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Wicked Spoon

  • Level 2, The Chelsea Tower, 3708 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (877) 893-2001
  • www.cosmopolitanlasvegas.com


Diana Haddad

Wicket Spoon Buffet is probably one of the more popular buffets here in Vegas. There is a wide selection of many kinds of cuisine, but the dessert bar is by far my favorite.

Phil Wang


Raymond To

I visited this buffet 3 times. The first time it was during grand opening week and it was amazing both in quality of food, presentation, and service. I guess they were getting critic's review that week because after that I visited this place two more times and the quality dropped significantly. I don't mean just the typical downgrade that all buffet seemed to suffer from after it long opened. But seriously it was like two completely different experience. I just hated that I pay for a price that have some expectation of value but instead felt completely had afterward. I really would not go back to this buffet again unless they drop the price or match the quality to what they are charging. But I still gave it three stars for cleaniness, environment, and decent service (not great like when it was first opened, but still ok)

Morison Woo

I used to like this buffet, but looks like it went down over the years.

The best thing I would have to say they have would probably be the smoked salmon. That's about it. Nothing else were really that good. They didn't even have crab or lobster legs. I expect most Vegas buffets to have that. At $30 bucks per person, it's what you pay for to get average food in Vegas.


When you show up on a Sunday and there's not a single line here for Sunday brunch than you know something is wrong. What's wrong with Wicked Spoon is the price of $40+tax for brunch.

Sure if you are one who judges the book by it's cover this buffet looks decadent and everything from cutesy portions and little pots and dishes looks splendid indeed. I was able to try a variety of the food and I was surprised it didn't taste as great as it looked.

Most of the food here tastes bland. Although, I did enjoy the Bangers n' Mash which seemed to a be a popular dish among our table. The dish was pretty much mashed potatoes with gravy and spicy sausage. It seems like such a simple dish but it was flavorful. I had about three of these! The dessert and aqua fresca (watermelon juice) was probably the second and third best things I've had during brunch. I really wish there was more options available so I'll probably come back again for late lunch/early dinner. The brunch price doesn't justify the option of food they had set out.

Tiffany Melone "@GogobotSD"

Pretty sure this is one of the best buffets in Vegas. Doesn't seem like a buffet at all with all the 5 star top notch selections from salads to sushi to ribs and carving stations to themed foods like Asian or Italian. Brunch is amazing and totally worth the $32/person or $41 per person includes endless Mimosas, champagne or bloodys. Not your typical buffet featuring things like bone marrow, whole shrimp, kale salad, and a Mac n cheese bar.

Rebecca Goglia (@BeccaBandit)

I've been to a few buffets in Vegas including the Bellagio Buffet, but this one is unique in that most of the dishes are served in individual portions, not in big chafiing dishes. The portions are the right size for trying many dishes. The dishes are also very aesthetically pleasing.

There's a few made-to-order sections, but the seafood station took forever!

There many things to try like sushi, seafood, salads, cold dishes, a meat station with bone marrow, a variety of Asian cuisines, and a huge dessert bar with gelato. If you come here, definitely save room for dessert. The small portions for dessert are great too, so you can try plenty of items.

Honestly, some of the stations weren't fantastic though. There could have been more seafood and the Asian dishes weren't great. Also, I had heard about the famous mac and cheese bar which I was super jazzed about trying, but it wasn't there! There was just one dish of average mac and cheese.

The cold gazpacho soup (think it was like a chili watermelon soup?) was absolutely amazing and very memorable.


This is the best buffet I've ever been to! Food is served in individual, smaller portions, so you can try a lot of things without over doing it. Choices include salads, cold sea food, fruit, mac & cheese, carving station, fried chicken, Italian food, Asian food, and gelato for dessert!

Everything is well made with quality ingredients, and there are multiple vegetarian choices as well.

There is also a happy hour, 5-7pm, when cocktails, wine and beer are $5 each.

I highly recommend!

Kelly G.

Came for Sunday brunch - beat the crowds and overall had a great time. (Yes I came recommended by Worth It the Youtube channel, and yes I understand they came for lunch/dinner not brunch).

They didn't have anything terribly exotic but they did have bone marrow! It was done right and even my husband (who hates bone marrow) was accepting of it. Had some truffle spaghetti, the scrambled eggs was SOFT, desserts were great, heck, even the kale salad was tasty.

$38 for brunch plus unlimited drinks at $15. And boy, let me tell you - with the right server - they make that $15 WORTH IT. I walked away drunk for the rest of the day and through the night.

Tawnya Holly

This is the food we've always wanted on a buffet! All the different salads and veggies and meats and desserts! The angry mac and cheese is the best I've ever had anywhere and they have a gelato bar!


We visited the Wicked Spoon buffet as a couple, after reading several excellent recommendations. We queued for about 20 minutes on a Monday evening at around 7pm, having paid our nearly $100 entrance fee (for 2)

The seating area is huge but the tables have a reasonable distance between them. The waiter will get you a drink and bring you your cutlery and after that you're on your own! 

Food wise I didn't find the selection to be that amazing but presentation was first class, being canapé style with most dishes being offered up on separate plates. The live cooking station was a seafood soup which was particularly tasty. 

All in all not bad but not wow in my opinion. 

Alea G.

I have been wanting to go to Wicked Spoon for years and finally did. I thought it was okay. The presentation is beautiful. The plates that some of the dishes came in were adorable. The selection is also pretty unique for a buffett. They had some pretty salads, including a delicious beet salad that I'm happy I was able to have tried.

I thought there were some very good dishes. Particularly liked the mac and cheese, fried chicken, salads and the garlic and onion pizza. With the desserts, my favorite was definitely the apple cobbler, but I loved all the taffy as well.

Otherwise, I think the food was okay overall and the service was also just okay. You can certainly make a good meal out of the good dishes, but I've had better at other buffets. May change mind if I tried dinner, but I thought brunch was mostly hype and presentation.

Christine Liu

I love the food here! Some of the food comes in little individual pots and it's so cute. The dessert bar is amazing and so pretty. They even have a little ice cream section with a lot of different flavors

Andy Huang

Wicked spoon was a delicious spot that serves several small servings of different types of food. It has a wide variety of food and everything is delicious.

Danny Parris

Trendy buffet in the Cosmo. Every food you could ever thing of, plus a hefty dessert counter. Be warned, after eating here you will not want to move for a while.


Yes yes yes. Always a line but oh so worth it. Too 3 buffets in Vegas for sure!


Food is properly portioned. Taste is great and many options were offered. I would definitely go back again.


Probably one of my favorite Vegas buffets. The variety is endless and the presentation is on point to even calling it "cute." Great for portion control.

Just some FYI's for large parties. We were a party of 8. And in order to sit together, your group needs to pay together, gratuity and tax included. You cannot just go up to the counter and pay individually or split the group up and then collect all the tickets and ask for a table for your large group. There a specific seat section for large parties. They make sure you pay and charge you on the spot for gratuity. Seems a little higher than if you were to just leave 18% on the table. It was a big mess just doing that, but the lady wasn't getting impatient or what not. We were able to pay indivdually for the gratuity part.

The lady that assisted us at the table wasn't smiling very much, but she didn't give an attitude when we asked for this or that, so I appreciated that. The gentlemen at the dessert (gelato/sorbet) section has a fun personality. You can tell he was enjoying his job.

I'm not big on buffets because I feel the need to eat my money's worth, but I do love the varieties.

Rhia R.

This has been on the Vegas to-eat list for some time now, and it was something I was glad to finally have checked off. My favorite items were the Korean barbecue, Duck Confit ravioli, and the short ribs. Had to get second helpings of the last 2 because they were just that darn good. Out of the desserts, I liked the panna cotta and espresso mousse. This is right up there with the buffet from The M. I gotta go back!

Helpful hint: If you're a mobile user on Foursquare, follow The Cosmopolitan on their app. And if you unlock the hotel badge when you check in, use it! Why? It gets you entry via their VIP line to the buffet, which means you bypass the regular queue and get to all that pheNOMenal goodness even faster. You're welcome.

Erika Saito

Loved it. All the little individual items were great. Gelato in a chocolate dipped mini waffle bowl...angry Mac and cheese, little wedge salads, fried rice in mini take out boxes...

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