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2.5 Stars

I've been here twice at this location and each time there was always something wrong.

First time was a takeout order. Bestest only live one freaking block away from this restaurant, but we wanted to take the food and eat in our own comfort living room.

Strike 1!

Skimpy portion of fiery chicken that was supposed to feed 2-3 person. More like one! Ughhh!!!

Strike 2!

Garlic noodles that came in the smallest to-go container?!?! Seriously inadequate portion and not even enough to feed one person.

Strike 3!

When my Bestest gives his bill, we never got our changes back until we had to ask three different waiters. On top of that, they didn't even bring back the right amount. Aiyah!

Don't think we will frequent this place even if it's a block away from our place. I actually prefer Royal Ragoon better. Kthanksbye!

Stephen Hubbard

Burma Superstar is great. The food is worth the wait and you will always have to wait.

Travis Katz

We had tried to go to Burma Superstar in SF but the line was always too long. They don't take reservations, but you can call 15 mins before you arrive and they will add you to the list. The space is trendy and fun, with d lighting and mirrored walls. The food was good, but not the best Burmese I'd ever had. Get the tea leaf salad, the flatbread with the curry dip, and the coconut rice for sure.

Ingrid Katz

Trendy Burmese restaurant in Oakland. Cool atmosphere. Food was good but not outstanding. There is mostly a line outside and you can only call to be put on the list 15 min. before arrival.

Yogic Traveler ❀

My goodness! Honestly some of the best food I've ever tasted! I went with friends and we shared and EVERYTHING was DELICIOUS! The place was packed, line out the door and we had to wait but totally worth it. I highly recommend the eggplant, like sweet velvet with the coconut rice and the incredibly addictive layered bread. MIND-BLOWING!

Barbara Kossy

Noodles! The noodles were tender, not mushy. Perfect.
We arrived at 6pm on a Friday night and were seated immediately. The three of us had the far end of a long shared table. We all loved the tea leaf salad, which is really a chunchy peanut salad with an interesting tea leaf dressing. We also had garlic noodles with pork and tofu, and a shrimp dish. In the garlic noodle dish the sauces were good but I would have liked a bit more of the port and tofu. The shrimp in the other dish was perfectly cooked and arrived hot at the table. What I most loved was the desert which was a sort of yam fritter with excellent coconut ice cream. All that came at a really reasonable price in a place with a fun atmosphere in trendy Temescal. After dinner we walked up and down the street, enjoying a summer evening in Oakland. I would have like to see a few more vegetable dishes on the menu, since I'm not really a noodle person. But if you're a noodle person, this is the place for you!

Jenn B

There are several locations of this restaurant and I like this one much more than the one in SF. There is a wait, but it's nowhere near the craziness you'll surely encounter in the city.

Burmese food is really delicious, and this restaurant also serves Asian inspired cocktails! Be sure to order the famous fermented tea leaf salad and samusa soup. Prices are reasonable - expect to spend about $20 to $25 per person, excluding alcohol.


Burmese cuisine

Kimberly P

They are known for their tea leaf salad but I also enjoy their pumpkin pork stew as well as the Burmese chicken & shrimp casserole. (The casserole is like a biryani.)


Nom nom nom. The line stretches forever because the food is spicy, sweet, familiar (think Thai, Chinese, Indian) and yet shocking and completely new. If you're in the Bay Area, you must go.

Susie - Oakland-Berkeley Food Guide

Burma Superstar reliably has a line when they open at dinnertime. That's because the restaurant has a great buzzy ambiance and super flavorful burmese food, which is kind like thai and vietnamese, only different. They will recommend their most popular dishes which will simplify your entre to this type of food if it's new to you. Great cocktails too!

Zhanna K

First time trying Burmese food and do not regret it! Lamb was tender and flavourful, lemon and mint added a nice touch to chicken! It's a family/sharing type of place. I will definitely be back for green tea salad!

John P. Sherman

Best Burmese restaurant I've ever had. The flavors were just amazing. Beef steak kebat was delicious. Nan Gyi Dok noodles were awesome. Can't wait to go back to try the other dishes.

Amanda Brenneman

My first time trying Burmese food, and I love it! They do such a great job with all of their dishes. You can actually taste the details to everything. Their thai chicken soup is great. The spicy chicken, or mint chicken are my favorites. There is almost always a wait, but it moves pretty quickly. And boy is the wait worth it! One of the only places I am ok waiting for food. YUM! I have heard good things about the tea leaf salad, that is next on my to do list!

Marieta Em-brasser

A little waiting time but well worth it. You can smell the delicious aroma from the kitchen seaming through many dishes! The waiters are friendly and accommodating. The large selection of fresh menu and deserts. Good time!


Well this location of the popular Burnese restaurant is nicer than the San Francisco one by far, with a lot less wait.

I never understood why thousands of Yelpers would wait 2 hours in San Francisco's Clement Street, Richmond District to eat at Burma Super Star. It is cramped (almost elbow to elbow cramped), shabby in decor, slow service, and the food is good, not fantastic. So why so many 4 and 5 star reviews?

I figure it was all a bunch of Politcally Correct, Socially Conscious, Bleeding Heart Liberal SF'ers trying to show their trendy support to the Burmese democracy movement by eating here. Suffering like Suu Kyi' and her long stint under house arrest, and supporting her by waiting in line endlessly here.

But this location in Alameda has none of the bad factors of the Clement street location, and all of the good. It is cleaner, newer decor, better service, and you barely have to wait.

We split the popular Rainbow Salad (#12, $9), which is a fresh and tasty salad with 22 ingredients, nicely organized, then promptly mixed for you by your server (after the foodies take their pics, of course!). The menu is not huge with variety, but good enough choices for an occasional visit. For lunch after the salad, my friend had the Lamb Kebat (#73, $10) with Tan Poi rice, which is like a basmati type long grain with spices, like cormoran ($0.50 extra). I had the Fiery Chicken Tofu (#33, $8) with Brown rice. We really liked both of these dishes. The Fiery chicken wasn't too spicy, but you can ask to make it more. The Kebat wasn't spicy either, but tasty.

Sodas are $1.50. So the prices are not too bad at all for lunch, and we were pleasantly stuffed afterwards with a total of about $30 with tax. We did come late for lunch, toward the backend of the rush, and left at 2:45 on a Thursday, and there was no wait.

I would recommend this location over the San Francisco one, if you haven't been yet. I believe they have another location in the Temescal area of Oakland, too. I might have to try that next.

So all that waiting for 2 hours by those 5,000 Yelp reviewers at the Clement Street location worked!, since Suu Kyi is now a member of the Burmese parliament. So don't consider yourself just a foodie, but a volunteer for global democracy!

Your chant and cry for Democracy?

Nom Nom!


Great Burmese restaurant. No reservations taken, very popular. Well worth the wait. Full bar and good wine list.

Eric Brink

I don't know who you are
But you must be some kind of Burma SuperStar....

One of my co-workers has been Home for several weeks after a shoulder operation. When he left work back then, he told me that he was so over this place. Now that cabin fever has set in, he can't wait to get back. He's a great guy and an excellent professional, and I'm happy that he'll be returning soon.

In the meantime, I offered to drive to Alameda to take him to a Lunch place of his choice. He immediately mentioned Burma SuperStar and raved about the good food and crazy Asian flavours. Why not?

We arrived at ~12:30 with no line and immediate seating at a table near the front window. My friend wanted me to try a variety of dishes including:

Tea Leaf Salad (nicely explained and mixed at the table)
Burmese Casserole
Mango Chicken
Fried String Beans
Coconut Rice
Black Rice Pudding for Dessert

It was all super delicious and involved enough food that I stretched the leftovers into 2 additional meals. The decor was comfortable and well appointed, the service was attentive and friendly, and our conversation was fun and engaging. There was also a neat mix of fellow customers and some excellent people watching opportunities. All this together made for a fantastic outing!

I understand that this place gets busier in the evening and I would like to think that customer care and feeding stays at this high level during those peak periods. I'm sure I'll be back regardless of what time of day.

I'll be your groupie baby
Cuz you are my Burma SuperStar....


Local version of a Bay Area legend. Good veggie options include garlic fried noodles and pumpkin tofu. Friendly staff too!

Na Lin

Great food and great service! There was a line to get to the hostess but we lucked out and only had to wait 10 mins if that for a table. Don't let the line deter you. It is worth the wait!

Tip: Tea leaf salad is a must!


Popular spot serving an extensive menu of Burmese cuisine in a compact, simple setting.

Philip Kim

My first time here and also trying Burmese food for the first time and I absolutely loved it. The Tea Leaves salad is really good; has so many different flavors and textures! Their lychee ice tea is amazing.

Ryan @ OnyxHotels

Definitely worth the wait, and this place stays busy at all times, despite its unusual location on Clement. Everything they have ever served on multiple occasions has been delicious.


If you are in San Francisco you must go to Burma Superstar. Our normal order always contains sweet and sour chicken and tea leaf salad. Your world will change when you eat the tea leaf salad!

Krista Canfield McNish

Excellent Burmese food, but expect a wait. If you're looking to take your tastebuds on a trip to Burma, head to Burma Superstar.

Pete Kang

Tea leaf salad, coconut samosa soup, nan gym dok noodles, chili lamb... The list goes on. These Burmese dishes will make your heart all warm, fuzzy, and weird. They'll also make you want to hug all the chefs. GET SOME!!

Michael Tab

We have visited the place for the second time after 3 years and it's still very good!!
We had the samosa soup, rainbow salad and the lamb chili, which were absolutely tasty!


Everything here is A-Mazing! The lines are long but oh so worth it. This is the first place I take my out of town friends.

Yến Dương

This is asian fusion. Tea leaf salad wouldn't have lettuce in it. The tea leaf salad only had a scoop of fermented tea leaves in the middle, but the salad itself was still good even though it had no meat in it.

I wasn't impressed with their lychee iced tea since it tasted more like iced tea and barely any lychee in it although there was about 5 canned lychees floating in my pitcher.

Platha and curry dip was so crispy and the mild orange curry went well with it.

Garlic noodles with duck was very garlicky! Soo good!! We got it with duck and it didn't disappoint. Had a good ratio of duck to noodles and garlic. Kinda wished the noodles were hand pulled or homemade though.

Burmese curry with beef had lots of beef and some potatoes. Honestly, the sauce didn't strike me as being super awesome, but it was alright.

There was only a 15 min to 20 min wait because we had come at 2pm on a Sunday, but usually this place has long lines. And the restaurant was packed.

Anne Lowrey

I didn't even know Burmese food could taste this good. And I've been to Burma.

Janson Wigo

I've never had Burmese food before. It's very similar to chimes and Thai- I ordered the jook- a tradition Chinese style rice soup with various toppings. I thought it was delicious- needs hot sauce though. I also ordered the veggy curry which was bomb. The couple sitting next to me ordered the tea leaf salad and said it was the best thing ever. Next time.

Stanley Chan

Looking for some exotic Southeast Asian cuisine, look no further, as Burma Superstar makes a grand entrance. If you like Thai, Malaysian, Cambodian, etc. food, then Burmese food should also satisfy your palate, as the cuisine is similar in scope but also offers its own unique tastes and aromas. The tea leaf salad was particularly good, and is certainly special.

Tea Leaf Salad*
Featured on Food Network
Yes, we really do go to Burma to get the tea for this salad, and it's worth the trip. With textures from fried garlic, peanuts

Vegetarian Samusa Soup*
Featured on Food Network and Bay Area Backroads!
Even though it's vegetarian, this remains our most popular soup for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike

Vegetable Curry Delux*
Burma Superstar's special curry made with tomatoes, squash, eggplant, lentils, and tofu

Burmese Style Curry *
(shrimp or catfish)
Burma SuperStar's speciality curry made with tomatos. Medium spicy

Garlic Chili Shrimp*
Wok tossed shrimp in our garlicky infused oil, and topped with toasted garlic

The food is plentiful, aromatic, full of spices, and bursting with flavor! On top of the coconut rice, it's heavenly!!! Yummy! Do yourself a favor and give this place a try, but be warned, many others are doing the same; hence, Burma Superstar gets immensely packed and the lines stretch outside for quite a bit. The restaurant takes no reservations, so expect a long wait, but it is well worth it.

Sara Benson

When I lived in San Francisco, and now when I go back to visit, this restaurant is one of those gems I don't mind waiting in a super-long line for (alternatively, get there just before they open the doors). The Burmese curries are authentic and tasty, but what is even more amazing are the intricate salads, some with over a dozen ingredients. Fairly priced menu.

Todd Waldorf

We really liked it. The food was good and the kids liked it too. Would definitely go again.


If it's your first time at Burma Superstar, order the following:

- Tea Leaf Salad
- Samusa Soup
- Burma curry with your choice of meat (I loved the lamb)
- Coconut rice

You will see why I give this place five stars. The service is also great, leaving the only downside the wait. But the food and staff are so spot-on that it still gets five stars.

Come for lunch if you can.

Mark Del

Best Burmese food in the city. Tea Leaf Salad, Platha and Dip, Lemongrass Salmon, Basil and Mint Chicken and a white sangria to wash it down!


Spectular food! The flavors and combination of ingredients were like none other. The tea leaf salad is a must try. We have heard that the wait for this small venue can be extremely long. We on the other hand did not have to endure the pain of waiting since we had a late dinner after a great day at Outside Lands Festival. Even at 930 PM we did have to wait for about 20 minutes to be seat with a call ahead to be added to the waiting list. I would wait to eat here.

Trina D.

My cousin and I made our way to Inner Richmond on the MUNI to Burma Superstar after running the Nike Women's Half Marathon. We were exhausted and hungry. So we were hoping that the wait wasn't too long. Luckily it was about 15 minutes before a table opened up after 1pm. We sat down and ordered 2 Thai Iced Teas. One with soy milk for her and one with regular half & half for me.

The waitress was really nice and she told us about the menu, specifically highlighting that both the tea leaf salad and the rainbow salad were featured on the Food Network. Of the two, we decided on the rainbow salad that has 22 ingredients: crispy fried shallots, tomatoes, potatoes, 4 types of noodles, tofu, carrots, cucumbers, shrimp, cabbage, tamarind, fish sauce, crispy fried garlic, won ton strips, cilantro, crushed yellow beans, green papaya, roasted chilies, onion oil and some secret ingredient I lost track of. The salad is brought to you with piles of ingredients and tossed table-side for your viewing pleasure. It was really good. Crunchy, sweet, salty, spicy, sour flavors blended in a wonderful mixture and made me really happy.

We also tried the chicken curry noodles which were fantastic too. They also mix that dish table-side. They even squeezed lemon into the dish which gave it a wonderful brightness. Burma SuperStar, you get 5 stars in my book. They take credit cards which is also a plus.

Helene Vo

I love this place! Any dish that you will eat will be amazingly flavorful! In a couple of dishes, you experience a wide range of flavors. You can't forget this place. They also have good sangria. Definitely a place to try if you are in SF.

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