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The Buffet - Bellagio

  • The Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (702) 693-8111
  • www.bellagio.com



This was the biggest buffet I have ever seen, and they literally had everything you could imagine. It is pricey, but you get a lot for your money

Mike Woodrow

I’d rate this buffet as mediocre at best. Very disappointing lunch buffet. Hot foods were warm and meats were dry. Don’t think I’d revisit on next trip to Vegas. Definitely NOT worth the price that they charge, and you even have to get your own beverages.

Alyssa Collier

This is the best buffet all over the strip (and in Vegas). You can't just get filet mignon cooked how you like it at any other buffet than here. And their world selections of food are incomparable. This is where everyone should eat at at least once during their stay in Vegas.

Tracy Spreyer

Best buffet on the strip!! We went for dinner and it was more then we expected compared to the other couple of buffets we'd tried. Bit on the pricey side, but also worth it

Whitney Corbridge

Really great buffet, excellent food options to choose from. Just be prepared for a long wait.

Chanel C

It's been SIX YEARS since I've last been back here and I gotta say, I was really disappointed. My family came here for Thanksgiving dinner (we always go to Vegas for Thanksgiving) and decided to hit up Bellagio's "Thanksgiving Feast" buffet. We arrived around 4:30pm and the line was insane. We jumped in line thinking it would move fast, but fast forward to 2.5 hours later, we were finally seated. Mind you, my husband routinely went to get us alcohol while I held our space in line. That was the only way we knew how to pass the time.

Was it worth the 2.5 hour wait?! HELL NO. I don't even know how I did that. Willpower I guess. But then again, it was still early when we started the line so either one of us were that hungry. Right when we were seated, we noticed how PACKED the place was. Tables were positioned really close together and the dining areas were super crammed in. it was so uncomfortable to walk around because it was so crowded. Lines inside were also crazy. There were lines for everything. So after waiting in a 2.5 hour line to get in, we had to wait in lines to get food. And as for the food, it was really disappointing from what I remembered. The selection seemed really limited and there were repeated sections of Thanksgiving food. I walked by 3 mashed potato stations and thought I was walking in circles. Some highlights were the crab legs (as always), stone crab claws, and the prime rib. Everything else was very mediocre.

And is it just me, or is Vegas just getting more and more crowded during the holidays? This past Thanksgiving was the most crowded I've ever experienced, and I've been coming to Vegas 2-3 times a year since I was a child. I guess it's time to change up our holiday traditions!

Morgan Lesli

This buffet has quite a lot to offer. Seafood, amazingly cooked beef, salad, sushi, pasta, pizza. There is something here for everyone. Most of the food was exceptional. The quality of the deserts was great. Service was A+ as well. All around good experience and worth a visit especially if you're into seafood.

Salatha Helton

One of my best food experiences was eating at the Bellagio Buffet. I always recommend it to people traveling to Vegas. It's a bit on the pricey side but it's so worth it because of the many food options.


I loved their breakfast buffet! Such great options and the quality of the food was good for being a buffet.

Rhia R.

Not a bad selection for dinner. Had to get the crab legs, and surprised they had poké. Don't forget dessert!

Nadine C.

One of the best buffets in Las Vegas, for about $30! Salad bar, desserts, hot entrees, etc.

Danny Nguyễn

4 stars, the buffet was pretty good, but my loyalty is towards another buffet place in Vegas. I like their selection of meats, since I'm always willing to venture and try different type of meats. They had some elk which was very good. Their dessert selection is really good too.

Tim Chan

This is my 2nd or 3rd time having buffet at Bellagio.

Never disappoints me. How buffet suppose to be. A lot of choices. From green to meet to dessert to Sushi etc. Whatever you want it's basically there.

I just wish they would provide Filipino and Indonesian food as well. Because that's super delicious and so far I haven't seen any buffet place which has it.

The service is professional and very nice. Like all the other places, buffet in Vegas is very expensive and overpriced.

If you come here for lunch Buffet it's $23,99. For dinner I think it was around $30 and if you want the Champagne Buffet with unlimited Champagnes then it's around $45.

Aaron Ruiz

I have to be honest this buffet was a little underwhelming. The food is all very delicious but the selection is just a little limited. The have the normal buffet essentials crab legs and shrimp, but not much beyond that. I guess I was expecting just a little bit more for the price.

Eduarda Knob

Big variety of foods. Lots of cultures involved, there is chinese, japonese, brasilian, italian food and much more; if you are looking for a good place to have your meal you've just found it.

Anne Lowrey

Why not! The best buffet I've had in Vegas...giant crab legs on ice, elk, kobe beef, and every other type of delicious anything you can imagine. Oh, and the desserts! Save room!

Lawrence Lam

My least favourite of the buffets on the Strip. Nothing special really and mediocre food quality. Would definitely recommend you steer toward a different buffet. This is a weak point for Bellagio.

jen shu

i may just not like buffets. the bellagio buffet used to be much better. food is meh

Stanley Chan

The buffet at Bellagio used to be one of the best OC the Strip but has lost its charm amongst the newer buffets. Still offers a variety of crab legs and one of the best dessert bars, but not unique enough to compare to Caesar's or Wicked Spoon. They have pork Wellington here, though, which is unique, but ultimately average tasting. The decor definitively needs an upgrade. Still a good place and band for the buck, but there's are better buffet alternatives out there.

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