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Paige Harris III

Not bad, but not great. This place is great more so for the atmosphere and drinks. The tacos were good but not as great as a lot of people hype it up to be.

Tyler Jahnke

Tacolicious is a place I recommend all the time. Most of us like Mexican food, we all crave meat (and/or veggies) wrapped in a tortilla, so this restaurant hits the spot for a variety of people.

Hipster vibe, good music, full bar, and great finger foods. That's what you'll get here and it's all worth it!

One of my favorite things about this place? The Taco, Beer, and Tequila shot combo!

Also, location! You're right in the heart of the thriving Mission neighborhood. After a great meal, you're a few steps away from cool shops and bars.

Darren Anderson

Fun spot to grab a drink and some bites. The tacos are OK, little too salty and greasy, but the guacamole and margs are great! Tends to get really busy on the weekends, so plan to wait.

Jason Flegel

Despite the hype, this place manages to serve good food. Not worth the crazy wait times on a weekend night, but definitely worth a try.

Cayley Ho

Tacolicious has delicious tacos and much, much more. They also have salads, soup, and of course, churros with chocolate.

Pam Chen

This is the better location! Love the outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy the food. Really amazing food and drinks here.


These tacos are truly delicious. So, aptly named. Tacolicious! You should order by volume so taco price you pay decreases per taco. Long wait for big groups, nice if you're on a casual date. Great sauces! I like the yellow one.

Caroline Carlos

Good tacos (obviously) and margaritas. When I say good tacos, I mean goood. I'm not the biggest taco girl, but I will say that much. I especially like the shortrib and the shot-and-a-beer braised chicken. Ask to sit in Eleonora's section; from the very first time she was our server, we loved her! Lots of energy going on here. It's undoubtedly a popular place, but the tables turn quickly. It's a bit of a trendy spot - not fine dining, but surprisingly nice for a "taqueria."

Jenn Clark

Best Mexican restaurant that I've been to so far (in SF, that is). Tacolicious is a trendy, upscale watering hole and restaurant. The drinks are amazing and the tacos are yummy. Tacolicious is a chain in SF, but each one has a very different vibe. Personally, I'll stick to Valencia. A little less plastic than the Marina. Cheers!

Luca Candela

I love this place. Mexican fusion cuisine done right. A tad pretentious but that's the Mission for you.


Omg! It's like taco fantasy land here!

I'd suggest ordering a queso and guacamole for the table.

Then go for the shared tacos deal. I loved the fish taco and the beer chicken.

Mark de la Viña

Tacorrific! Can't say enough great things about this place, from the Paul Madonna mural to the full bar to the exciting new taco fillings. I think it's time we all just admit it: fish tacos are little more than fish and chips, minus the chips + soft tortilla -- and the world is a better place for it. Great menu. And try the chocolate taco, which has an amazing, slightly cinnamon-flecked flavor that is reminiscent of Ibarra chocolate sold in bodegas.

Myrha Colt

Great food, great drinks, great vibe! Go for the tacos, stay for the tequila. You can't go wrong!

Gisele Muller Sasso

Modern atmosphere, great food, fast and friendly service, Tacolicious is a good choice for those wanting to try a modern take on Mexican food. They got us from the starter chips/salsa they serve when you arrive to the amazing sweet plantains (you have to try it, it is perfection in a plate) appetizer to everything else.

I had the camarones al diablo with a side of semi-traditional refried beans and I loved both. The camarones are cooked to perfection and the beans are so tasty you will find yourself "scraping" the little plate to make sure you got everything out of it. Certainly a new favorite for Mexican food in SF.

Eduardo Sasso

Probably the best Mexican place i've been in San Francisco. Their Tacos are amazing, not super spicy and very tasty. They also have a nice selection of draft beers like my favorite Negra Modelo.


Upscale tacos and other Mexican fare in a hip environment. Our waitress recommended the rock cod tacos (which were awesome) and I also tried the carnitas tacos which were really good too. I had a bite of the "shot and a beer braised chicken" taco -- I wish I had ordered that one myself! It was super flavorful. Perhaps the most surprising hit was the kale salad. I ordered it simply to balance out all the meat I was going to eat, but it ended up being one of my favorite dishes! It was packed full of ingredients -- apples, quinoa, almonds, persimmons...it was amazing.

If you like spicy drinks, try the Pasion.

Ally Wu

One of the twin restaurants of Tacolicious and Mosto in the Mission. Tacolicious is supposed to be a great taco place and Mosto has a full selection of tequila. I like the open kitchen of Tacolicious. It is always fun to look at cooks work in the kitchen. They have quite a few selection of non-alcoholic drinks. I had Moss which is a mix of passion fruit, pineapple and sparkling lemonade. I have to say it was great. There are more selection of appetizers than taco varieties, and the appetizers definitely taste better too. We had tuna tostadas which was fresh and yummy. We also had a set of 4 tacos, one chicken, one short-ribs, one veggie and one special shrimp. Each taco is pretty substantial, but the taste is underwhelming. I'd say maybe get a few appetizers and skip the tacos.

Stephanie W

Super close and super delicious. Very popular, especially with families.

Scott Kato

Get the tuna tostada and the beer braised chicken taco!

JJ yakushi

Black and orange errrthaaaaaaang. Get the tuna tostada

Leila Najafi

There are a TON of great taco spots in SF and this is just one of them. They have a few locations around town and their tacos have always been delicious.

Paige Harris III

Good drinks and very hip and trendy place. I wasn't too impressed with the tacos.


Love the tacos here it's hard to go wrong with the special taco of the week. Sometimes the service can be slow but it doesn't stop me from coming back.

Lillian Kiros

Great food. Get the habanero margarita!!! A little expensive though she tacos.

Jessica Hsieh

Got a dozen of these tacos to split with a friend. Left feeling super full. Definitely not your typical taco place. It's definitely trendier and cleaner than a regular Mexican restaurant. Gets noisy though.

Bonnie B

Fun spot in the Marina to hang out at. Went there on a Sat night with a group of 3. Had a 20 min wait. Service was good. Food was better. Ordered the guacamole, fried plantains and the cod and braised beef tacos. All were excellent.

Anne Lowrey

Not legit like say a Mission taqueria is, but the quality ingredients and flavors keep me coming back for more. Margaritas are fantastic.

Stephen Hubbard

This place is great. The tacos are fabulous. Especially the fish tacos. It is very kid friendly as well.

Marisa Heller

Great food and drinks friendly servers and bartender! Worth waiting for a table.


So you don't feel like the dive taquerias? No problem, Tacolicious packs a mean margarita (on the pricey side) with some very filling huge tacos! It's all good, and you get quite the SF cool people scene here.

Janson Wigo

I really like tacolicious! I usually get 4 tacos (16$) and you can pick from around 10 different kinds and mix and match. I love the pulled pork and fish. They also offer a pretty solid taco tuesday menu. Great margs!


One of my absolute favorite hipster places for tacos. Closest tasting to true Mexican food. Some say it doesn't have that flare. I think it does considering have lived in SoCal for five years and testing their Mexican food. I highly recommend this place for a foodie craving Mexican. It is on the pricer side for a taco.


Part of the insanely popular Tacolicious group (other branches in Palo Alto and the Mission), this place gets seriously packed. It obviously serves Mexican food - the clue's in the name! - and the standard is pretty high, albeit fairly expensive for what it is.

Note - you can't make reservations (except for large groups at the Mission restaurant). Given its popularity, this often means a wait for a table.

Kathryn Caldwell

The tacos here are delicious, and the queso is a must!!! It can get quite busy and Tacolicious doesn't accept reservations, but just grab a drink at the bar as you wait!

Samantha B

I love Tacolicious. Every single thing I've had here was good, especially the Tuna Tostada. The tacos are great, the sangria is delicious, the margaritas are awesome... you just can't go wrong.

Drac Wigo

I ate here for the first time a few days ago and I was surprised on how juicy and flavorful the tacos are. I ordered the Mole Chicken tacos. SO good.

McKenna Hoof

Tacolicious is to die for! Such a good spot to chill out and grub out. Their tacos are so mouthwatering, you can never have just one. Try the chicken ones! Also- the margaritas- deliciouso! We had the spicy margaritas... very yummy and very strong. You can't go wrong here, Tacolicious is the best!


I used to live in San Francisco, stopping at my favorite taquerias and taco trucks to satiate my taco cravings, quite often. Now I live in Beijing and the perfect taco is non-existent. On a return visit to San Francisco, I turn my appetite to lead the way and that taco craving stumbled upon Tacolicious in the Marina — Unexpected but a great find!

These tacos are not cheap. You can buy a $2 taco from a truck, but lately tacos aren't the buck-fifty of yore. At Tacolicious, you pay double with a better deal the more you order.

I eat three tacos per meal. I ordered the fried local rock cod cabbage with tangy crema. Nothing disappoints in flavor and the three salsas served on the side are a must try, one spoon of salsa for each bite. The guajillo braised beef short rib taco is a blessed way to change the way you believe in taco existence. Fall-apart chunks that taste good but are also plated beautifully! It really is not fair my appetite can't eat beyond 3 tacos, but my old flame I save for last — the traditional carnitas taco. Carnitas tacos are my litmus test for tacos and this one doesn't miss a note from the tacos I love!

The interiors aren't pretentious and the atmosphere is upbeat. Tacolicious carries the lively vibe in their food, margaritas, and with sidewalk traffic rivaling crowds on Valencia. Great tacos live in the Mission but losing yourself in the Marina, you won't go hungry.

Shannon Hetrick

One of the best taco destinations in the city. Locally sourced, there are 5 standard tacos on the menu (the vegetarian changes based on vegetable availability / seasons) and the weekly special is a don't miss. Add guacamole and chips and a spicy margarita and it will be one of the best meals! They're also at the Thursday farmer's market at the Ferry Building.

Veronica Sartori

Tacolicious is a cute litte taco restaurant on Chestnut. Their food is very traditional however it's still very good. We sat up at the bar and order a few tacos along with their tuna tostada. It was all very good, the service was great. It was a bit dark and loud, but what do you expect? Great for a quick bite to eat.

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