Central Park

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Great park that has a swimming center, library and community center right next to it. Additionally there are baseball fields, tennis courts, two playgrounds and plenty of area to run around. In the winter they host ice skating and on july 4th there is sometimes a fireworks show here. Great for the community!

Frances Nguyen Ha

Central Park is a small park that's mostly made up of tennis courts and baseball fields.

Paige Harris III

Sadly my visit to this beautiful park wasnt as long as i would like it to have been. That being said for the little amount that i saw i was loving each moment of it

Nataly Ospina

CP is super relaxing spot to sit around & chill. It’s mellow just watching all of the dogs walking by & taking in the feel of the city a little bit differently. One of the very many relaxing spots in NY


Iconic New York experience and American culture touchstone. Even before you go, you must already formed a vivid picture of what its like from books and movies (Stuart Little? Catcher in the Rye? When Harry Met Sally?)

Samantha B

Central Park is a must-see if you’re in New York. Such a beautiful park to walk around. The green space is truly remarkable.

Marcelo Ferreira

It take more than one day to see the whole park. But it definitely a place to chill out and enjoy the city

Neal Strauss

Great place to relax, explore, or meet people (weather permitting). You can spend a whole day here and still not see the whole thing.

Alyssa Collier

Such an NYC staple. If you get the chance to walk through it you definitely should. The Central Park Zoo is also a great stop. As a local, I say avoid the carriages since the horses don't get the best treatment from their owners. Get some bikes and bike through or take a nice stroll and enjoy the nature around

Lauryn Neas

Central Park is so fun to stroll around. We were there during the first snowfall of the year this past year and it was so pretty! We were pretty much the only people wandering around in the snow at night lol. It’s a beautiful park with tons to do. The people standing at the front of the park trying to get you to do their tours is quite annoying but I’ve gotten really good at saying no with all of my travel experience!

Shay Hendive

a very nice walk in the park. i recommend spending the afternoon here, maybe a picnic or just simply relaxing. i remember one man who told me that central park is the only place in new york where you'll see trees. i laughed. it was true.

Claire Summers

Who doesn't love Central Park!? Skip the bike hire as you can't cycle around most of the park so you will either end up missing most of it or having to push your bike around. I always enter from 5th Ave and then walk up the East side so I can visit Alice in Wonderland and finish my walk at the met. If you like rooftop bars head into the Met and go up to their bar for a great view over the park. If you still have energy left then keep walking up to the Reservoir for one of my favorite sunset views.

Jurgis Zikaris

You must visit this place if you're in NY. I can't get enough of it! Beautiful and calm.

Lauren Nelson

An oasis in the midst of the city that never sleeps. Hidden paths, beautiful bridges, and all sorts of activities from tai chi to salsa to drum circles and roller skating - there really is something for everyone. A personal favorite is sitting on the gigantic rocks that are left behind from the glacial period!

Miya Bauer

Central Park is a great place to go if you are a fitness buff or a movie buff. I liked walking around the park and finding places from some of my favorite movies. Finding the Balto statue was at the top of my list and I got to see that. We also walked through the walk way from when they sang in Enchanted. Didn't get to see Central Park Zoo though, maybe next time. Don't walk alone there at night though because you could get stabbed.

Elena Firschein

It was a beautiful location, with not that many people there providing a more intimate experience.

Marcela Velasquez

Every time is a new experience, visit it as much as you can! Great as an oasis from the city.

Melissa Mulera

Such a beautiful park! Love all the lakes and bridges. Lots of entertainment always going on. A great place to get lost in all the hustle and bustle of Manhattan


Thumbs up to Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux for designing this masterpiece. Central Park was built to relieve the pressures of day to day existence in the crowded and dirty NY of the mid 19th century. It was also intended to be a place where people from all walks of life could mingle and integrate. Though it has taken some time to achieve this vision, I'd argue that Central Park is closer to meeting these objectives today than it has been for most of its history.

This is a great place to linger for the day or to enjoy a quick break from the concrete jungle. The park is much larger than you might expect. Savour it over time instead of trying to experience it all in one visit.

Johanna ET

Exploring the park shortly after 8 am was the highlight of our trip. Seeing iconic locations with glorious sunlight made the experience magical. Joggers, people out walking their dogs, ice skaters and classical musicians combined to make it a memorable experience.


If Manhattan is the center of the capital of the world, Central Park is the center of Manhattan, so it is the belly button of the Universe. Beautiful every day of the year, every season

Stefanie Parkes

I love Central Park because there is multiple things to do in one place. You can go from the park to the zoo then the Conservatory.

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