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Excalibur Hotel & Casino

  • 3850 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • 1 (888) 271-2681


Gary Burke

Excalibur Resort and Casino, named for the mythical sword of King Arthur, is designed with a medieval theme that seems to mysteriously disappear once you go inside the resort. I'm not sure why Excalibur doesn't expand their medieval look throughout the hotel. It would make the Excalibur such a unique and fun destination.

Derek Lakin

One of the older hotels on the Strip, but iconic nonetheless. Looks awesome at night!

Taylor Fuller

Bachelorette parties have to hit up the Thunder From Down Under show during their time in Vegas. And it's located at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino which makes it the perfect hotel to stay at during your time there. Enjoy the hot Aussie review show before a night out!

Johnna Haigler

If you’ve always wanted to stay in a castle or have an interest in medieval times, this is the Vegas hotel for you

Tyson Bramer

An aging masterpiece. While this hotel is still really cool in terms of nostalgia and theme, it's very drab and dated.

Sam Sam

My mom married a guy here. Later in life divorce him in Missouri lol. (Ex step dad) I was around 16 years of age so not much to say other then! I love the way it was built the shaps. I'm creative person. Love Art and such! I don't recommend Las Vegas to be a family friendly type place so I say this hotel to be the sam. It's quite nasty in a was. And alot of rude people traveling. My opinion!

Alan L. Katz

I booked this hotel through an online booking site and some of the reviews were negative. It was such a good deal though, I tried it anyway and it was perfectly fine. The room was comfortable and clean. The staff were all very helpful and pleasant. Yes, the casino is somewhat smoky, but unless you are a gambler with smoke allergies, it isn't that bad. The buffet was quite good. The location was also good if you are able to walk moderate distances. The Australian BeeGees Tribute show was excellent. The seating arrangement could be a little better perhaps, but it didn't really interfere with the show.

Aric Martin

We loved our trip to The Excalibur. It was super affordable and the south end of the strip was a lot less crowded. It's got an old smoky vibe but we preferred it to the fancier parts of the strip. Would go back for sure.


One of the older hotels on the strip located towards the end. Their colorful knight theme may appeal to young children.

Tammie Morgan

Nice clean comfy bed. It's very big so service takes awile. Staff pretty nice. Selection of food at hotel is lacking. Mainly fast food junk and a terrible Italian restaurant and buffet. Of course everything is very expensive to buy here due to being a resort. It's right on the main strip so you can walk to almost everything. Major convenient location. Got a great rate for two nights plus one buffet for two for 160. Heck of a deal. I would definely stay here next time just would plan on eating elsewhere. Casino was nice also. Also u pay 8 a day to park but it's right next to the hotel. It is an older hotel but maintained well.

Jason Planck

Excalibur Hotel & Casino is base on the King Arthur of England it was part of the Circus Circus proprieties. It also has attraction the Tournament of Champion a show and dinner theme around knights jousting. Disability access and disability parking is provided.

jose divino

Place is nice and clean. Needs a little update. I wish guest dont have to go through the smokers slot machine just to get in and out of the hotel.


This hotel looks like a castle from outside its really cool, the decoration is nice

Jason Flegel

Cheese city as this "family" friendly casino hotel, as far as that can go. Super dated and not all that nice, it's at least interesting?

Dawn Green

Cool to see but one of my least favorite on.the strip, not so much to see just looks cool.

Susan L. Peters Baker

Think motel-ish..80's ish. Just right for budget stays. Lots to do on the property and connected to the Luxor. It's clean, and good, just not really fancy.

Teddie Hsu

eventhough this place is old, it's just another way of saying classic, loved it as a kid and still love it as an adult

Myesha Starks

This Casino is nice because it is family friendly. There is an arcade for kids and us adults (who are kids at heart) gambling, bars and places to dance. Also the food court has everything from donuts and smoothies to pizza and Chinese food.. For the foodies. Love it


It is a really old hotel but it has a lot of things for kids to do. With a large arcade and characters walking around for photo opportunities, you'll really feel like you are inside the Castle. Walk around the Castle part and through the towers, it is really cool. The hotel rates here are also usually cheaper too.

Yogic Traveler ❀

Impressive castle design on the outside but nothing all that special on the inside. I really just stopped in here quickly though so perhaps I'll have to go back another time to explore more.

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