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TAO Nightclub

  • 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (702) 388-8588
  • taolvnc.taogroup.com


Samecia Smith

If you're into luxury and don't mind spending coins this is a good spot for you. One drink was about $14. Was able to get in free since I am a female and signed up on someone's guest list.

Albert Qian

TAO is one of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas. I went because I was in town for a conference - AWS Re:Invent. While I can't speak to the parties that happen here, I can speak to the super delicious Asian food. Drop the money - it's worth it.


It's a beautiful nightclub and it's huge. But it's so crowdes! We couldn't really dance or just even find a spot to stand in. I wish they would stop letting people in after a certain amount of people who have entered.

Dawn Green

Omg, awesome keep the drinks coming, first club of the evening let's see how many more we can make it too!

Chanelle Hayes

One of my favorite spots in town! The giant gold Buddha, girls in bathtubs filled with flower petals and exotic red hues makes this Asian-themed nightclub a hit. The club itself is expansive with a lounge area featuring a separate DJ, outdoor terrace and main room. A celebrity hangout, too. You never know who you’ll rub elbows with or see performing here.


Walked in and it was like a whole new world, some type of underworld, but clean and filled with hyped souls from corner to corner. Music and DJ were on point, and a lot of patrons came out here for their birthday. Bottle girls came out the bar back to back with lit bottles in their hands. Would definitely return to this venue in the near future.

Myesha Starks

Love this night club. I went with my friends on the rooftop. The scenary was amazing. There were pools and cabanas.. Ladies got drinks for free before midnight. I had a blast

Raymond To

If I was writing a review for TAO back almost a decade ago I would've gave it a 5-star. It's size, it's design, all of it are meant to be a top tier club in Las Vegas. But as the EDM scene changed the game the last 5 years, TAO failed to catch up and compete with new megaclubs like Omnia, Light, XS, Hakassan, Marquee. Still, this is a club that cannot be dismissed. Over the years it's been relevant and still managed to stay alive despite old ones like PURE, Haze, Body English losing steam and eventually closing. Overall, still a great club ... but I do not think it can still demand top dollars for their tables.

Ed Lee

Currently listed as the second largest club in Las Vegas, TAO nightclub is still the place to be if you're into bottle-service mega clubs. Be sure to dress to impress and some cash if you want to have a good time.

Ruth Junita

I went here a couple times. cool venue. always very packed. we went on a night where it was free drinks for ladies so that was cool. but definitely too packed to dance. drink prices are like any other Vegas clubs

Kelly G.

One of the many night clubs in Vegas - great entry way of almost naked ladies in tubs when I last visited. Drinks are on average for clubs. Crowded, definitely lots of people to mingle and dance with.

Security is on top of things. Had a friend who was too drunk too stand up and we got escorted out pretty quickly.

Marian L

This is one of the best clubs on The Strip and it's been around for a couple of years now and is still going strong. The decor is dark and sexy and they've got great dancers and entertainers. The place does get packed though. I wish they had a larger dance floor. You can also cool off outside by the pool.

Kim Yamashiro

I enjoy coming here! The restaurant downstairs has really good food and just being surrounded by Buddha's make me happy! Very zen club!

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