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Fontainebleau Miami Beach

  • 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140
  • 1 (888) 271-2681


Lucy Swift Weber

My boyfriend is here for a business conference and we are not thrilled to have made the decision to stay here! The mattress is unbelievably soft and hot and the room, while very spacious, is totally devoid of style. Hopefully my review improves, over the course of the day, but so far I'm really not thrilled to be trapped in what feels like a giant mall or cruise ship. I am excited to try the spa.

Gil Harel

If you want a Miami Scene come to this hotel. Great pools and restaurants right in the heart of Miami Beach

Josefine K.

This is the ultimate Miami-Beach experience. With glitz and gold and glitter the Fountainbleu embraces you like a celebrity. The complex is huge featuring four towers; two are reserved for suites and ultimate luxury while two towers offer regular rooms, well regular by the luxurious Fountainbleu standards. Beach, shopping, dining and nightlife are close, but you will also be fine by just staying right where you are. Amenities include a ocean-view spa, a dreamlike pool-oasis, shops, trendy bars and iconic clubs, various restaurants and three beautiful ballrooms. There is also an amazing kid’s program offering scavenger hunts, sports, arts, drama, music and teambuilding. Adults are invited to enjoy and party!

Rissa C

Luxury meets party scene inside this iconic hotel. You can’t really go wrong with staying at the Fountainbleau Miami Beach unless you’re looking for something less busy and more intimate. This property is huge and has lots to do and it’s always bumping no matter what time or day of the week. You have your pick at several chef-driven restaurants like Scarpetta and Michael Mina 74, while there’s also one of Miami’s top mega clubs, LIV to check out. But the lobby bar is also a place to see and be seen, providing top notch cocktails served in one crazy mingling scene. The large pool deck is just as heavy with traffic with lots of party goers. While the hotel is luxury it’s not necessarily known for it’s quiet, pampering overnight stays. It’s more about the party scene - young and old - and can be a bit loud especially late at night on the weekends. However, you can find some peace and quiet inside the luxurious Lapis spa with massages, scrubs and detoxes.

Marisa Roman

This is the place to stay if you're the who's who of Miami. Celebrities, DJs, musicians alike all flock to Fontainebleau for a luxury hotel and pool experience. About 30 blocks north of the main South Beach party, Fontainebleau is a bit more on the reserved side as far as hotels go. The pool and amenities are top notch. Locals flock to the pool just to be seen. There are a plethora of restaurants onsite. I recommend Hakkasan for a memorable Japanese fusion experience. (Make a reservation!). Also inside the hotel is the ever-famous LIV nightclub which on weekends will make the hotel extremely busy and impossible to hail a taxi. Across the street is a place to dock your boat or even rent a yacht for the afternoon. Overall the place is truly a resort, and you will receive a five star experience.

Ed Lee

The Fountainbleau Miami Beach is a historic landmark property that used to be the Miami destination for the old Hollywood guard like Frank Sinatra and was even featured in the Jerry Lewis classic movie "The Bellboy." It has been renovated recently and is still a luxurious destination just north of the chaos that you may encounter in South Beach.

Yenni Vance

Miami is a city that is quickly becoming the new New York City. It’s skyscrapers, music scene, and citizens make it a popular destination for travelers. But like we mentioned above, Fort Lauderdale is in a prime location. Hop on the local train system, the Tri-Rail, and pay $5 for a roundtrip ticket.

Kat Von B (Travelinggreek)

I have been coming here since I was a kid.
What has changed is that through renovations the property has lost a bit of its charm.
The reason it was so popular is because the hotel catered to everyone.
The clientele returned again and again.
In modernizing it,the guests have changed.
It is very modern and hip!
I still love it but I do miss that so many of the long time employees are gone.
It is new,crisp and has everything you could possibly want in a resort.

Paul and Angela

The Iconic designed South Beach destination for food and fun.LIV top club in the country.

Jonathan Cheban

Fontainebleau- This is only place to be this week!! With Liv, the hottest club in the world in the Lobby and a 40 thousand sq ft. spa, I'm in! There are almost 1600 rooms, some super modern, some a bit more home style! Bring a bathing suit, by the time your done swimming in all pools you will be a dolphin! Lots of families, lots of hipsters and lots of stars LOVE the FB! Oh..and that's where I'm staying!

P.S every room come with an apple and internet!

Truc Nguyen

Such a beautiful hotel! Very modern and spacious! The pool is amazing as well! Definitely worth your money. It's also very convenient.

Koren Leslie Cohen

The Fontainebleau is a great hotel, whether you're a guest or just visiting. The pool area is always fun and a great mix of people. You can visit the lobby bar or LIV nightclub, eat at Scarpetta or one of the other restaurants on the property. The hotel is modern and self-contained.

Craig Weichmann

Expensive. But worth it if you're splurging. Great pools and restaurants. Plus LIV is inhouse

. Troy

This place deserves a special place in my affection not through staying here but visiting - just a question of personal preference. That's not to say it's current owners haven't done a terrific job on it and at some cost ($1billion spent on the refurbishment). It's an icon of a building - architect Morris Lapidus at the peak of his career in 1954 - and has featured in some unforgettable film scenes from 'Jerry Lewis's 1960 comedy 'The Bellboy' to James Bond 'Goldfinger' and Al Pacino in 'Scarface'. It's one for the bling set, who I'll happily down a poolside cocktail with at sunset time, but my bed for the night is likely to be something a little more understated.


Stayed here for a friend's birthday weekend in Miami and had a great time. The rooms were comfy and I liked the clean, modern design. The macs were a nice addition. LIV is right there so it's great to be able to be a short elevator ride from the nightlife. Didn't try much of the hotel food except when hanging out by the pool and it was pretty standard. I think the lobby is beautiful and the staff was all very friendly and courteous. All in all, a great stay.

Katy Homanick

Wow. This is the hotel of hotels. From the second I walked up until the moment I left this place made you feeling like you were living the life of the rich and famous. The rooms were beautiful, the lobby was gorgeous and the pools... Oh the pools. We ended up getting a bed by the pool and it was absolutely worth the extra money.

Located just off the beach I would highly recommend this hotel for any trip to Miami!

Amit Anandwala

I know everyone else in the world seems to love this high end resort and maybe I just dont because I am not a baller, but this place just wasnt my scene. The lobby is modern but grand and I just thought everything about this place is over the top. I can see how people are attracted to the flashiness of the place and to the exclusivity of the hotel, but I prefer a place that is a little warm. I felt like the decor, the service and the ambiance were all too cold for me.

Jamie Smilovici

This is one of the BEST hotels I have stayed at in the USA! incredible service.. the BEST pools, beach side view room was incredible! 530am Sunrise, from bed... WOW


the most famous hotel of Miami Beach, huge structure with big swimming pools, good and trend restaurants and bars. Rooms are good but it makes a big difference if you upgrade them.


This hotel is historic for Miami, and is right on the beach. It also has a pool, restaurants, and a spa. The hotel was recently renovated and is very modern looking throughout the lobby and common areas. The hotel is huge so ask to be in the main building if you want to be close to everything.

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