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Delmonico Steakhouse

  • 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (702) 414-3737
  • emerilsrestaurants.com


Tony V

Had their bone in ribeye with a foie gras topping that was perfectly cooked! The only downside was that the portion of steak was too large and I found myself forcefeeding myself. So if you order a steak, make sure you go light on the bread and the apps. We also ordered a Ceasar salad that was made right in front of us. Freshly made ceasar is always the best. Suffice to say...we did not have room for dessert. Waitress was highly professional and was very knowledgeable.

Nina H.

Really great service and steaks here! Try their Caesar salad and bone in rib eye for an amazing dinner!

Nathan Nowack

I've had a lot of steaks. I've been to a lot of Steak Houses. So trust me when I say this was my favorite steak house that I've ever been to. To be the best, it has to be tasty, unique, and friendly staff. This place had all of those. What did I have you say? Well the Bone In Ribeye of course. Yes, it was pricey, but what Steakhouse in Vegas isn't. This was cooked to perfection and seasoned to perfection. But before I go there, I had this salad that had homemade caramelized bacon and a fried egg on top. This salad would be worth going just for that. Back to the good stuff, the Ribeye was awesome. MEAT!! MMMmmmm. Now the decor in this place is a little lacking. Kind of feels like I'm in a tunnel. The bathrooms could be upgraded too. But the meal is what I care about. Friendly staff too.

Bernard Moon

Love going to Delmonico's almost everytime I go to Las Vegas. Great steaks, wine, and food in general. Best steak in Las Vegas!

Kevin Cheng

Nothing makes you feel good about life like a good piece of steak, and Delmonico's is a solid place for a solid piece of steak. Sure, you might be paying a bit too much for the fancy surroundings, but the service is impeccable and helps justify the bill.

Erica Chan @missericayvette

Fine Dining Steakhouse! Rib Eye is Amazing! Service is Amazing!

Toni Giddens

All I can say is YUM, best steaks!

Chuck Nguyen

the prime

Carlie Yapp

The steak is very good. Nothing special. But a well cooked steak.

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