Hotel del Coronado

  • 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118
  • 1 (888) 271-2681



I didn't stay there, although, I did explore the hotel. I enjoyed their gift shop and the beautiful architecture.

Derek Lakin

Might be tough to get a parking space, but worth it to come for breakfast or a meal by the ocean

Jack Kimble

History and elegance describes it best. Some of the best flora in the San Diego area. A must see on any visit.

John Rickert

I have mixed feelings about The Dell. The property is large and picturesque. However, the tower rooms are average in terms of decor and amenities. In my room, I could hear people get up in the night.

Sheerwater is a good enough restaurant but certainly not great. In my opinion the menu reflects the number of people they have to serve due to the size of the property.

Positives: The lawn areas, fitness center and outdoor reception areas. I did not use the spa or the beach.

I think The Del is fine for a business conference. It would not be my choice for a family vacation though.

Overall, this property could benefit from freshening it’s rooms, common areas and restaurants and rethinking how it presents and communicates a unique guest experience.

Nelson Y.

Fun day trip walking around hotel and beach area, learning all the history and hollywood stars that have visited this historic beauty.

Holly La Marr

This hotel is nothing short of beautiful. The ambiance is to die for and luxurious beyond belief.

Matt Giordano

A grand, beautiful, historic location worthy of all the praise and accolades it has recieved over the years. A must see destination and a beautiful place to stay that will bring you back in time to a golden era.

Stephanie G

This Hotel is a must see 128 years old and is so beautiful and sit on one of the 5 most beautiful beaches in the world. Just down the road from Imperial Beach.

Sam L

Take a walk through history in this hotel. They've kept up the originality of the building for the most part. It's a gorgeous place to visit, even if it's not within your budget to stay overnight. It's a very pricey place to venture into, but if you can afford it, make sure to stay! From the moment I walked in, I felt as though I'd stepped back in time.

Deb C

The winter light show at the Hotel del Coronado is a magical event. Multiple projector display everything from snow to dolphins to the "Del" on their mountain-like screen. Fun for all ages!

Michael Freitas

Great place to stay with a lot of history. Have a great little ice cream shop inside to.

Grace Gil

The Hotel Del is a most visit spot in San Diego. Crossing over the bridge brings you to a different vibe and amazing views of the beach.


I didn't stay here but I relaxed at the Sun Deck Bar and took in the atmosphere and the great view. The famous Hotel Del is probably a lovely place to stay.

Brian S

Spent the afternoon on the Boozy Bike Tour with the Gogobot SD CREW. Rode bikes around the island and took in some fantastic scenery.


Maybe it's just the time of year, but all the waiters and waitresses are dressed like German people. I'm not sure whether to be offended or impressed that they have adopted the local culture of a European country tens of thousands of miles away. Tens of thousands? Maybe not that far. How far away is the moon? Perhaps the moon is tens of thousands. I guess I meant really thousands. Just thousands. Anyway, that Hefeweizen was good. It was hot.


You can't forget a visit to The Hotel Del. An easy bike ride from the Bay Side and you're there. Ron's Garage Band is no longer poolside so not that fun to have lunch.

Stephens Xu

I think this is one of the most beautiful hotels in California, sitting right next to gorges Coronado beach. Price is high though, I believe it's almost $1000 per night on weekends/holidays and $400 on normal non-busy days

Jennifer Schellack

The beautiful historic hotel is set on one of America's top ten beaches. A definite must see tourist attraction on Coronado Island.

Elizabeth Whitfield

A beautiful Victorian beach resort. They have their own private stretch of beach that is perfect! My family enjoys climbing on the rocks that create little tide pools in the left hand side of the beach.

At night you can roast marshmallows and create s'mores on the beach, provided by the hotel, although it does cost extra.

There is a Navy base just next to the beach so sometimes you can see battleships and various Navy drills throughout the day which I think is pretty cool.

There are shops below the resort including ice cream, jewelry, and clothing or you can walk out to the nearby town and enjoy what it has to offer. Altogether very quaint and relaxing.

If you want to sail go across the street to the marina and grab a sailboat or catamaran, the wind is generally very good.

Yvonne Brett

Wow, so many reviews for the Hotel Del! Well, it is the iconic symbol of San Diego because of its rich history. It is one of the oldest and largest wood buildings that still exists in the USA and when you visit the history of the building is well documented. I don't know if anyone mentioned that one of the rooms is HAUNTED, but that would be a cool room to stay in. Weddings galore at the hotel, fabulous beach, and an amazing Mother's Day brunch. We always bring visitors to Coronado and to the hotel.

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