Griffith Observatory

  • 2800 East Observatory Road, Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • (213) 473-0800


Kajsa Forden

Really cool to check out and excellent views. Pretty breezy up there but that adds to the effect.

Kevin Picholo

The Griffith Observatory is a popular tourist attraction with extensive array of space and science-related displays. Great views of the Hollywood sign and downtown Los Angeles from here also.

Kathy Solorzano

It is a cool place to go and spend a weekend with your family and/or friends, but sometimes it could be full and thats kinda annoying at least for me

Aneva Mason

This place took my breath away! Amazing view of Hollywood sign as well as a hiking trail to it. A place you will want to take your kids but is great for adults too!

LaNieta Lisbey

The scenery is just amazing! Many tourist comes to visit and even locals visit often.

Kimberly Gutierrez-Herrera

Amazing views and the largest park in the United States. Beautiful scenery a must do in LA!

Karen Aguila

If you love Astronomy, this is the place to go! The only thing you have to pay for is front parking and planetarium ticket which is a choice. Good place to hike!

Paige Strongman

Griffith Observatory is beautiful and the perfect place to spend a sunny LA day!

Leslie Walker

I love this place! From the beautiful view of LA to the intricate details of art on the ceiling, there is plenty of fun ways to spend time at Griffith Observatory. It all makes for some great pictures. There are also lots of hikes that stem from here.

Sanket Parikh

It was an amazing experience at Griffith Observatory. Awesome night view of LA. Loved it

Chelsey Wittkopf

Beautiful view of down town los angeles. It was a bit smoggy to get a clear view but it was fun. A little windy up there too.

Chris W

Awesome place to go to not only see the planetarium, but also the iconic city scape from above. Suggest you go after dark to see all the lights and illuminated Hollywood sign. When we went they had telescopes out for viewing.

Bianca Barnett-Harris

Great place to sit and think when it’s closed or a great place to go on a random adventure

Zoey Davis

If you have a thing for hiking and history this is the place to be! I also live that you determine how far You hike. Park at the bottom and walk alll the way up or drive a bit more and leisurely strole up to the observatory.

Jessica Harder

Great view of the Hollywood sign and downtown LA. We went at sunset, it was beautiful.

Jaak Treiman

A short history lesson. The observatory opened in 1935 on land donated to the city of Los Angeles by Griffith J. Griffith who used the title "Colonel" although he had never attained or been bestowed such rank. He was a wealthy, paranoid, clandestine alcoholic who attempted to murder his wife because he thought the Pope planned to poison him in order to steal his wealth.

During World War II the planetarium was used to train pilots in celestial navigation. It was again used for that purpose in the 1960s when Apollo astronauts trained for the first lunar expedition. It has also been a favorite site for numerous movies including Rebel Without a Cause and Terminator.

S.w. Kruger

Great day out. Take a hiking trail up to the Observatory or walk from the Observatory to the Hollywood sign. Good exibits, loved seeing live solar flares. You will definitely learn something about astronomy.

Raina Pepito

The place is good for families and for hikers. Good place to hike during the spring everything is green.

Maria Ornelas

Great place to hike at and then go look at the whole LA area from up high. It gets packed and parking can be hard to get depending on the time. My kids love it and it can also be good on a date

Nicole Sandoval

Went with a friend, it was extremely packed and had to walk a mission to get to the destination. We went towards dusk so we were able to view some planets in the telescope. This place would be for people who have a fascination for stars and views of city lights.

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