Extraordinary Desserts

  • 2929 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103
  • (619) 294-2132
  • www.extraordinarydesserts.com


Gerardo QS

The best desserts I’ve tried ever , they are a little pricy but it’s worth it , my mouth is melting just by thinking of those cakes yummy

Kim L. 'Lady Boss'

What's the hype with this place?

The HH menu isn't very happy, the deserts are still in the double digits $$.

Service: -1 star
Very rude & disorganized service here.

Why is it more expensive $4 more to take the deserts to go rather than to sit down & eat?

Decor: A

Service: D
Very slow to sit down, ordering & took waiter forever to get our check.

Overall, I would not come back again to this over hyped place.

Ryan S

Amazing dessert establishment known for its array of gourmet desserts, including �ower-topped cakes & crème brûlées. A must see if you have a sweet tooth!

Roque Barralaga

Is a very nice place to hang out with friends and share some beautifully decorated treats. I loved the Fresh Fruit Tartlets, they're so delicious and beautiful to see that you will never want to eat them!

Erica Inglett

Well, it says it all in the name. These are the most beautiful desserts I've seen in any bakery or cafe. The various flavors, colors, and tastes are laid out so beautifully and they taste great as well. Very pricey though; be prepared to pay for all it.

Rachel E.

Finally made it here after years of hearing how fabulous it is. Was it good? Yes. Is it the best in San Diego? Not sure. It seemed quite pricey and although the gold leaf and flowers are fun, they aren't terribly necessary. I had a lemon meringue tart which was fine but not the best. My friend's chocolate raspberry cake was incredibly rich. Would I go again? Maybe.


Absolutely divine desserts!!! Amazing cakes to share. Lots of other goodies. Teas are good too. Much smaller and less options than the Little Italy location. Expect a wait and street parking. Right next to balboa park though.


The visual experience is out of this world...and then you bite into heaven! I recommend EVERYTHING!!

Blake Hensley

Delicious and beautiful desserts with high class flavor. However, it was very pricey.

Jing S

Trust me, you will love it! Don't eat too much dinner before you head over, the portion is like a meal!

Amanda Pence

Let's just start by saying: it's definitely extraordinary! You've never seen such beautiful desserts all in one place. All for reasonable prices when you co sides the time and effort put into the art of each dessert! It's a fun place to go out with a group of friends or a date after a nice dinner! On a weekend, don't expect to get in without a wait, but trust me, it's worth the wait!

Leti H

It is always worth the wait for these fine desserts. There is something for everyone. Great coffee's and teas as well. So many desserts it is hard to choose just one. Bring a few friends and share the decadence.

Tim BlackDragon

Have you been to Sweet Lady Jane in Los Angeles?
You really don't need to if you're going to stop here. It's a really big deal when you have the line out of the door. It's not because it is bad service, it's because the customer at the front of the line didn't make a selection and is still trying to figure out what they want. Just order one of each on the left side of the menu. It definitely says something about a place that also offers happy hour selections. Choose any slice of cake, regular coffee, $10.95. Now, to select which cake for my slice. Sorry, I'm going to take just as long as the other person at the front of the line. No, seriously, there are way too many selections to pick in one evening. While looking at the menu standing in line, the group behind us is already letting us know we are lagging behind and leaving a lot of space in line ahead of us. It's just as good as texting while driving and the person behind you is honking their horn.

The chocolate is not overly sweet in the cakes but it's just the right sweetness to offset the savory. Fantastic presentation when you get it delivered to your seat. Everyone at the table needs to take a picture of everyone's plate. You almost don't want to pass it down and make everyone get up out of their seat if they want a picture of your dessert. I'm just hoping it's my fork that is the first to sink into my slice of cake first. You almost want to pick up the plate and go to town with it then lick the plate clean just to place it back in the cupboards.

What was left is the coffee I ordered with it and conversations at the table about the dessert we all liked the best. What to order next and how many times we will return. I know I will have to come back here even if it means driving down here by myself one day. Explore the town, eat like a pig. Then have my cake and eat it too.

Kim Brett

It's a real treat to eat a dessert here. They are all so beautifully decorated and very tasty too. The restaurant is always busy, no matter when you go, so prepare for a a bit of a wait.

Kevin Nichols

So delicious. I've tried half the menu so far and I've not been disappointed.


The best dessert experience in San Diego! If you have a sweet tooth you have to check it out!

Kathy D

This is one of our favorite eateries. They have very nice meals to go with those extraordinary deserts!!

Barbara Y

You just have to go; a local's favorite - designed for you dessert lovers, you won't believe what our special bakery has...great for families or a romantic after dinner date

Sandra Taylor-Reid

What beautiful and tasty desserts...a great place to meet with friends or family to enjoy coffee and amazing desserts...

Nitela S

Great place to enjoy delicious dessert. They offer a myriad of scrumptious treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. The place is a bit small though and they're always busy so if you are planning to go with a big group, you should call and make reservations ahead of time.

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