San Diego Zoo

  • 2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
  • (619) 231-1515


Christina Whitbread

Lovely walk, I wish the enclosures were more spacious but still it was a nice walk with much to see. I enjoyed the tram and the tree house type areas and the buses came fairly often.

Brandan Yorba

A wonderful outdoor experience. Great to bring the kids and get out for a while.

Chelsea Bacon

This is a great place for a day activity with the family or friends. You get to learn facts about animals while also helping them.

Shannon Heath

This is probably the largest zoo I’ve ever been to and they have Pandas! This is a must see!

Derek Lakin

No trip to San Diego would be complete with a visit to the world famous zoo. I've been wanting to go since I was little and so glad to have finally done it

Yan Z

The world famous San Diego Zoo is a must. The zoo is massive and features every type of animal from almost every part of the world!

Chrisanna Johnson

Exquisite collection of animals and flora and fauna. Beware it is hilly so plan for your needs.

Anna Vietti

Loved the zoo. Great exhibits and tours. Fun activities for parents and children alike. A must see, at least once in your lifetime.

Ryan S

The San Diego Zoo is world renown and located in Balboa Park, housing over 3,700 animals of more than 650 species and subspecies. A definite must on your trip to San Diego.

Danny Nguyễn

You can spend so many hours here checking out all the great animals here. lots of parking

Jack Kimble

This is one of the top Zoo's in the US, the experience is wonderful each of the many times I have visited over the last 40 years!

Kyle Cronin

This place was fantastic! Had some amazing first time animal experiences here and the park itself built into the hills of Balboa Park felt like a far away magical place. Got to see Great Pandas for the first time, hippos swimming up close and personal, and a polar bear literally right up again the glass viewing area. We spent almost 9 hours here and would go back again. We also got to see a baby orangutan which i didn't realize age similarly to humans. The baby was 4 years old and behaved similarly to a 4 year old human, very fun to see!

Jasmine Montilla

Buy the annual pass. It's almost the same price as one ticket. This way you can keep exploring different places and don't have to fit it all in at once.

Glenn Roark

Stroll down memory lane as I took my children when they weren't adults had fun saw th bubbles on the bridge from the sky ride

Yvonne Brett

So many new and interesting exhibits! Well worth a trip back if you haven't been in a while.


I love the Zoo! Animals have terrific enclosures that mimic their real-world habitats, and the Zoo's mission is conservation, so all the exhibits educate the public on this concept.

Take the bus tour- it's the best way to see most of the zoo, without having to walk up and down the big hills (which might be a challenge for some.)

What Moms Think

This is maybe the most beautiful zoo you'll ever see. They have poured so much time and effort over the years to make every guest have the best possible experience while walking around most beautifully shaded an open air zoo. The animals all have ample space and are cared for very well.
You can rent strollers or bring your own.
My kids favorite is the sky ride over to the other side of the park and monkey path.
They offer a few gluten-free options but I would really recommend you bring your own food and snacks which they do allow into the park.
After exiting the zoo you'll find a lovely old timey carousel & kids train ride that's been operating for over 50 years!

Suzanne R

There is a reason they say this is the best zoo in the U.S.! Personally I think the landscaping alone is worth the visit. Be sure to check out the pandas and also the new elephant exhibit. Ten minutes from my condo.

Yira Sandoval

Fun , pretty moderate size park but can go through the whole park in about a day

Nelson Pacheco

This place takes up an entire day to complete. Highly recommended and is a must see of San Diego

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