Voodoo Doughnut

  • 1501 NE Davis St, Portland, OR 97232
  • (503) 235-2666
  • www.voodoodoughnut.com


Louisa M.

Voodoo Doughnut makes some of the yummiest creations in town. It's just as good (if not better) than the original location in the Pacific Northwest. This is located in a prime touristy location, so prices are much higher. Expect to pay a minimum of $1.75 per doughnut.

We got three doughnuts ($6.52 total check) and all were fresh and super soft. I was pleasantly surprised. The original glazed is still my favorite, but my hubby raved about the maple glazed. He did not think the blueberry cake doughnut was very good, however, but who really loves cake doughnuts? Yuck!

All of the Portland classics are available here, including their famous Bacon Maple Bar, the Voodoo Doll, and the Grape Ape. They have candy-colored and cereal-topped doughnuts for the kids, and a huge selection of vegan doughnuts for your pain in the butt friend. If you're looking for something exotic, the employees were friendly and willing to help answer our questions.

The ordering process is confusing because there are all these doughnuts but not any easy to read descriptions. This means everyone has questions, so the line backs up and gets super long.

There's limited seating inside, and they also serve coffee. Note that this location won't accept gift cards, which is a major bummer.

John R

The iconic doughnut shop from Portland now has a location at Universal's City Walk. They offer a vegan menu and a plethora of fun doughnuts. Be sure to take a picture in their giant doughnut chair!

Derek Lakin

Fantastic donut flavours! Loved the Voodoo Doll, which even has jam in the middle and a little stake!

Mel S Wong

Voodoo Doughnuts puts a fun twist to donuts both in shape and in flavors. Come here also for the flavorful Stumptown coffee to wash them down.

Danny Nguyễn

Overrated donuts, they aren't that great to be honest and the lines are long

Laila R.

Well as you can imagine the lines get long here, so be prepared to wait to get those famous Portland goodies. It's a great location and they have a coffin you can even get married in.

Maria Lewis-Hudson

AN AUSTIN MUST! Perfect different yet sweet & perfect donuts. Whether for a late night snack or a dessert for the road.

Christina De La Torre

First time in Austin proper and had to try the famous VooDoo Donuts. It didn’t disappoint and as an added bonus they had vegan options!

Kelly A

Why wait in the Portland snow in mid December when you can get it fresh and hot in under 30 seconds in Austin!

Katie Barba

I came to Austin after visiting Portland where I skipped Voodoo Doughnuts and went to Blue Star donuts instead (yum!!!) - now I regret not going to both! I was not the biggest fan of the filled doughnuts here, but the Mexican Hot Chocolate flavor won me over. I didn't actually pick that donut - the staff member who rung me up suggested it! Definitely trust them when they suggest something. Also, I was expecting much more expensive prices, but it was definitely fairly priced!

Diane Austin

The lines are usually out the door, it is touristy, and it isn't health food. But oh my, it gained it's popularity for a reason. Four of us, four wildly different choices. All fantastic!


My first Voodoo. Delayed flight getting in at 0200 due to weather. Slept in then walked around the corner to get some coffee and donuts. Decor was great. Donuts were, well, they're donuts. Not fond of this trend of putting cereal and other treats on frosted donuts. But the yeast donuts were great, light with just the right amount of grease.
There was a (Hipster) Mommies Group having coffee with all their kids dancing on the stage and throughout the tables. Odd juxtaposition of young innocence and "black magic" vibe.

Carey Reed

Getting my bearings and buzzed from the 'Ol Dirty Bastard doughnut (chocolate frosted with oreo and peanut butter drizzle) to the tune of Garbage and Courtney Love, while a futuristic cowgirl looks on. The cash-onlyness reminds me of NYC's E. Village. Located on a strip of E. 6th in Austin pulsating with live music venues.

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