Betty Hsu

Voodoo donuts is a little bit overrated ... long line. There is another Voodoo on the east side with less line. The donuts are unique so try if you have time.

Erica Chan @missericayvette

I guess you come here just to try it once. We waited 20 minutes for 4 donuts because that all we can afford..it's a cash only place. The donuts are too sweet for my taste but i guess if you have a sweet tooth this is the place for you @missericayvette

Kerrie Clark

Voodoo Doughnut masters the art of transforming fried dough into delicious concoctions like the Bacon Maple Bar and Old Dirty Bastard, and the innuendo throughout the shop is amusing. Sure, you can go in the morning, but Voodoo is open 24 hours. Try going at midnight for a different crowd, and be sure to snap a photo of the neon Voodoo Doll sign while it's dark.

Louisa M.

This location doesn't even come CLOSE to the deliciousness that you can find in downtown Portland. In fact, I don't think this Eugene location is even worth your time or a stop, even if you are a fatty who loves doughnuts (like me). I mean, there's a certain star level that has to be awarded for the simple fact that these are sugary doughnuts, but they really are lacking in so many ways.

First off, this location is so dirty. No, really: like absolutely freaking filthy. Gross crumbs, sticky counters, sticky floors (how the heck does THAT happen?!?!) and the place just screams out "Health Department, come on in and shut us down!!!"

Second, the doughnuts we selected didn't even taste good. We had a bacon bar, an original glazed, a cream filled and chocolate topped, and a cruller. They weren't exactly stale but they didn't exactly taste super fresh, either. Of course I gobbled them down within 5 minutes and felt massive amounts of carb-laden guilt afterward. Anyone who isn't super skinny and is reading this review now, listen to me: IT'S NOT WORTH IT! Step away from the calorie bombs and go eat some damn fruit instead.

There will probably be a line but do not take that as a sign of quality, it's just because of the famous name. There are plenty of creative combinations that sound (and look) super tasty, but they will undoubtedly be a major letdown once you purchase them.

Parking is next to impossible and it's expensive too. Totally not worth the hassle for a mediocre donut.

Jonathon Whitesell

Really cool art and decor, and I love the pink boxes! Wide selection and not bad. The best doughnuts? Maybe not, but you have to go once!

Kevin Picholo

It was a famous place for doughnuts and the line was at least 30-45 mins long. But I wasn't too crazy for their doughnut, too sweet for me!

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