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The Buffet at Wynn

  • 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • (702) 770-3340
  • www.wynnlasvegas.com


David Lamar

Always a great choice for quality buffet food and service. It may cost a bit more and there may be a wait but believe me it,s worth the wait. I can't think of in thing that was negative or one thing that I had that didn't exceed my wishes. Take the time and money and visit the buffet at the Wynn.

Arthur P

The buffett is amazing, fully stocked of Meats, cheeses, fish, breakfast and incredibly delicious dessert. The line is long so prepare to pay extra for the VIP to get in faster. 2 people about $120.

Deborah Shula Divine

Las Vegas is FULL of buffets...The Wynn is the absolute best, even if you're a food snob!


Can't go wrong here. The Wynn pretty much does everything right including this buffet!

Raymond To

I went when it first opened during the hotel's grand opening and it was just amazing! Luckily I was able to get a comp with line pass or else the wait would've been three hours! The choices were plenty and the quality was great. Although since then I have visited The Buffet three more times and each time either the competition around the strip rose and my palate got more sophisticated, or the quality of The Buffet actually went down. So while still a great buffet (but expensive), I can only give it 4 stars based on my most recent visits

Lawrence Lam

One of the top buffets on the Strip. The Crab Legs are the most popular - see how high you can pile 'em up! Very lavishly adorned too, you'll be impressed just by walking in.

jen shu

buffet vouchers came with my room, which is the only reason i ate here. i dont like buffets. have yet to eat at one which i like. this one is no different

Zaid A.

Delicious brunch at the Wynn. Feel free to bring out your gluttonous ways as the brunch was designed to stuff you to the brim. Great decor and delicious food.


I really really really wanted to love this buffet, after hearing great things from friends and having such a great first experience at the Wynn. But sadly, I did not fall in love. The food was ok but nothing to rant nor rave about. In fact I remained at the salad bar the entire meal after trying a little from each section. However there is a silver lining: I fell in love with their bottomless mimosas option! Who wouldn't love $15 bottomless mimosas on a random tuesday wednesday??

Other than that, I wouldn't return here over going to the Bellagio buffet or Bacchanal, sorry!

Faiza Mokhtar

Hands down the best buffet in Las Vegas! although it doesn't come cheap, it hovers around the $40+tax. I promise you it is worth the price tag. the decor of the buffet is lovely it really brightens the place. depending on when you go the buffet lines change. When I went I had crab legs. Personally when I go to buffet I already have an idea of what type cuisine I'll go to but for the wynn I wanted to try most if not all cuisines.

it is worth trying once and you will not be disappointed!!

Kelly G.

Definitely one of the better buffets. Barely had room to try everything on the menu!


Ever since I heard about the Wynn buffet from my best friend and I was very eager to give it a try. I have been a loyal supporter of the Bellagio buffet for an incredibly long time. While there are numerous buffet restaurants in Vegas, I never felt any of them are comparable to Bellagio in terms of the price/quality ratio.

At around four on a Monday afternoon there were already a short line of people waiting at the restaurant. That was a very promising sign. I wait patiently and was seated in about 15 minutes. Drinks were served promptly.

I quickly walked through the trays of food. The selection is good. They have a good variety of Asian cuisine on top of the usual pasta, cold plates, salad, seafood and craving stations. Of everything I have tried, I was most impressed with the prime rib (I am always partial towards juicy pieces of meat), veal loin and vegetable in yogurt sauce. Overall most of the dishes are on par with Bellagio except for the desserts. Bellagio desserts are top notch while Wynn's were just mediocre at best. The creme brulee was watery at the bottom and the top wasn't fully torched. The dessert was not as delicate as they were in Bellagio. Perhaps it wasn't peak dinner time yet and the food was sitting out a little longer than usual. Still, that was rather unacceptable. If you must know, Wynn does have a slightly better sushi station but I really wouldn't recommend getting sushi at either place unless you like soggy seaweed on dry sushi rice.

For this price range I would still go to Bellagio buffet instead of Wynn.

Trip Editorial Team

One of the sins of Sin City is certainly gluttony. Time a visit to one of the all-you-can-eat buffets right, and it can serve as breakfast, lunch and dinner, and save you some cash for your nighttime revelry later. The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas is known as one of the best.

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