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Bellagio Las Vegas

  • 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • 1 (888) 271-2681



This hotel is icon in its own right. They have art installations, the fountains, the garden, Chihuly ceiling, amongst the gambling and eateries. It was the backdrop for Oceans 11 (George Clooney version).


I played Roulette while I was there and my number hit 3 times, what are the odds of that lol

Deepak Lifecntstop

At the Las Vegas strip.

Located almost at the mid way of the Vegas strip you just can't miss it. And the fountain show is the showstopper happens every hour, musical fountain is a must watch. Beautiful hotel huge casino.

Le cerque is one of the best restaurant it's a must try. And it has many other dining options

Hope this will be helpful

Alyssa Collier

My last visit to Vegas I stayed here and the Bellagio delivered. I came here with my best friend for New Years and a few days after the start of 2017 and I had a fantastic experience. The staff was so friendly and accommodating. There's a nice mix of travelers here from families to couples to friends and even solo travelers. Highly recommend staying here. Not just cause it's famous in Vegas but because you won't get an experience it like it staying at any other hotel.

Stephen Andears

My favorite hotel. We were treated so well and our room was amazing and had a fantastic view.

Taylor Fuller

The Bellagio is a great spot for bachelorettes. It's a gorgeous hotel and has some pretty awesome perks. Get the girls together before a big night out and enjoy manicures and pedicures (and of course champagne) in a private room.

Tyson Bramer

Another beautiful large hotel that spares no expense. This hotel has become the new age Vegas classic that deserves a stroll if you aren't staying here.

Susan L. Peters Baker

At the Bellagio hotel, the water feature and water show outside is free for all. It happens every 15 minutes to half hour depending on what day of the week it is.

Diana LJ

Top hotel in Vegas ! We had a great stay there. It's so big though. Get ready to walk a lot.

Karen Rosner-Cantor

I love the Bellagio. Such a classy hotel. The rooms aren't as spacious as the Venetian suites, so I don't stay there anymore, but the restaurants, shopping, and overall vibe is classy, classy classy!

Roe Roxs

This is a classy hotel with great service. I loved my stay here and did not want to leave my room. The decor is absolutely beautiful & the garden is amazing! If you can’t afford to stay at the hotel, I highly recommend touring the garden, you will not be disappointed. Currently the theme is inspired by Japan with cranes, butterflies, & a Samauri crafted out of flowers. It's absolutely beautiful.

Gia Ree

We had a fountain view room and it was worth every penny. We sat by the window and watched the show with the music on countless times over 3 days at Bellagio!!
Housekeeping service is prompt and professional.
FYI coffeemaker is not available in the room.

Alyce H

You've seen the water fountains, but you must check out the chocolate fountains! The worlds largest chocolate fountain is located behind the conservatory.

Rachael Boughton

I had the pleasure of staying here for a few nights and I would recommend this to anyone. Up to date and very nice.

Celeny Da Silva

An evening at the Bellagio allows for memories that indeed last a lifetime! The combination of great accommodations, dining and nightlight offerings makes the Bellagio my favorite destination in Las Vegas. The hotel is modern and richly decorated; the guest suites overlooking the fountain are incredibly magical. And, of course, the lively casino with its trendy guests and outstanding service are spectacular!

We Run Florida

We The Bellagio hotel is one of the top five hotels in Las Vegas their buffets are excellent and have hi luxury rooms. A large casino with plenty to do without ever leaving the hotel. WeRunFlorida.com #werunflorida

Jason Planck

Bellagio Hotel and Casino is upscale hotel stands where the Dunes was located. It has Water Fountains that go off, both during the day and night time. Disability Access and disability parking is provided.


Great hotel, buffet, shopping, and water show on the hour every hour. There's an air tram connecting you to Aria too.


This hotel is so gorgeous with the garden open to public which is changed and the fountains are amazing!!

alex m

Beautiful place to visit. Worth waiting for the water show outside, always entertaining Street artists close by.

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