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Gondola Rides at the Venetian

  • 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (702) 414-4300
  • www.venetian.com


Gypsy Girl

Beautiful scenery reminds you of being in Venice and then you remember you are vacationing in beautiful Las Vegas

Tracy Spreyer

What a brilliant thing to do while in Vegas..if you tip enough you'll also get a sung to.

David Lamar

I was not impressed with the ride, totally overrated and it's not cheap. I'm probably a prude but this didn't do a thing for me. Young lovers might think it's fun, but not me.

Shanae Chandler

Great to look at but way too expensive to ride. Romantic date will be perfect, quick way to impress your girl!


What can be more fake touristy than riding a gondola in Las Vegas? It is both crazy and fun.

Ashley Peggs

Super relaxing and awesome! Sadly they are kinda pricey, but it is honestly worth it!

Yogic Traveler ❀

Really impressive! The Venetian Hotel & Casino has gondola rides in the hotel! Amazing, plus they are on an upper floor which was even more crazy!


Pretend you're in Venice with a peaceful gondola ride through the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. The ride lasts about 15 minutes and you'll even be serenaded in Italian by your gondolier. Guests have a choice to ride indoors or outdoors along a lagoon in front of the hotel.

Brian Emershaw

Take a 10-12 minute gondola ride with your sweetheart, and get a beautiful live serenade. It's very peaceful and romantic.


I didn't take a ride, hence 3 stars, I can't really rate the ride quality, however, it's really lovely to watch the Gondolas pass through the hotel. The set up is very reminiscent of Venice... but never a substitute for the real thing.


My most favourite hotel in Vegas. Amazing interior. All hotel inside is copy of Venice, the channels and gondolas are in real sizes, roof is colored and lighted as real sky, even you can feel the wind. Restaurants are wonderful also the food. The entire atmosphere is authentic and so real. Even the street singers on the "square".
You must see it!

Charies T.

What a beautiful sight inside the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. it's perfect for the couple to experience this gondola ride and being serenaded by the person who controls it, I don't know what they're called. the surrounding is so calm and lovely. it's a little pricey but I think it's worth it.

Makamae Kahawai

A gondola ride is expensive, but it's definitely a fun experience if you've got the dough for it, especially for a couple. You buy tickets for rides from a store/office in the canal shops to schedule your gondola ride time. When it's your turn, the "driver" helps you in and then you're off! Many times, your driver will also sing and serenade at one point of the ride, so be excited!!

Kim Yamashiro

A fun thing to do with your beau! But have a friend stand on one of the bridges to take your picture because the ones they sell you are expensive.

Nina Kindred

This is a must do when in Vegas. The gondoliers are great. The one that we had was actually from Venice. I thought that it was an act, but he was the real deal. We did not go on the ride outside, but we went in the Grand Canal inside, and it was a truly fabulous experience. I cannot imagine having a Vegas experience that didn't include this.

Andrea V

This really is one of those things you do just so you can say you did it. The ride is pretty brief and pricey for such a short ride. It's $16 for each person, or $64 if you want a private 2 person ride.

We did the outside ride during the day. The gondolier sang and was nice. We rode with 2 strangers, which was kind of weird and not really that romantic. You're wondering if they are looking at you, you're looking at them to see if they are looking at you wondering if you are looking at them...But it's still cool.

Time saving tip: You can make same day reservations so you don't have to stand around waiting.

Sarah Kelley

Beautiful! Chose from inside or outside. Enjoy I've skating out in front of the hotel this winter. Check out the ceilings and architecture inside.


It's really nice to see the gondola's rowing by while you are shopping inside the Venetian. But, to pay a pretty high price to take a ride through a small section of the Venetian isn't really worth it. For those who have done the real gondola ride in Venice, I wouldn't bother. For everyone else, it might be fun if you are okay with the price.

Jason Planck

Nice ride also they have an semi-accessible way of getting you on the boats, but need to get your tickets early in the morning. don't miss the walk through of the shops don't forget to look up.

Ron Miller

Ride with a bunch of drunken bros or take a date, remember if you poked a hole in the bottom of the canal, you would flood the casino one floor below.

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