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Barton Springs Pool

  • 2201 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704
  • (512) 974-6300
  • austintexas.gov


Kevin Picholo

Barton Springs Pool is part of Zilker Park, attracts lots of visitors here per year. Also the home of the two kinds of Salamanders.

Sharon D

A spring-fed pool smack in the middle of Austin. Do not miss an evening swim if its a full moon.

Nici Audrianna

A must visit within Austin, especially in the summer. This natural pool in the center of the city is provided the always 76 degree water from a natural spring. It is fairly reasonably priced to visit. You can swim laps, jump of a diving board, bring a float, and just relax in the always cool water. Then lay out on the hill in the sun to warm up and repeat. I suggest bringing a good book and make it an enjoyable afternoon visit.

Maggie Li

A large pool of refreshing spring water in the middle of the city?! Yas, that's Barton Springs Pool. It's a place where locals mingle with tourists, especially on weekends and when the weather is hot and humid. Grab a blanket/towel, some snacks and a book, you can enjoy a whole afternoon here.

Entrance fee from adults $3 resident and $8 non-resident, but they don't check ID

Jenna Million

Perfect to visit during the summer in Austin. Water is very cold because it's a natural spring, but it's great in the summer sun!

Alex Alfaro

Great family swimming pool. Super cold . great place to bring pets and have a family bbq or picnic

Mary Beth C

Fed by spring water, this nature made pool is a one of a kind. The water remains a refreshing 68 degrees regardless of the temperature. Be sure to take advantage of the pool towels, folding chairs, and picnic basket at Maison Pemberton when you head to Barton Springs!

David Barran Guerrero

So much fun!!! I love it here during the summer and many people with positive mindsets go!

Kelly K

Love Barton Springs. I swim here constantly and while it may be cold it’s a beautiful place to see. Come after 9pm and it’s free, or visit during one of the colder winter months and you also won’t have to pay!

Tyson Bramer

The same temperature all year round, Barton Springs is a cool summer hangout spot. It is much colder than you'd think, so be prepared.

Beatriz Martínez

Great place for summer. The water is so cold!!! Very refreshing for the hot weather in Austin.

Cecilia Ortiz

So much fun! Lots of sun and freezing cold water.... what more can a girl ask for? Can't wait to go back ❤️

Matthew Dickey

Its a nice to chill spot i always take my girlfriend there but its also a good place just to chill and unwind read a book or swim.

Nikolina Keil

The water is sooooo cold. Which makes it perfect for these Texas Summers. It's a really nice place to hangout with the family on a hot day.

Joseph Long

It was a blast, water is cold but we still had a great time. Make sure you bring a float!

Tiffany Z

Ok, the water is very cold so he prepared however, on a hot Texas day it's what you'll want. The very west side is great for families and "little ones". You'll to enter on the Zilker Park side for easiest access to that side. The south side allows you access to the rest of the park all day for $3, if you're a local. Lots of quaint places to stroll and sit when your done enjoying the water. Lots of fun!

Julia P

Amazing fresh water pool with a natural bottom. The water is cold clear and clean, the vibes relaxed and friendly (like most i found in Austin) and it's basically a perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon.

Rebecca Goglia (@BeccaBandit)

I absolutely adore Barton Springs! It's one of my favorite things in Austin and it's must for any visit, so be sure to pack a swimsuit! It's a recreational outdoor swimming pool that is filled entirely with water from nearby natural springs. It's located in a beautiful park too.

Lindsay R

Barton Springs is a natural spring fed pool. It's beyond cold but super refreshing in the dead of summer!

Boris J

An exhilarating place to swim all year round. Free before 8am, I go in the early morning and avoid the crowds.

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