Walt Disney Concert Hall

  • 111 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • (323) 850-2000
  • www.laphil.com


John W.

A beautiful venue to listen to classical music. Love walking around it before the show to find really cool hidden parts of the venue as well as the numerous artwork/wacky things in side. Going inside the actual hall, the music is vibrant, and wherever you sit, I think you get a great listen of the music. Wonderful stuff. Park underneath or Uber.

Jade T

A true masterpiece. If you can, try and see a show here as well. You won't be disappointed.

Irene Yu

The exterior is a popular destination for couples to take photos. I had the opportunity to watch a performance in the inside. It's quite spectacular.

Michael Nañez

This venue is beautiful. I've seen the symphony here a few times already. Acoustics are great. It's a Frank Ghery building so you know it's a beautiful designed establishment. There are stairs and paths that lead you toward the top of the building outside where you can see nice views of the city and the hills.

Rina Robinson

Beautiful building on the outside. I have not been inside but I hear it's just as grand. Going up the stairs on the side of the building, there is a small garden with a view and tables and chairs to chill.

Brian Chan

never been inside but the architecture is simply amazing, especially for LA

definitely a tourist trap I'm sure you'll find a model being photographed!

Cyrus Villanueva

Free tours available during the day which is cool if you can't get tickets to see a performance at night. Beautiful building inside and outside with the halls architecture. Cool garden and views overlooking the city from outside.

Jean Rhee

Beautiful, acoustically perfect concert hall. Worth checking out even if you're not a classical music enthusiast - they do building tours.

Andrew J

one of the most famous architectural sites in Los Angeles. worth seeing. it's near the Broad Museum (also worth checking out) LA City Hall (another landmark), LA Live and the downtown art scene. worth a day trip.


Frank Gehry's design for the Walt Disney Concert Hall is a must-see in Downtown LA. Even better, check their schedule to see a show inside.


I love architecture and this place never disappoints. Currently, there's a special free art installation called NIMBUS installed by the "Industry Concept" with recorded performance by LA Phil.

This Nimbus installation glows and is arrayed above the elevator. A must see if you're around the area. I'm not sure how long this installation is here for so I encourage to catch it before it disappears.

Hila Harel

Beautiful architecture, you have to be there to experience this building that looks like a sculpture

Sallie H

Designed by famous architect and (still alive and kicking) Los Angelean, Frank Gehry, this architectural masterpiece is worth a go-see even without an event taking place! However the LA Phil performs here and the place sounds as good as it looks—incredible acoustics and visuals you won't want to miss!!! If you have young children, take them to the VERY AFFORDABLE 'Toyota Youth Symphonies.' Music and dance often accompany the 45 minute weekend concerts with arts and crafts and other hands-on activities beforehand. Children under 12 will instantly fall in love with the arts here. Anyone over 12 will too!

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