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Vesper Bar - Cosmopolitan

  • 3708 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (702) 698-7969
  • www.cosmopolitanlasvegas.com


Sherry Beezy

you wish you were here but you're not! day three of Vegas at the Cosmopolitan. Yep we vacation in weeks not days nukka


The Vesper Bar is my go-to bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel after clubbing at the Marquee nightclub. I don't even know if it ever closes, because it's always open, even at 5AM in the morning. The Vesper Bar is also my favorite bar on the Vegas Strip for it's cocktails. Their cocktail menu reinvents vintage cocktail recipes and each cocktail is handcrafted with utmost care. A must-try in Vegas for the cocktail connoisseur.

Joanna Sun

Towards the back of the hotel, is Vesper. Beautiful mirrored poles, a small sophisticated bar, and a wide area for booths and seating. There are some classic drinks on the drink menu, and I really enjoy all the skilled drinks made by the mixologists at Cosmo. You can really tell each drink is delicately crafted. A spray of a floral flavor on the chilled glass perhaps, a shaved orange peel, and some smooth vermooth, you really can't go wrong with anything you order here.

Caroline Carlos

Great view of the elevator screen displays. It's a bar removed from the hustle and bustle of the other Cosmopolitan bars like Bond and Marquee, so good if you're looking for a more chill hangout with more experienced bartenders (just know that they might be a bit snooty).

Veronica Sartori

Looking to find a Mixology/ista bar in Las Vegas? The cocktails here are still a little mainstream and aren't as close to NYC's PDT/Milk & Honey or SF's Bourbon&Branch, but still, rock solid and delectable!

Plan to spend $10-$16 per drink. You can order from the menu, or talk to your bartender and explain what sorts of flavors you enjoy, and he/she'll test your palate.

Great for grabbing a drink and having good conversation, or simply starting the day/night right before you head out! The ambiance is also comfortable - opt for the bar or a cozy couch seat for lounging in.

Indy Singh

Amazing drinks and chill folks. Moscow mules for the win.

Calogero Carlo


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