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The Chandelier

  • Levels 1, 1.5 and 2, The Boulevard Tower, 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (702) 698-7979
  • www.cosmopolitanlasvegas.com



This bar is towards the entrance of the Cosmopolitan hotel. It has three levels and is designed to look like you’re inside a chandelier. Each level is different and hosts a unique cocktail menu. Seating is ample and set for groups of people.

Mel S Wong

At the Chadelier inside the Cosmopolitan, best activities are people watching, selfie taking, and of course champagne sipping.

Tyson Bramer

While a definite Instagram worthy place, this actual food/drinks are average. It's mostly a place to see and be seen.

Kathy Etre

Beautiful ambiance. Need better wines however. The wine list is not the caliber of the bar.

Rhia R.

They make a nice strong Old Fashioned here. Good place to meet up with a small group of friends or lounge about and people watch.


Do yourself a favor and have a drink here! Fabulous drink selection and great atmosphere!!

Danny Parris

Crazy luminescent trendster bar located in the Cosmo. The szechuan button is probably the most unique cocktail I've ever had. You chew on a flower for 20 seconds, which distorts your tastebuds, and then drink a margarita-like cocktail. And, wow, was it both tasty and unique.


Super chill spot to hangout and grab drinks. Right in the middle of the floor. Festive and energetic. Awesome spot

Travis Katz

This is a cool spot to hang out and get a drink. The ceiling is beautiful and the music is good. It's a hotel lobby bar that almost feels like it's not in the lobby.

Jenn B

Delicious, creative cocktails in a glamorous setting. This is one of my favorite places to grab a cocktail while in Las Vegas. The seating areas are scattered on multiple levels of the space and the noise level isn't so bad. We were able to grab a table for four after dinner on a weekend without a wait.

Brian Jakovina

Quickly becoming one of the most famous places to have a drink in Las Vegas. Spectacular.

Gabrielle Visca

So I bet your wondering how a bar can qualify as a thrill-seeking experience, huh? Aside from the glitz and glam of being inside a giant chandelier, they have this one drink there that is not on the menu and not for the unadventurous. Since it isn't on the menu, you have to know where to go and what to ask for. Any variation of "that flower drink" will work, although I think it's officially named "The Szechuan Button" and you can only get it on floor 1.5 of the 3-floor bar. You chew up the verbena flower, which alters your taste buds and feels a bit like getting a shot of Novocaine, then you drink the margarita and--bam!--it's like nothing else you'll ever experience. If you are down for a truly adventurous cocktail, check out this Vegas once-in-a-lifetime drink at the the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan.


Beautiful bar, right across from Marquee. Drinks around the usual $12-14 price but depending on what you get, it could be a hit or miss. I liked mine, the Royal Tenenbaums because of the spicy kick it gives. Do give this place a try and be fancy!

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