Britt's Donut Shop

  • #13 Boardwalk, Carolina Beach, NC 28428
  • (910) 707-0755


Bob and Eldred

Visitors line up for hot fresh glazed donuts on the boardwalk throughout the summer months!

Sandi I

THE BEST DONUTS IN THE WORLD!!! Bar None! This place has been around for over 50 years and it is an absolute local landmark! They only sell two kind of hot, made to order donuts: Glazed and Extra Glazed. There is really need for another... these are completely sufficient! Right on the boardwalk in Carolina Beach and worth the wait no matter how long the line is! Trust us!

Catherine W

Plan for a wait in a long line but its worth it! A Carolina Beach tradition!

Richard R

Eating a hot, delicious, handmade donut at Britt's is one of those experiences that doesn't need any embellishments. Britt's opened in 1939 by the Wrights, is has long been the cornerstone of the Carolina Beach Boardwalk area. Stop in for this deliciously nostalgic experience don't buy less than a dozen. Check times and Bring Cash!!

Jen L

You may have to wait in line in the summer but its worth it for the fresh made hot donuts!

Doug M

Best Donuts! They keep it simple and they have perfected the glazed donut. Try to it just one. Lol

Ellen T

When at the Boardwalk, try the world famous Brits Donuts. Handmade like they always were.

Suzi P

Believe me when I say that it's worth the wait in the always-present line to get an authentic, warm Britt's donut. Not for the calorie conscious (LOL)

Karlene F

2 Britt's Donuts and a glass of milk! You'll get a sugar buzz but it's worth it once a year. Britt's has been on the Boardwalk for a very long time in the same family. It's a tradition.

Jacquelyn Chludzinski

Awesome donuts! Absolutely delicious! You may have to wait in line sometimes but is so worth it!

Carolina Girl sees the World

Best donuts imaginable! They make them as you order them so they are insanely fresh. Eat them right away, they are not meant to be saved for later but I do recommend you take your bag of donuts to the beach and eat them enjoying the beautiful view and North Carolina weather.

Dean H

Plan a day trip to Southport for lunch and shopping, ferry to Fort Fisher, visit the aquarium, visit the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, and a must have visit to the famous Britt's Donut Shop. Bet you can't eat just one! Enjoy world famous clam chowder at Michael's Restaurant.

Michelle Erkens

Nothing says yumm more then a world famous freshly made before your eyes britts glazed donut!!! On a good morning you have 2 options get there super early or get there at lunch!! Lines have been known to stretch all the way down the board walk! Order 1 order 10 dozen!! Trust me you'll want more then 1 and order a glass of milk with it!!

Laura W

Famous for fresh cooked donuts made right before your eyes! Get a fresh hot donut, nothing fancy just a yummy glazed donut as fresh as they come.

Chris W

Part of the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, they've made themselves famous with just 1 donut! There's something about being at the beach with a warm fresh donut that makes life extra sweet. Make sure to visit them early to avoid the lines.

Jacob Luck

A classic family friendly donut shop for breakfast before hitting the beach for the day. Affordable and a hot spot for tourist!

Rebecca J

Lines are long, but it's worth the wait. Britt's has been around for years and they only make glazed donuts. You watch them make them and get them hot! Yum!

Brandon W

Britt's Doughnuts are amazing and one of a kind. Bring Cash and do not be intimidated by the line, it usually moves quickly.


Stopped by here for the first time after a visit to the Aquarium in Fort Fisher. These donuts are like the best little funnel cake you've ever had. All we could talk about on the way home, as we inhaled 2-3 a piece, was the donut. We waxed poetic about how the irregular shape allowed for pleasant variations of flavor and sweetness that you don't find with other perfectly round donuts. I can't wait to go back next year!

Michael M

OMG - one of the top things to do while in Carolina Beach - historical landmark and donuts that are so good!

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