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PPQ Dungeness Island

  • 2332 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121
  • (415) 386-8266
  • ppqcrab.com


elaine g (@iamego)

Usually pretty busy but don't worry there is an upstairs area where there are plenty of tables for larger groups of 6 or more!

Koji Kawano

OMG, Dungeness Crab and garlic noodles. This is heaven for me and seafood lovers. This popular restaurant dishes up tasty Vietnamese food, but I never tried their Vietnamese dishes, because, you know, the crab. Among a few choices of crab, I like the regular Roasted Crab the best. They open at 5pm and that's when you want to attack. Otherwise, be prepared to wait.

Kellie Mullin

If you love crab, you must go here! Don't worry though, you can bring any non-crab lovers as well. Their garlic noodles and steak dish are equally scrumptious!

Kat Sun

My friends and I were hanging out at her place in the Outer Richmond. Since I work in the Financial District, I'm really only familiar with the hustle and bustle of the city in the downtown area. Wow, the Outer Richmond is quite different. There's parking right outside the restaurant, but I know this place is quite popular, so you may have to go to the next block if you're coming on a weekend during prime meal hours.

The 5 of us came in around 5 or 6 and we got seated immediately upstairs. It's nice that they have a lot of seating room; it makes for a good spot for reunions, gatherings with a great meal.

-garlic noodles
-peppercorn dungeness crab (there's a bib in your place setting too; how fun! and to keep your clothes from getting dirty haha)

I was also quite fond of the Imperial roll, which was a spring roll deep fried. The five spice chicken had a nice crisp on the outside and had good flavor.

The service was great -- we had our waters topped off every once in a while and the waiter was attentive. They also have the food service down pat (I'm sure that they continuously make the crab and garlic noodles non-stop since these are the most popular items).

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a craving for this spot again. I love my crab and this place didn't disappoint.

Diane V

Holy moly, this has got to be one of the BEST crab places I've ever been to! Beats Boiling Crab and Kickin Crab by a longshot! Like everyone before me has stated, you'll do yourself a huge favor by ordering the roasted crab, peppercorn crab, garlic noodles, and some kind of green veggies. I kid you not, EVERYONE had a combination or all of those dishes on their tables. The service could be better, but they made up for it in the best crab you might be getting your hands on.

The line here is ridiculous and we were under-quoted by 45 minutes! We ended up waiting 1.5 hours to eat. So by that time, we were all crabby (pun intended).

However, it was so garlickly and good, we ate the garlic off the plate like it was rice. NOTE: Not a good place to take a date if you want to make out afterwards. You probably won't get another date after that. I think I reeked of garlic after I was done with this place. In fact, it was coming out of my pores. But sooo worth it! The prices were pretty reasonable too. We were a party of 5, and we ended up paying $120 altogether, ordering all those dishes mentioned (2 portions of the garlic noodles), which was a perfect amount of food perfect for a party of 5. We loved the food so much, there was complete silence for 15 minutes while we scarfed down crab. Sorry, bro, I don't care how your day went; this is good stuff!

Parking is free for an hour, but trust me, you'll be there for longer than an hour.

If you can be patient enough to wait a long time and don't mind servers who don't know how to communicate, this is worth the wait. It really is GOOD food!

Kristen (@kachotravels)

When you come here all you need to know is PEPPERCORN ROASTER CRAB and GARLIC NOODLES.

The dinner for 2 set isn't bad either since you get:
- imperial rolls (yummy!)
- papaya salad
- 1 crab (i substitute it for the peppercorn flavor)
- dessert: fried banana with mango & coconut ice cream

With a much bigger party, I usually just add a few crabs and another order of garlic noodles and imperial rolls. DONE DEAL!

TIP: parking is a nightmare in this area, so plan ahead! There is a parking lot down the street, but even with validation, they're a RIP OFF.


Time to get down and dirty when I think of PPQ. Spontaneous dinner decision I had to make because its one of those days where you can't decide where to eat. Knowing the wait will be long, but there was only two of us so I did not mind the wait. We ordered:

- Spicy Crab = fried with a spicy kick! My favorite out of the five types of crab.

- Drunken Crab = juicy and flavorful but I got too sick of eating it.

- Imperial rolls = spring rolls basically being deep fried.

- Garlic noodles = had high hopes for the garlic noodles, but I swear I had it better elsewhere.

The service was attentive and you never have one waiter, it was more like whoever was available at the time. I like the bibs that they hand out along with moist towel to clean after yourself. I see myself coming back here for the crabs.

May W

PPQ is super popular, even at off hours like 3:30PM on a lazy Sunday afternoon. You park on one of the residential streets or on Clement's metered spots. Service is minimal, but polite and efficient.

I'd recommend the peppercorn chicken wings to anyone. They are big, juicy, and so delicious. It holds the title of "Best Chicken Wings in Sf", at least in my book. :) I prefer getting these babies over the famous crab entrees bc it takes less effort for way more meat. You may want to skip the crab fried rice if you're a fan of the crab/seafood taste. Though the dish is cooked nicely, it really lacks any visible crab meat. I would not recommend the imperial rolls either as the fillings aren't as tasty as the roll looks. the skin is impeccable though.

Stanley Chan

I have no idea what the PPQ stands for but I do know that this place serves some of the best tasting crab ever!!! When someone mentions the acronym PPQ in San Francisco, everyone knows this is the place to go eat crab! They serve al types, including the delicious roast-style crab and curry crab that we ordered. Throw in some Vietnamese-style spring rolls and a bowl of savory garlic noodles, and you get a wonderful meal that is sure to blow your taste buds away!!! When you order a crab, you get a bib to take home as a souvenir! Come in a large group and enjoy some crab like no other!!! Remember to "Dress for a Mess, and not to Impress!"

Vicky Thanh

Yummy yummy in my tummy crab!! Get their roasted peppercorn crab. It's the best out of their selection. And also order their garlic noodles. I also liked their beef tar tar.


Amazing garlic crab and noodles! Make sure to get the grilled shrimp that you can wrap in rice paper. Better than Crustacean and Thanh Long!

Kevin Cheng

Wonderful garlic noodles and spectacular fried genuineness crabs. So simple, so good. The restaurant is sparsely decorated but clean.

Ally Wu

Now the crab season has just opened and I have to have some dungeness crabs! PPQ serves whole crabs different ways, salt and pepper, baked, spicy and one other way. We ordered baked and the crab is covered with delicious garlic butter sauce. The crab was firm and fresh, a definite hit. I can't wait to go back and try other preparations!


This place is delicious. Their standout dishes are the roasted grab and garlic noodles. I'm not a huge fan of crab in restaurants, so I stuck with the standard Vietnamese fair. Everything tasted fabulous, with less heaviness than what I recall getting at other restaurants.


The way this was introduced to me was as a less expensive version of Crustacean. That's a pretty good description - it lacks the ambiance and the polished finesse of the food at Crustacean, but the flavor is all there. They have 3 or 4 types of crab - I love the garlic roasted crab. All other dishes I have had here have been equally good - the sea bass, the garlic noodles, the sauteed pork. I have never had a bad dish here.

Chris Lo

This place is the best! My friend was getting married the next day but invited his close friends and family out of town to this place for dinner to celebrate. The roasted crab & garlic noodles are the bomb!! I don't mind getting down and dirty eating the crab here! You have to go with the peppercorn garlic crusted crab. The flavor is excellent and addicting you just got to eat more! Plenty of meat, some places it just isn't worth the time and effort but this place absolutely!

David L.

really good place for vietnamese style crabs in the Outer Richmond. this place can get pretty busy so expect a long wait (1+ hrs) if you come at peak times. we showed up around 5p one day and were seated promptly. they have a pretty good sized menu with pho, rice plates, and vermicelli dishes, but most people show up for dungeness crab. we went for the set menu for 2, around $55 for: imperial rolls, cabbage salad w/ chicken (tasted kinda funny), peppercorn crab (we switched out the roast crab), house garlic noodles, and deep fried banana ice cream. everything was good except the chicken in the salad didn't taste good to me. maybe a bit too much fish sauce? anyways, even if you order ala carte, the prices are better than Thanh Long. and i feel the food overall is much better.

Amy Chow

Unfriendly service & kinda bland taste.


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