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Chateau Nightclub - Paris

  • 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (702) 776-7777
  • www.chateaunights.com



I love that it's on the rooftop and have a nice view of the strip as you party away. It's not the biggest nightclubs,, but you can actually dance and find a place to just stand in.

Schel @schel74

Definitely not my favorite nightclub in vegas. Perhaps if I was in the section with the beer gardens it would have been better... if there even is a beer garden but I believe that is the rooftop club and not this one... I hate when different things are combined on yelp... ok /rant

This club was the third place we stopped at this night while rollen with the crew and getting limo'd around town. We had just left the Ghost Bar and it was absolutely awesome. We get here and suddenly we are super crowded and hot again... the line for drinks at the lower bar was long and by the time I got to the upper bar, I wasnt thirsty I decided so just kinda cruised around...

PRO TIP: You can bring a dslr in this club, at least I did and didnt hear anything about it and no one said anything inside the club either!

They play mostly Hip Hop. The people were kewl and it was dope to just chill and since IDGAF it was fine to do whatever. The vibe wasnt nearly the same as earlier in the night and we ended up leaving after an hour instead of the planned 1.5-2.

The ambience was interesting as its somewhat of a long skinny club built on table service (a total surprise I am sure). It was bilevel with stairs and a long ramp. At the head of the main dance floor on a raised dias is the DJ and he could look left (most of the tables) forward (the dancefloor), and to the right (small amount of tables and second bar).

An interesting place to spend some time dancing and partying... Enjoy it if you go!

Jay Amernick

Located in The Paris Hotel Casino on The World Famous Las Vegas Strip. I was there for a special, so i have no idea how hard it is t get in under normal circumstances. The club appears to be divided in two areas. The first is the nightclub. I walked thru here to get to the event. black lights a fog machine or something, made me feel like i was on an episode of Buck Rogers, sadly Princess Ardala was nowhere to be found. Now on to the area known as the Gardens. This part is outside with a great view of The Las Vegas Strip and misters to keep the temperature cool. I have no idea how much drinks are, again I was at an event. I say stop on by, enjoy the view. Live it up, you are in Las Vegas for cryin’ out loud!

Julia R

Unapologetically douchey. Music was okay, people watching was at times humorous, and you can get a free drink by checking in on yelp.

Bessie Maribel

I've been on the outside patio during the day, it has the best drinks, awesome atmosphere, perfect for any sunny day on the strip! Staff is amazing, I highly suggest getting a table and getting drunk all day.

Shambhavi Shukla Tripathi

Good one!

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