Earl of Sandwich

  • Newark Airport (Terminal A), Newark, NJ 07114
  • (973) 547-7928
  • www.earlofsandwichusa.com


Laura Conklin

A 12oz shock top bottled beer is $9.50. Tried the spinach dip. Tastes like it was made with frozen spinach. Not even appetizing.

Marjorie Pierre-Louis

Located pass security check point in Terminal A you can get pre-made & made to order salads & sandwiches.


Airline snack box quality served gate side. Bleh. At least you can order a beer.

Satish Talim

Their signature hot sandwiches are a hit. I ate the The Original 1762. Roasted beef (tender, moist, delicious) + sharp cheddar + the tang of the horseradish sauce + the crunch from the toasted bread. For the price, you really can't go wrong!

Sandra Waring

Reasonable tasty sandwiches, relatively inexpensive and great to take to the airport home. The thanksgiving sandwich seemed really popular.

Nicole Denise

Earl of Sandwich serves up some pretty good/decent sandwiches. It's not out of this world amazing but it's good.

Cyrus Villanueva

Open 24 hours a day and a variety of hot sandwiches at all times. Very affordable which is great in vegas with a lot of expensive options there. The offer wheat bread now which I do not remember then offering back in the day. Perfect snack to fill stomach when you're hungry or looking to cure the alcohol.

Ken Speranza

Excellent quality sandwiches from a fast food restaurant. Nice having this quick lunch option located on the Las Vegas strip. Sandwiches can be hot/cold on various types of bread. Salads and soups are available as well. I got the Classic Italian and it rocked especially after an all nighter pressing my luck at the tables.

Tyler Jahnke

It all started when I decided to take a last minute trip to Las Vegas for New Years. My friends and I packed our bags, got in the car, and made the 8.5 hour car ride after work to Vegas.

Sandwiches are in my top 3 things to eat. I love them. Period.

The first thing you'll notice are how LOW the PRICES are compared to everything in Vegas. Great food for under $7??? YES! ONLY AT EARL OF SANDWICH.

I must admit, I was here twice in one day. Their sandwiches are made to order, use great ingredients, and are toasted in their very own Artisan baked loaf.

I started off with the CHIPOTLE CHICKEN AVOCADO for $6.50 which included grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle sauce. Simple ingredients, amazing combination, definitely recommend this one.

Later that night I had THE ORIGINAL 1726 for $6.50 which included roast beef, cheddar cheese, and horseradish sauce. This was especially great on a cold night. This warm sandwich really hit the spot and the roast beef was delicous.

Whenever I'm in Vegas, I make sure to stop by Earl of Sandwich at least once. And yes, some of my friends make fun of me for that...but I don't care. Not only is it extremely affordable for The Strip, they make awesome hot sandwiches, AND they're open 24 HOURS! There is often a long line, so if you're truly looking for a quick meal, you may want to avoid this place. If there is a short line, you better hop in quick!

Until my next review...HAPPY EATING AND TRAVELING!


David Moon

Great locations. Good sandwiches. Quick and easy food when you're out late in vegas

Jason Planck

Earl of Sandwich is located inside the Miracle Mile Shops. The prices are within a budget for Las Vegas standards. Disability access was provided. Disability parking is more than 1000 feet of walk for which is located towards the front of the mall.

Jenn B

People always talk about this place so on our last day in Vegas, we picked up sandwiches to bring to the airport. Maybe it was the delay in eating it from the restaurant to the terminal, but I expected to be more impressed. It was good, just not as amazing as I expected. Still, a great and inexpensive option for a quick bite.

Chanelle Hayes

A variety of sandwiches roughly around $6.99 each. Choose from options such as the Chipotle Chicken Avocado, Holiday Turkey or a Veggie option. Salads and wraps are also on the menu for the same price. Sides dishes range between $2-4 each. Because this is located in one of the liveliest hotel-casino’s on the Strip, Earl of Sandwich is open 24 hours daily. Cheap and convenient! You’ll eat good for just a little over $10.

Morison Woo

One of my favorite sandwich places in Las Vegas! They do tend to have a long line here, but it's well worth the wait.

So far, I've tried the Earl's Club and the Full Montagu. Both were delicious!

You order your sandwich first and then you can either choose a place to sit or take it to go. Sometimes when it's super busy, I just take it to go and eat it elsewhere. I would eat it when it's warm though.

Tim Chan

When I asked what Earls Sandwich was my friend repsonded: OMG YOU'VE NEVER HAD IT?

It is indeed delicious but so obviously hyped up. I'm sure Vegas has a lot of great Sandwich places. And hearing my friends slobbering over Earls I expected at least gigantic and on top of it super delicious sandwiches which brings me my taste right to heaven. But when I got the sandwich I was really dissapointed about the size. Small, four bites and it was gone.

Yes it was not bad but I would think about it twice to spend another $7 for four bites.

George H

This is the goto place for a quick sandwich. Actually there is almost always a line, but the food is really good!

Stacy Wong

My girlfriends and I love Earl's! One of my girlfriends makes it a point to always come here whenever she is in Vegas although they have opened in SoCal where we are from. You can't go wrong with The Original (roast beef with horseradish) on wheat bread to keep it healthy with tomato soup to compliment it. Anyone who has that creamy tomato goodness agrees that Earl's tomato soup is one of the best they have ever had!

Diane Vu

Great quick sandwich spot in Vegas. They serve breakfast sandwiches, salads, soup, etc.

Gabe Melendez

By far the best sandwich I have ever had. The line can get long but the food is by far worth it.

Fran V.

Nice place to grab a quick bite to eat. They serve hot sandwiches and salad. In my recent visit, I tried the Holiday Turkey sandwich and it was delicious.

Yogic Traveler ❀

The food was tasty enough but not really as amazing as some reviews I've seen would suggest.

Sally Elbassir

Montagu sandwich was delish! The meat was moist and there was a perfectttt balance of ingredients. All the ingredients, including the bread, tasted super fresh. The service was super quick and the price was definitely reasonable as well. I'll be back next time!

Kristen (@kachotravels)

If you need to grab a bite to eat, Earl of Sandwich is one of my go-to's. The line can be intimidating at times, but it goes by fairly quickly!


Las Vegas food is expensive. Very expensive. There are buffets and a lot of overpriced restaurants. However, Earl of Sandwich is the perfect eatery for all you budget-friendly travelers!

About $6-8 per sandwich and very reasonable portion-sized. The sandwich can also be a perfect snack after clubbing as it conveniently rests in Planet Hollywood, the center of the strip.

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