Mon Ami Gabi

  • 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (702) 944-4224


Andrew Howell

Tasty steak frites, great gazpacho in the summer, delicious chocolate mousse.

Ella Chou

solid Americanized French restaurant. I've been there for dates and for family gatherings. always a good experience. try their onion soup!

Alix F

This is one of the best places in the city to get a perfectly cooked, mouth-watering steak, or so my carnivorous friends and family tell me. It's really hard to go wrong with anything on the menu, and once you taste the food (and a little wine) it won't be hard to guess why this is one of Bethesda's most beloved restaurants.

Cecilia Rius

one of my family's top favorite restaurants ever! highly recommend the hanger steak, french onion soup and their specialty fries! enjiy

Anna Wilk

This is my favorite restaurant in Las Vegas and surprisingly very well priced. Grab a seat on the patio to see the Bellagio fountains. My favorite is steak with the blue cheese topping.

Ken Speranza

Excellent fresh food being served at Paris on the strip. Outdoor seating too!

Terry Brock

A delicious start to our day here in Vegas! The wait staff went above and beyond to accommodate our rather large group. The food exceeded our expectations in taste and presentation. A must for any stay in Vegas.


Get a table on the porch facing the Bellagio fountain show. Excellent food with excellent views. A must try.

Chanel C

My sister made brunch reservations for Mon Ami Gabi this past weekend and we had a spectacular meal. The reservation guarantees you a seat indoors, and you have to wait a bit longer if you request for patio seating. We came around 10:45am and the place was packed already! We changed our minds on the patio seating to avoid the long wait and were seated indoors pretty quickly (despite getting a little snarky attitude from the 2 hostesses out front).

The restaurant was beautiful and lively. Service was impeccable. The food was delicious and portions were large. Our server was an absolute dream. He was so accommodating and helpful. At 11am (when the menu switched over to lunch) he brought us complimentary baguettes for the table and checked on our meal regularly.

We ordered the Special which was a skinny crepe with papayas and side of fresh whipped cream. Definitely worth getting! The crepe had a wonderful thin yet delicate and spongy skin. The papayas were perfectly sweet and ripe. We also ordered the Bacon & Cheese Crepe, Seafood Crepe, and French Onion Soup. While the savory crepes were good, I think the sweet crepes was wayyyy better. But then again, I always prefer sweet over savory. The onion soup was also divine! It's a little pricey, but the cup is HUGE. You get so much onion and cheese! The soup is also really sweet...sweeter than other onion soups I've tried. I really enjoyed it, but my husband found it too sweet.

Overall, we had a great experience and meal. Definitely someplace I would return for brunch next time I'm in Vegas.

Kelsie Young

This was one of the best steaks I've ever had. Service was fantastic, food was incredible! I highly recommend sitting outside if the weather permits!


Really good affordable French Bistro on the Las Vegas Strip in the Paris Hotel. We were lucky enough to have a seat in the atrium so that we could watch the Bellagio fountain show throughout dinner. They have steak frites available in 7 or 8 different sauces, all of which are very tasty. Apps were great. Definitely a French gem on the Strip.


This is my favorite restaurant to bring friends or family when visiting Las Vegas! What better way to enjoy lunch than on the patio underneath the Eiffel Tower located at the Paris hotel with direct views of the Bellagio water fountains? Not to mention the amazing people watching! The food here is pretty spectacular too! Hearty crepes, fresh salads, and their mimosas are very refreshing. Two thumbs up!

Danny Parris

Quaint french place that allows you a view of the Bellagio. The streak frittes were tasty.

Spencer knowler

Best breakfast spot in town and the eggs benedict was worth the trip alone.make sure you wait and get seat on the patio to get the true feeling of vegas

Brianna R

Try this place at lunch for a great menu and great prices! Sit on the patio to see the bellagio fountains!

Gary Cooper

Great food and service. We had a group of 5 and we enjoyed the entire experience. Set outside and enjoyed the Bellagio Fountains. Highly recommend!

Alex K

I came here Sunday night, my last night in Vegas. This was one of my "affordable" culinary trips and a good way to end my trip.

The meal began with a warm baguette brought to the table in a paper bag. Soft and warm and very comforting.

I ordered the cold pea soup as a starter. Small chunks of vegetables, creme fraiche, swimming in a pool of a bright green pool of soup. Simply delicious.

I had the skate wing for my main dish. My biggest concern was if I'd spend the rest of the meal picking out bones between bites. Crispy and brown on top and a nice flaky interior without the bones, seasoned with salt. It sat in a purée of roasted cauliflower, which was creamy and almost had a potato-like quality.

Tonya Allen

The food is so good here but the coffee is amazing! Don't miss out on this place when you're in Vegas! It's my favorite breakfast place.

Gary Anderson

Great food, service and price. View of fountains is great too. Worth the wait if you are on date night.

Phil D

Very cool atmosphere..outdoor patio over looking strip and Bellagio. Great food

Diane V

This is a really cute French restaurant at Paris Hotel & Casino. It sits outside of the hotel facing the Bellagio fountains. We made a reservation and needed to add an additional person at the last minute and actually wanted to eat earlier, and not only were the hosts able to accommodate to our group size, but we also got sat 15 minutes before our reservation time. We were sat in the inside with the air-conditioning, but right next to the patio where we were able to view the Bellagio fountain show from our seats. It was spectacular.

We were a group of 7 and brought our own wine bottles. Corkage fee is $30 per bottle, which is a bit steep, even for Vegas. They served us complimentary baguettes with butter and some carrot dish, Our server was very friendly and explained the menu to us in detail.

We ended up ordering a few appetizers:
-Oysters: Unfortunately I didn't get to try these. I love oysters too.
-Some Goat Cheese App with Toasted Garlic Bread: This was delicious! Whatever the goat cheese was mixed with was very good, not too salty, and had the right amount of goat cheese
-Escargots: This was drench in some olive oil and basil sauce that was very good. I ate the whole snail and I used the same sauce to dip the complimentary baguettes.

Main dish:
-Hangar Steak ($23): So tender!!! This came with some merlot butter sauce that really went well with the steak. It was very rich in flavor and was like a dream in my mouth. I had my steak with haricots verts instead of fries since I ate like a pig at lunch.
-Filet Merlot: I had a bite of this. It's an 8 oz steak, which is their smallest size, and it was the most tender filet ever! It was soft like butter. You could probably cut it with a fork. This meat was also rich in flavor and their most popular steak frites dish.
-Bison Rib-eye (Special of the Day about $40): I had a taste of this also. It was very good, lean-tasting, and not gamey at all.

-Banana fosters Crepe ($10.95): I probably could have devoured this by myself despite being super full. This was not too sweet and had all the right flavors combined, plus a scoop of vanilla ice cream wrapped in the middle.
-Caramel Creme Brulee: Though not as good as the Banana Fosters Crepe, this was also really tasty. Crepe Brulee with a hint of caramel. The carmelized sugar was perfectly burnt and not too hard to break through.

Overall, this was a very hearty and delicious meal. I left feeling super stuffed. Everything on the menu tasted very good and the service was impeccable. Highly recommended, especially if you're staying close by!

Erica Chan @missericayvette

One word to describe on experience here is YUM! I came here once before with a group of friends and thought that the food was just okay here but since then I been here for Breakfast and Dinner and the food was so GOOD! Be sure to make reservation because it does get busy! BUT if you want to sit on the Patio that area is first come, first serve.

Now for the food… for Brunch we ordered the Smoked Salmon Benedict and Braised Beef Benedict. I preferred the Braised Beef Benedict because the beef was so tender and flavorful. The salmon Benedict was delicious as well but a tad bit on the salty side. For Dinner I ordered the Filet Mignon and the BF had the Rib Eye—both medium rare— OMG they were YUMMY! I think it’s probably because of the TONS of butter they used on the steaks. The BF and I both had stomach aches after our meal but we thought it was well worth it. I can’t wait go back!

Gabe Melendez

The food was amazing and the staff was very friendly. I recommend to anyone visiting.

Hollie Olson

This is my favorite brunch spot in Vegas. Located in the Paris hotel this place is awesome for brunch! Amazing quiches and ginormous bowls of lattes. Yum! Can't wait to go back!

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