Pizzeria Delfina

  • 651 Emerson St, Palo Alto, CA 94301
  • (650) 353-2208
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Neapolitan-style pizza rules at this bright pizzeria in Palo Alto. Family-style is the way to go with a big group. We shared salads, cauliflower, meatballs, multiple pizzas, and even a pasta special. The broccoli raab pizza with hot peppers was the best slice of the bunch. Add a fresh-squeezed lemonade on a warm, sunny day. Not surprisingly, no one had any room for dessert.

Justin Rimon

Fantastic Italian restaurant in Palo Alto! I had a company group lunch here (10 of us) with our CEO and the service and food were both top notch. The pizzas were authentic and reminded me of when I traveled to Italy.

The server we had was super on point and really took charge to give us the full run down of their menu.

Tracy C

Fantastic thin crust pizza! We ordered the meatballs appetizer too and they were great. A friendly casual ambiance. The outdoor patio with heat lamps is a favorite place to enjoy dinner with friends.

Becky Bates

Delicious, organic, housemade pizzas and other Italian specialties, plus a great wine and beer list. It's quite popular in the evenings, but we were seated really quickly and the server was friendly and knowledgeable. Reasonable pricing for Palo Alto, too.

George H

Pizza was good, but the pasta was really lacking. I'd stay on the pizza side of the menu. The outdoor seating area is nice, but if it's a hot day, try to get the center tables.

Rebecca Goglia (@BeccaBandit)

This is a really nice restaurant specializing in pizza. There's 4 locations and while its San Francisco restaurants are bustling with long waits, this location is surprisingly uncrowded. We came for a work lunch with a group of 20 and we were easily accommodated on the beautiful back patio. The meatballs are excellent as well as the chilled zucchini side dish, which was refreshing on a hot day. I passed on the pizza this time, but it's of course, also outstanding.


The pizza was pretty good. Nothing too exciting. We ate outside but the sun shifted and left us entirely in the sun. They have shades, they just don't cover the entire seating area, so that kind of ruined the meal..


Good quality and amazing pizza I have had. Not very expensive but worth every bite and penny.

Tom Dror

Amazing food with a clean and comfortable ambiance. Highly recommend the meatballs and pretty much any of the pizzas (sauce and cheese are top notch)

Hila Harel

The place is casual, we were there with kids so it worked perfectly for us but the place is overly lit for an adult night out. The food is farm to table, we ordered try color salad that was good, excellent thin crust pizza margarita and pasta with chicken ragout that was also excellent!

Jason Flegel

Just like its location in the city, delfina never fails to deliver a primo pizza.

Bonnie B

Friendly staff. Great outdoor seating and fast service for pizza. A group of us went out there and ordered 6 pizzas all which came out in about 20 min.


Good pizza, cute decor, lovely outdoor patio to sit at and great service too!

Gil Harel

Great pizzas restaurant in Palo Alto . Brick oven as it should be , we tried different types of pizza they were all good . The meatballs were amazing !

Krista Canfield McNish

Pizzeria Delfina has a nice wine list and great pizza. It has a lovely patio and the saffron arancini are yummy.

Netta Drimer

Best pizza in the area. Their thin crust stays solid somehow making it the best pizza in the bay area. They use great fresh ingredients and the service is good.

Ori Zaltzman

Best pizza around

Ellie Chen

I had my birthday party here, and the service was so friendly about holding a large table for us (even though the place was packed and they do not take reservations). The pizza is outstanding. My favorite is the prosciutto and fig! A great atmosphere with a modern feel.

Jeff Katz

This is an offshoot of a well-known San Francisco pizzeria. The setting is quite nice. The pizzas come in one size as do the salads. The crust was great but the edges were large so less of the good stuff. We had three pizzas. One with artichokes was very good. The margarita (sp) and clam pizzas were so-so. while the setting is not as nice, I much prefer Amicis in Menlo Park. If you were going on a date, this is a nicer ambience. The service was awful.

Travis Katz

It's all about the crust! This place has some of the best pizza around. Their San Francisco location is legendary, so we were super happy they opened on the neighborhood. They brought both the great food and the hour waits, so I guess a mixed blessing. The service was pretty poor - we waited 25 mins for our drinks, they forgot our salad entirely - but the food was amazing and the atmosphere was fun. The plain marinara pizza is probably the best. They also had a special with wild mushrooms that was great. The crust is hand made, thin and light. More a date spot than a kid spot.

Jaak Treiman

Excellent pizza, among San Francisco's finest. The service is friendly and prompt.

Anne Lowrey

Sitting outside at this location to dine al fresco is still a treat. Love their specials!

Aren Asefi

There's something about chomping on primo 'za while listening to B.I.G, Dr.Dre, and the likes. Didn't think it would be that spectacular, but oh, how it was. Made me feel young again, which doesn't happen very often.

As far as food goes, Delfina makes a very good Neapolitan-style pie. Have I had better? I'd probably say yes, but only slightly better. I'm splitting hairs at this point. The salsiccia turned out to be the perfect choice. Really good toppings and the crust was on point.

Oh, and their meatballs are quite savory and delicate. A great menu option if you really want to cut back on carbohydrate overload.

Service and ambiance at Delfina? Warm and inviting. Were it not for that pesky closing time, I'm sure the Missus and I could have stayed for at least another hour. A few drinks and maybe an extra appetizer.

I think we'll be heading back if we ever have a hankerin' for pizza and some ghetto beats.

Travis Katz

Super tasty thin crust pizzas. This place is tiny, so the wait can be long. We came at 1:30 on Sunday afternoon and had to wait almost an hour. But it was worth it. Crust was thin and perfectly baked. The toppings were all pretty fancy - had one with capers, olives, anchovies and hot peppers with no cheese that was great. Margarita and the arugula with prosciutto were also great. Atmosphere is casual and they have coloring stuff for kids.

Ingrid Katz

One of the best Pizzas in SF. There is always a line to get in - be prepared

Eduardo Sasso

One of the best pizza in San Francisco. Thin crust with great flavor and fresh ingredients. The only downside is that they don't take reservations and most of the time there is some waiting until you can get a table.

Andy Farriester

For me, I'm always guaranteed an amazing pie & happy service at this location! Plus, the blood orange mimosas make me happy


Delicious Neopolitan- style pizza in the Mission's gourmet corridor. There will be a wait, but luckily you can pop over to BiRite Market for a bottle of wine.


Breathlessly, I ran up the Lyon Street Steps and, in the process, discovered true poetry. I reached the top and was exhausted in such a way that all my thoughts came out in childlike observations...

Sky. Green grass. Puppy.

It's saying something meaningful in as few words as possible. If you choose the right ones and use them well, you've created art. If you've managed to do this in such a way that steals all logical thought, you've created an experience...

Sound of birds. Eucalyptus. Boats in the distance.

There aren't a lot of ingredients in pizza but so few places manage to make it perfectly. Fortunately, Pizzeria Delfina is one of those places. Here, they expertly create a flavorful thin crust that's all Naples with a bit of NYC. It's rare to eat at a place that's so good you're already thinking about what to order on your next visit. Pizza is their art and they are fine poets for palates...

Basil. Mozzarella di Bufala. Spice.

I had the best time here, in large part due to the company and that it was the start of an incredibly epic night. But, epic night aside, Pizzeria Delfina ranks as one of my new favorite restaurants in the city and I'm really glad it's in my 'hood now. Getting served great pizza by friendly hipsters in a fun environment is win.

Friday evening. Tall glass of Peroni. A close friend.

And I am breathless again...

Shaban S

Perfect pizza and special italian fare.

Eduardo Twitter

Nice pizza

Sharon K. Yapp

Delicious pizza! Get the marguerita. The cheese is absolutely amazing.

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