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  • 205 E Houston Street, New York City, NY 10002
  • (212) 254-2246
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Trina D.

My friend Fia R. and I were in NYC at the same time. We even went to the same places at different times during our trip. It was funny when I’d see her posts or she’d see mine and we’d both be commenting, “I was just there!” So, on my last night in NYC, I DMed her and asked her what her plans were for the evening. She said that they were headed to Katz’s Deli and I should meet her there if I were free. Indeed I was free and Katz’s was only a 10 minute walk from my hotel in the LES. Sweet! I made it over to Katz’s and was given a blue ticket on the way in. They asked me if it was my first time and reiterated that I needed to return the blue ticket before I could leave. Okay, sure. I greeted Fia and friends inside, then went to order my food. I got into the wrong line; surprise, surprise. The guy at the counter pointed me in the direction of where I should be. Once I got into a line, another one next to me opened up and the person behind me cut to that one. Hmmm, typical New Yorkers.

I looked at the menu boards and holy smokes! $22.45 for a hot pastrami sandwich?! This had better be good, guys. This is literally the most expensive pastrami sandwich, you’ll ever love. I debated between getting a half sandwich and a soup for $18.95 but I wasn’t that hungry. I figured that I could, you know eat half a sandwich at the airport so I ordered a hot pastrami sandwich. I asked for mustard on the side and the guy preparing mine motioned to the tables and said, “There’s mustard on the table.” He gave me a slice of pastrami to try and proceeded to make my sandwich. He cut it in half and added a pickle on the side. Okay, he handed me my plate and the sandwich is massive. You may want to share it or save it for next day. I sat down with my friends and proceeded to devour the massive pastrami. I am not a rye person but the rye bread they use is mild and soft. The pastrami is thick cut and tender. It’s a delicious sandwich, that’s for sure. I went to have my second sandwich half wrapped up to go and paid with my credit card at the same counter. If you want to pay in cash, you can do so at the front. Remember to turn in your blue ticket, or you won’t be able to leave. I happily ate some of my leftover sandwich at JFK Airport the following day. No regrets.


Extremely friendly staff. Large portions. We had the Rueben with pastrami and it was terrific.

Mary Tran

This place is over-rated! Although their pastrami is really good, it’s crazy busy to wait in line for a $25 sandwich. My friend was telling me there is a trick to ordering. When you are in the front of the line, the guys behind the counter will take your order and make it. They will give you a little slither of the pastrami first to taste. As they are slicing your meat, tip them and supposedly they will slice a little more meat for you in your sandwich. This place is so popular and you get all the drunk people coming in up to 4am in the morning. There is a whole system for ordering. They give you a ticket when you come in. That ticket goes to the person taking your order. Then you head over to pay with cash in the front or credit card near the back counter. Everyone should try Katz at least once in their life, but I wouldn’t go back for seconds.

Alyssa Collier

For people that have never been to NYC and are looking for that traditional deli experience, Katz's is the place. Yes, it's very touristy. But for a place that's open 24 hours and that is always packed you know it's got to be good. And it always is. I've never been disappointed here with the food. You can either do sit down service or self order (self order is a little harder since you have to find your own table). Get the Reuben, corn beef, or brisket sandwich. Pastrami by itself is great but with the Russian dressing is unbeatable. If you're not feeling a sandwich they have a great matzo ball soup as well.


We got the pastrami sandwich on rye and it is the best sandwich we've had out here in NYC! My husband split the sandwich and it was plenty. Line can get long but Don't let that intimidate you. There are many ordering stations. Have one person find a table while the other waits in line to order. Tables are hard to find so scope out who is leaving soon and stand nearby. You pay on your way out after you have eaten.

Gabriel Salinas

Well, can I say anything different you should probably read about this place...?, don't think so. Just Try it!!

Leanne Karapetian

Overpriced deli sandwiches, maintenance and cleanlinesd need attention. Overall a nice experience and ticked off on the NYC list.

Celeny Da Silva

Katz's Deli is the best spot for Pastrami that I have ever been in my life. The portions are gigantic, so one sandwich will be enough to feed the whole family. #musteatnyc

Arielle Tandowski

I'm really not a big fan of meat but the meat here is particularly fatty. It's a classic place though so it's worth stopping by if they haven't shut down yet

Raymond Perry

Used to be a great place for a pastrami sandwich! Has become a tourist trap pathetic! Avoid at all costs!!!

Julie Minor-Schimek

Absolutely the best! A 'must' if you are visiting New York. There is a wait, and it's really crowded once you're inside, but the authenticity of NYC and the taste of the food CANNOT be beat. Don't miss it!

Yaya Rey

My go to spot for hot pastrami in NYC, they have the best in town. Stop in and get a taste.

Shannon Murray

My husband got a pastrami sandwich and I got a steak and cheese. The sandwich was huge and flavorful! Definitely a must go!

Bree Rose

A historic spot for lovers of food and NYC. Grab a ticket, but don't lose it! Come and enjoy the mouth-watering famous roast beef sandwiches. Be sure to come hungry, because this place doesn't know the definition of small portions!

Leah Henry

I didn't want to fall into the touristy trap by coming here but it happened a night after partying in the LES. Their sandwiches are huge well at least the Ruben that I had and it tasted amazing. The meat was so good. It's a location is quite ideal, out of the hustle of the busy of Manhattan's spotlight. The wall are covered with photos of famous or well know people that have visited over the years.

Eric Marks

One of the best next to carnigie also second avenue deli is good. Go here for the pastrami

Alie Lombardi

Best Pastrami and Corned Beef sandwiches with the most old New York vibe around! Intense, loud, delicious. Famous words spoken here: "I"ll have what she's having"

Trina Wijangco

This place is an establishment in New York culture that isn't one to miss. Their pastrami sandwich is to DIE for. Probably the best I've ever had. But this place isnt cheap. Try 20$ for their signature sandwich, and if you want sides, your bill will be at least 30$. However, you get what you pay for, both in quality and quantity (it might be best to get a sandwich for two)

Audrey Lo @TravelingAudrey

The best and most gigantic pastrami sandwich I've ever had. I can see why foodies rave about this place. The ordering system is unique. When you walk in you get a ticket that is used to write down the cost of your meal. You walk over to the counter and get a tasting of the pastrami and order the sandwich the way you like it. You then pay at the cashier with your ticket or you give them your blank ticket if you decide not to buy anything or you get fined if you lost your ticket - so don't lose it. The sandwich is about $20, which is really expensive for a sandwich, but you get what you pay for and its absolutely delicious. Katz has been around since 1888 and is a staple in this city!

Joseph S

The best Jewish Delicatessen in the universe. The corn beef and the pastrami sandwiches are too good to describe. I have enjoyed take out at work many times and is a NYC treat.

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