SeaWorld Orlando

  • 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821
  • 407-545-5550


melinda corn

i dont even know how sea world is still open, please do not give ur money to an organization that abuses and keeps wild animals captive thanks

Victoria F

Great day out for the whole family. Combine this with the Tussauds and Orlando Eye for a day you wont forget!

John R

If you love marine animals, Sea World is the place to be. They offer encounters with dolphins, penguins, stingrays, and other animals. This park also has several rides and shows.

Lee D

Great option for a day away from Disney. Less people and a bit slower pace with sit down shows and attractions. The food plan gives you lots of food at a pretty good value and taste.

Raquel Calvó

on one hand it’s really nice during the holiday season and it’s nice to learn some marine biology, but on the other hand, they take awful care of their orcas (phenomenal care of their manatees tho). idk if I fully support giving this place money but it’s fun. Nice rollercoasters too

Luis Cuevas

Very nice to spend time with family and see shamu in action. Enjoy the maximum in the park

Claire C

Sea World is a fantastic day out learning about marine animals and there conservation. Be prepared to get wet if you sit too close to some shows or mind the splash areas.

The penguins are our favourite and very popular.

Get to this park early and make a note of the shows you want to see and work out a route to get you to the right places on time or you will be wanting to come back another day!

Clyde and Seymour is a great entertaining show and shows how clever animals are if rewarded with fish!

Alex Secchi

i've been to seaworld orlando once when i was younger before i knew the reality of some things and even then it was kind of disappointing with not much to do

Shelli P

First time with our toddler and she loved it. We can't wait to go back and check it out again. We loved getting to feed the sharks and the sting rays

Neil J

great place to see sea animals and learn about them. Great shows for the family. Aquatica is their new park also.

Charlotte Mandragos

Spent a wonderful day with friends. Wandered through and enjoyed several shows. Recommend getting the drink cup with 99 cent refills, we drank a lit of Lemonaid to stay hydrated.

jade Hide

Have fun outdoors in an easy way. Kids and adults can enjoy this place equally. Roller coasters, adventures, shows… just make sure to wear comfortable shoes. You are gonna go a lot of walking

Claudia Cayne

Dolphins seals sea lions orcas all under one roof! Great for adults as well as the kids. Learn about SE life and watch how intelligent all these sea creatures can be--and cute too!

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