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Delano South Beach Hotel

  • 1685 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • 1 (888) 271-2681


Cassandra S Poole

Incessantly loud, bass-heavy music permeates every inch of the surrounding area from this place. We weren't even staying at the Delano! We were at the National and we could hear the music CONSTANTLY, so loud it was vibrating my water glass, in a different hotel, 7 stories up. I get that it's Miami Beach and people are going to play music, but this level of volume and bass-vibration is utterly unnecessary. I cannot imagine that this isn't violating city noise ordinances somehow.

If you are the sort of person who cannot stand loud, bassy music blaring at all hours of the day and night, vibrating your head hard enough to cause migraines, you do NOT want to stay at the Delano. Or the National, or the Sagamore, or any hotel within half a mile of this awful, awful place. Have a little human decency, Delano. You can have your fun pool parties without deafening every living thing within half a mile.

James Gibbons

An amazing hotel on Collins Ave in South Beach with many nightlife options including outdoor pool area and clubs.

Jonathan Sienkiewicz

Sick hotel, great place to meet great people, walk to beach and ocean...perfection!

Natural Hancrafted Soap Company

I stay on the Hotel Delano In Miami for 1 months Back then the Hotel was new and I have travel there + times and stay at same hotel .. Their had a construction in front of my Bangalore that their call it and I was get a nice best room for free .. But someone was stole 2.500 dollar from my Husband bag in the hotel we never found who was... So soon you get there no live any Jewelry or money without put on locker


Cool if somewhat flashy vibe, still an iconic beautiful Art Deco building, with fantastic food

Elizabeth and Tomas

Go for a drink by the pool, to the Blue Door Restaurant or rent a $20 beach chair (beach toys for the kids) -- SO WORTH IT !!!

Wesley Brown

The first time I stepped through the Delano lobby and out to the pool are at night, I felt like I was in Scarface - totally transported to another world. A magical place you'll spend $15 for a drink to be at (like everywhere else in South Beach) but willingly.

chiara cerini

an extraordinary night! The main lobby, restaurant and bar areas are beautifully and very tastefully designed (courtesy of Philippe Stark) and with a mood for chilling and relaxed partying. Perfect music is always on (even in the elevators!) and the scent that immediately invades the senses upon entering the hotel is quite unique. We stayed in a ciity-view king-sized bedroom at the 14th floor. At night, the pool scene becomes an outdoors bar filled with relaxed people and great music.

Kylie Jenkins

Possibly the coolest hotel I have every stayed in ever! The pool during the day is the ideal place to hang out and be seen!

Amit Anandwala

The Delano embodies South Beach sexiness better than most hotels in the area. You enter the hotel lobby through almost sheer white curtains and enter a very white lobby with just the right color accents. The bar is very chic and you will find a demographic of very sexy people all over the lobby enjoying tropical drinks or lounging around.


This is one of the best hotels of Miami. The swimming pool is one of the hottest spots in Miami Beach, rooms are a little expensive but staying here is a different experience and it`s worth it.


Whenever I'm in Miami I make a point to get a drink here. The inside is a modern decadence. The lighting is very Miami opulent. The outside is pretty amazing. There are life size chess pieces, hammocks and a rod iron table and chair in a really shallow area of the pool. Speaking of the pool, they play classical music underneath under the water so you can hear it while you're swimming.

Sharon K. Yapp

My girlfriends and I went to Miami recently (June 2011), and the Delano was a must-stop on our list of things to do. We stopped by in the afternoon for drinks. It took us while to get to the restaurant by the pool, but only because we were so enamored with the lobby area that is rich with great decor for photos. The Delano is like The Huntley in Santa Monica meets SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Anyway, we finally made it to the restaurant for delicious (and expensive) mojitos. You must try the strawberry mojito. It's very, very good. The manjo mojitos are also good. Unfortunately, we couldn't enter the pool area until after 7pm because we weren't guests. But the restaurant area was nice, shaded, but sunny. Our server was quite the comedian and made sure we had a good time.


I can't say I'm the best judge of this hotel because I've only judged one thing — their mojito.

Beautiful patio sweeping into a garden view even on a rainy day; such was my afternoon. I ordered a mojito. It was perfect. I sipped it slowly and wished I had another hour to stay. Alas, there were more places in Miami to explore.

George Kikvadze

classic Miami place.. one of the most "happening places" great pool, lounge bar and after-party... breakfasts on the patio are great... + you are 50 years from the beach and the jogging trails

Cindy Chen

Love this hotel. All white, all luxury. The pool/cabana area makes you feel like you've gone back to the olden days, not really sure how to explain it, but maybe like how the MadMen would party if they partied in Miami.

George Kardaras

The hotel was literally up against the beach and it was easy to walk there in less than a minute. The beach was extremely cool, chairs and umbrellas for rent, white sand, etc. My room was on the 4th floor, with a view of the beach, which was also great.

Kevin Picholo

Very nice white satin sheets as you walk in, one of a kind luxury hotel. The lounge area and restaurant serves great good. Rooms are perfect for a miami getaway with your significant other.

Travis Katz

One of my favorite hotels in the world. A bit on the pricey side, but worth it (in my books). Beautiful pool area that opens out to the beach. The lobby is gorgeous with super high ceilings, giant furniture and blowy curtains. The rooms are all white with super comfy beds and are very spacious. Even if you don't stay, the bar and the restaurant are great.

Andrew George

The Delano rocks.

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