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Franklin Barbecue

  • 900 E. 11th, Austin, TX 78702
  • (512) 653-1187
  • www.franklinbarbecue.com


Terry Brock

Amazing BBQ! Brisket and pork ribs are my favorites! It’s an Austin experience to be embraced. Standing in line for a few hours helps you meet people you wouldn’t normally meet which is fun.


All the hype for this all American meal! It was the number one thing to do while visiting Austin. The husband did his research and we decided on doing the pre-order option (min. 5 lbs meat order) so we could enjoy our time versus spending 3-5 hrs in line.

There are 3 parking spots for pre-orders and it's located in the back where the trailer is for pickup. So no, you don't go to the storefront to pick up your order. I mean how rude would that be to gloat at every single person in line that's waited for hours while you just walk straight up and get your food. LOL.

Anyways, let's get down to the verdict reviews of the bbq:
Pork Ribs - very good dry rub for seasoning and nice and tender. Doesn't completely fall off when you pick up the ribs.
Brisket - nice smokey flavor, but it falls apart when you pick it up. Kind of like it's melted off your fingertips.
Turkey - actually my favorite. I feel like the turkey has been overlooked in some of the reviews and videos we've researched. Nice peppery rub, tender, and juicy slices. I made a sandwich out of it. So good!
Sausage - Also very good. I'm not a huge fan of sausages or franks, but took 2 bites and loved the flavor, the juiciness, and spices combined.
The slaw and the potato salads are okay, not the best I've had but helps with all the meat you'll be having.

We took all of that and went to a park and enjoyed a picnic. It was a beautiful spread. We obviously couldn't finish 5 lbs of meat between the two of us, so we packed everything back to our Airbnb and the host allowed us to use their freezer. We repacked the meat with the extra butcher paper that was given and flew it back home.

Pro Tips: THURSDAYS are their "slowest" day. If you're going to freeze the meat and bring home (LA,CA) like we did. Ziploc and be sure to take the bag out of your carry-on and inform the TSA agent so your bag doesn't get flagged and you'll have to wait for them to personally search it.

Have fun and enjoy the meat.

Mary Beth C

The meat is to die for and you will feel like you've died of hunger after waiting hours to get in the door. Be aware that when they run out of meat they close so be sure to line up early!

Tyson Bramer

The line you will wait in is most certainly worth it. I recommend trying to go during the week when it is slightly less crowded.

Andrea P

Order this online, way in advance unless you plan on waiting outside for hours!


THREE HOUR WAIT even on a weekday! They're great because there are chairs and umbrella


Rated number one barbecue joint in Texas for many years according to Texas Monthly Magazine


A must do if you visit Austin.
We didn't have the full experience of lining up and waiting for the place to open as we were there in the evening.
The staff was wonderful and friendly.
The barbecue was delicious and plentiful.
This place is legendary.

Katie And Ben E

The trick to not waiting in line at Franklins is to download the "Task Rabbit" smart phone app and find the woman who's specialty is "waiting in line at Franklins for you"...she charges $40-60 to wait in line for 3-5hrs for you...she'll pay for your order AND deliver it to the house.

Aly K

The best Bar-b-q in texas.
People wait hours in line so get their early and i promise it will be worth the wait(:

Derrick Sison

Get here early. Get here hungry. Get here awake. Get here ready. Leave here with the best food experience of your life. Think of how much brisket you want to order....then double it, you won't regret it. Texas confirms it has the best BBQ right here.


The best BBQ I had in Austin. Those tender briskets is UH-MAZING!!!

Things you need to know before going here:

1) Come early around 8am to wait in line.
2) They don't open until 11am.
3) Expect at least a 3hrs wait.
4) Lawn chairs are provided while waiting.
5) Must get their brisket along with everything else plus the sides.

I'm fixin' for some more BBQ!!!

Kerri McMahon

Amazing! Makes me question what I have been eating elsewhere all of these years. Literally best brisket and ribs ever. One of the best meals of my life! Forks and knives served no purpose with meat this tender. The complementary homemade sauces were also not necessary for food this flavorful. Perfect bark! Biggest problem was resisting the urge to over order. Honestly, if they let us taste the food before ordering then I might have depleted my bank account by getting everything that I could. Beer and Maine root sodas are great. Service was friendly, knowledgeable, appreciative and efficient. We got there at 8am on a Thursday and were 13th in line. They have camping chairs, first come first serve, but at least 20. A coffee trailer around the corner on the same lot. They let you use restrooms, buy beer, soda, etc. while waiting. You can order part eat in, part take out. Worth the wait! Better than the hype!

Derek H

Rated #1 best barbeque joint in Texas by Texas Monthly in 2013, this local favorite and foodie destination is right down the street from the condo! Just a short walk away to some of the better barbeque in Texas.

Mary Lou T

If you have time to camp out in a chair for a few hours, you'll experience what many consider the best barbeque in Texas!

Alice Chase

Franklins is famous for BBQ. Notably famous in Austin and the nation over. Be prepared to wait though (4hrs +). Is it worth the wait? You'll have to decide for yourself. But you'll always regret not trying.

Nina Pena

Franklin BBQ is one of the best bar-b-que restaurants in Austin. It’s located in the thriving eastside urban restaurant movement just off I-35. Franklin’s opens at 11:00am and closes when they sell out and they do sell out every day. Lines start before they even open and you are no longer to stand in line holding a spot for a friend. Most people bring lawn chairs, tail gate and calmly wait till their up to order some amazing BBQ. They serve your meat order on brown wax paper and your sides in paper food boats. They do have sauce however it’s not needed and true Texas BBQ is without sauce anyhow. When you visit they ask that you do not occupy a table till you have placed your order. Word to the wise, get the brisket you will not be let down!


After 15 hours in line and 37 pounds of meat later (5 visits... Relax) after several trip there I must say I am still in love with Franklin and they way the smoke and spice their briskets! The line is long and they have done everything to their imagination to help the group enjoy their wait. Chairs, cold beverage and friendly people to meet. If you are ever in Austin check this place out, they don't disappoint, just show up very, seriously early... If you are just getting around there at 10:30 am, forget it.

Vicki Winters

Franklin BBQ is so good you have to take some home on the plane... http://vickiwinters.com/best-bbq-in-austin/

Tracey H

I'm a vegetarian so this is lost on me, but folks say it is the best BBQ in Austin. Get there early - lines can be long and they usually sell out.

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