Hopdoddy Burger Bar

  • 830 S Sepulveda Blvd, The Pointe, El Segundo, CA 90245
  • (310) 414-2337
  • www.hopdoddy.com


Petey Hsieh

Doddy style is now my favorite! The food here, originated from Austin is crazy good. Simple yet interpreted into their own style of burgers and shakes. It's like a grown up diner!

We came here soft opening today. Everyone from front of the house to back of the house was quite attentive on their toes! I have to say, I was overly impressed! Ordered the following:

Ahi Burger: Best thing here, no doubt. Came out pretty rare. (Doddy style) Contains Sushi-Grade Tuna, Sprouts, Teriyaki, Honey Wasabi, Nori Chips, Pickled Ginger, Mayo. It had the right amount of kick.

Magic Shroom: Contains Angus Beef, Local Goat Cheese, Field Mushrooms, Mayo, Basil Pesto. Contrast was really good, for you steak lovers!

Good night good cause: Angus Beef, Tillamook Cheddar, Hickory BBQ Sauce, Caramelized Onions,Sliced Jalapeno, Hickory BBQ, Sassy Sauce. This was a little lost in the taste and sauce but still quite good.

Thunderbird: Chicken sandwich that has Chicken, Tillamook Pepper Jack, Apple-Smoked Bacon, Avocado, Seared Poblanos, Pico de Gallo, Chipotle Mayo. My kid loved this! It was just plain good, the bacon tasted homemade. Yup, I stole a piece.

They make a lot of things in house like Sangria, lemoncello. The sauces like the chipotle sauce also tasted in house. The blueberry soda blew my mind! It was different, kind of like the first time I tasted blueberry donuts.

Playa vista and Newport now open as well!

Alex K

I came here the other day for the soft opening. Great hearty burger. I ordered the Primetime, a Wagyu beef burger with blue cheese, caramelized onions, and added bacon, a fried egg, and avocado. Big tall burger. Meat seemed slightly overcooked for medium rare, but it was still crazy good!

The garlic truffle fries were good. Thin shoestring style, they were crispy and good, and works well with dipping sauce. When you've had one garlic truffle shoestring fries, you kind of had them all.

Really enjoyed the cocktails. They had this light summer tea made with house made limoncello. It's happy hour somewhere, so why not? Plus, not too heavy, in case you have to go back to work. Hahaha, right.

The milkshakes were really good. The downside was they brought the shake during our service. Which mean it melted by the time we got to it. But the lemon biscotti milkshake was still really good even if it was required straight up sipping.

Christine Tran

an Austin TX favorite made a home here in the South Bay. Their burgers are delicious and so are the truffle fries. FULL BAR!

Chelsea Madren

Caramel & Sea Salt Shake ($6) has a really good salted caramel flavor. The shake is creamy and velvety with granules of salt for texture. Rating: 4.5/5

Buffalo Bill Burger ($10) starts with a bison burger patty topped with Applewood smoked bacon, blue jack cheese, Frank’s Hot Sauce, sassy sauce, red leaf lettuce, white onion, and beefsteak tomato. The meaty patty has a great bison flavor. Its deceptively simple ingredients create an extremely flavorful burger! It is slightly spicy but not overwhelming. But, the bacon got a little lost in the shuffle. The bun is sturdy to stand up to the sauces yet not too thick or bready. Rating: 4.8/5

Chile Con Queso ($6.75) comes with Kennebec fries. The fries are tasty, crispy and well-seasoned. Chile con queso is creamy with a chili powder kick. It is super cheesy. Although, a thicker cut fry would work better for dipping with this heavier sauce. Rating: 4.9/5

Truffle Fries ($6.95) have a great truffle flavor and aroma. It is topped with a good amount of parmesan cheese and parsley. The truffle aioli is creamy and adds more truffle flavor to the mix. Rating: 4.5/5

Primetime Burger ($12) starts with Texas Akaushi beef topped with brie cheese, arugula, caramelized onions, truffle aioli, steak sauce, and beefsteak tomato. The beef burger patty has a perfect blend of beef. It is meaty and juicy even at medium rare. Brie adds a creamy, buttery cheese flavor. Arugula adds a green component along with some bitter flavor. The truffle aioli lends a truffle aroma and slight truffle flavor. This burger pairs well with Barley Forge’s Patsy Coconut Stout ($8). Rating: 5/5

Jamie Weiss

If you're interested in great food, drinks and don't mind a typical wait of 15 minutes to get in the door, the best place to eat is Hopdoddy Burger Bar! With a huge array of local brews and mixed drinks, your inner-lush will swoon with the endless options. The burgers and milkshakes are AMAZING! Always cooked perfectly, and employees are always very willing to help you decide what to get if its your first time! Gluten Free? substitute your bun for a free salad of your choice. Not a fan of red meat? Get chicken or they seasonally have other meat options. Despite the line, the food comes out pretty quickly, and the fries, which are cooked to perfection, serve as an appetizer for the main dish.

Yannet Duran

This place is always good. It does get busy in the afternoon but other than that me likey

Jenna Million

Favorite burger place in town! There's a line out the door at dinnertime for a reason. Amazing drinks, milkshakes, fries, BURGERS! A must visit place.

Wendy P

Ahi Tuna Bruger! Handmade buns. This place is popular so there may be a line but it moves pretty fast and is totally worth it. Here's a secret- If you are willing to sit at the bar- which everyone is eating at this bar!- go inside and see if there is a seat before waiting in line. you don't have to wait in line for a bar seat- you can just take a peak at weather one is available or if some people are leaving soon and pull on up.

Corey L

Hopdoddy is step above when it comes to burger restaurants. A must try if you are a burger lover and even if you are not! They have a full bar and a ton of options.

Christina De La Torre

The Impossible Burger was indeed one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had! Add some truffle fries and fresh cocktail and it’s an amazing experience.

Tyson Bramer

A great local restaurant that offers all-natural ingredients in their food. They also have a good selection of beers.

Brenda G

Great, eclectic burgers, craft cocktails and beer, and a super ambiance make this a great place for lunch or dinner.

Ginger S

Voted #2 on top 10 Burger in Texas! Don't miss this place. My boys LOVE it! Located on icon South Congress Ave....great people watching. Could be a VERY long line if you go at peak times....worth the wait!

Netta Drimer

Probably the longest line I ever waited for food. I really liked the burgers (other than the mushroom one) and the service was great. Don't come super hungry because the line will kill you..

Grace F

Great gourmet burgers. But get in line before 11:30 or you will wait in a long line for lunch.


Great burgers and drinks. Definitely more on the expensive side but totally worth it.

Ashley S

Hip, eco-minded burger joint with all-natural meats, housemade buns, shakes & interesting beers.

My personal favorite: The Buffalo Bill burger with a House Frozen Margarita with a black salt rim and Parmesan Fries.

Be prepared!...You will wait in line!...Local Secret!...head straight to the bar for full service and grab a seat if available...The bartenders will help you out if you ask nicely! :)

Derrick Sison

These burgers were juicy, tasty, and great variety of flavor options. The queso and chili con queso for french fries dipping is awesome too....and lets be honest, for burger dipping as well!

Alicia Moylan

It's a good burger. But I dont think it's worth the wait. But if you're something of a burger conniseur then definitely worth a taste

Trinidad M

Don't let the line scare you away on this one! The "Buffalo Bill" will keep you wishing you Hopdoddy in your local city. They also have vegetarian options.

Alice Chase

Great casual date night experience! The service was really good too. They do get busy though-the kitchen told me they make anywhere from 600-1500 burgers a day.

Chelsy Murillo-Williams

I love this place!The Thunderbird & the truffle fries with queso are my favorites .In most cases it's best to get there as early as possible due to the wait (line of people wrapped around the building),especially on the weekends.

Robin Sanders

A great array of burgers and brews in a fun setting. Lines can be very long, so be prepared to wait. The pace is brisk, though, and the folks are friendly. A favorite destination for visitors and locals alike.

Suzanne Wyble

I literally cannot think of a place that has better burgers. Depending on the time though you may be waiting in a really long line. But perfectly worth it in my opinion.

Kathleen R

Love! I've tried them all! Delicious food but prepare to potentially wait in line. Go at 2-330 on a weekday for the best chance to avoid lines!

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