Bottega Louie

  • 700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • (213) 802-1470


Julia Kang

Bottega Louie is the most reviewed restaurant on Yelp. They don’t take reservations so be prepared to wait to be seated. So far, everything I’ve tried on their menu has been delicious. The service is good and prompt.

Daisi Jo Reviews

One of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Bottega Louie was one of the first fine dining restaurants to open with the reemergence of rebuilding DTLA. It features a New Yorkish vibe with high ceilings and trendy music as the place you want to be and be seen along with a diverse and ever-changing European (Italian and French) inspired menu. Most of all, you can't go to Bottega Louie without having their famous macarons and beignets.

jazmin arredondo

cute cafe with restaurant attached. large sitting area. i went with 2 friends after an art exhibit perfect for chatting, people watch and variety of macaroon flavors!

Lewelyn Y

A bit overpriced for my liking. They have a variety of Italian and French food. I think they're known more for their breakfast and brunch and macaroons.

Liz L

This is a cute place in DTLA. Their drinks are decent and I am in love with their portobello fries!

Michael Nañez

Beautiful restaurant. The food is ok, but I personally come here for desserts. Especially the macarons!

James Lai

This place has some of the best brick oven pizzas in Los Angeles. They are also known for their Portobello Fries that are quite expensive coming in at $14, but definitely worth it.

Parand Kashani

Best truffle pizza you will ever have! Everything else is good, but kinda basic.

Elizabeth D

Amazing'll feel like you're in SoHo. Just wish it was a bit quieter.

Liz Wilson

This place is beautiful but was so noisy became there are no soft textures to absorb the acoustics of lots of crowded tables and buzzing wait staff - so try and avoid peek times.

Teneil Roman

Omg everything here is amazing. The dinner is delicious and the baked goods are even better. It can be pricy but worth it if you feel like spending the money.

Elviana Thio

The most reviewed spot on Yelp! A must-visit for those who love desserts and want to check out what the buzz is all about.

The good:
-The macaron display is pretty
-The desserts are pretty
-Marble floors are pretty
-The box they put my dessert in is really pretty.

The bad:
-With their super high ceilings, the restaurant gets LOUD. There's no need to use your indoor voices here.
-The food was dry for both our dishes. I stirred the pasta thinking that there would be more sauce at the bottom of the dish, but nope. Dry. Likewise for the eggplant.

The ugly:
-Service is slow. How long have we been waiting for our food?
-$$$$. I paid $9 for a fruit tart, which is more than twice than what I usually pay for a fruit tart that is so much creamier/tastier/better.


The most reviewed restaurant in LA. This has a great to-go pastry selection, and has the most authentic food downtown. Highly recommend for a stop over whenever in downtown LA.

Audrey Lo @TravelingAudrey

Famous for their macaroons and desserts. I thought most of their desserts were too sweet, but that is just a personal preference. This is a beautiful spot and I would love to try their actual dinner menu next time I visit.

Ingrid Katz

They have the best and most beautiful desserts I have ever seen. It is pricy but definitely worth it!
Their restaurant which is mostly Italian cuisine is also really good. Especially their pizza and pasta dishes

Travis Katz

Wow. This place is amazing! It's an Italian restaurant with an amazing French bakery. Strange combo, but so perfectly executed. Everything is hand made - they have amazing pastas and pizzas. We had the tuna crudo to start and a layered butter leaf salad. Both were fantastic. The spaghetti pomodoro was also amazing - the texture of the pasta was so good I could have eaten two. We also got a chicken Parmesan - old school but delicious.

The space is beautiful- with high ceilings and dim lighting. It's buzzy but not crazy loud. The service was absolutely top notch. But don't leave without picking up stuff at the bakery. The chocolate eclair was insane. But everything is so beautiful you will have a hard time choosing.

Ryan Fung

First thing I saw was a display case of macarons, followed by more displays of exquisite desserts. This place is such a treat. We had some kind of banana pie.

Mary Q.

If you're looking for a classy place that has great desserts, appetizers, and ambiance, Bottega's your place. With high ceilings and dim lighting, it's a world away from the outside. You can watch food being prepped or browse the patisserie as you wait in line (they don't take reservations).

Be sure to try some of their small plates - that's what I go for! And leave room for the chocolate souffle to end your meal.


Basically a landmark here in downtown Los Angeles; everyone has been here or have at the very least heard about it. They're especially known for those, I quote, "cute little pastries that makes girls giddy." Definitely not words to come from me but it still holds true.

I personally enjoy their pizzas and portabella fries. It's a little loud in here but it's to be expected with the support high ceilings. One thing though, bartenders here have a heavy hand with the mixers and not the alcohol.

James Maupin

Nice place to meet friends. No reservations and can be a wait for a table. Can get very noisy.

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