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Mama's Fish House

  • 799 Poho Place, Paia, HI 96779
  • (808) 579-8488
  • www.mamasfishhouse.com


Tommy Maui

Perennially voted the best restaurant on Maui...and with good reason! Everything at Mamas is amazing - the food, service, ambiance and location. The only downside... your bank account will be hungry for a refill! ;)

elaine g (@iamego)

Amazing.. not super expensive but not cheap with entrees ranging from 30 to 60.. recommend making reservations.. lunch is easier to get over dinner res

Karen And Ed B

Probably the most popular place for fresh fish on the island. This restaurant books up quickly, so we recommend making a reservation a few months before you travel.

Carmen Strand

Spouse and I had our 15th anniversary dinner here. Amazing location, food, people. Not sure if I could top it. If I had my pick of anywhere else in the world to have our 20 year anniversary dinner, I'm not sure I could find any where else I'd rather spend it than at Mama's. Truly amazing.

Heather Q

It is hands down the best restaurant on the island. The macadamia crusted mahi mahi is to die for


Worth the price...Best for lunch or early dinner to appreciate the Amazing views!

Bill & Gritt

Local landmark wins fans with its seafood-driven Hawaiian menu, Polynesian decor & epic ocean views.

Jennifer B

One of my favorite restaurants! Fresh fish caught that morning, prepared expertly and presented with fantastic service.

Carol S

Iconic. Just iconic. If you go to Maui, most people expect you will go to Mama's.

I mostly agree. The food is amazing. The dining rooms are beautiful. The staff is almost always extraordinary. The view is spectacular. But - a few warnings. First - if you're going for dinner, bring money. Most entrees are $50 - $70. We opt instead to go for small plates early to mid-afternoon - cheaper, and lots of fun with more variety of tastes. Second - plan ahead. Reservations are mostly a must, although sometimes between lunch and dinner you can get lucky and get a walk-in spot at the bar. Third - be prepared for some dishes to be unavailable. They source from local fishermen, and since they start serving at lunch, by dinner some of your favorite fish dishes may be sold out.

But heck - all that's a small price to pay for dining at an icon.

Hannah K

Mama's has the best dinner setting in all of Maui. The food is excellent, the service is superb, but expect to pay about $200 for a meal for two.

Lynn P

The best food on the island. It is expensive, and you will need to book ahead of time to get a reservation. Is it worth it? Oh Yeah!!

Roy L

One of the best restaurants in the world. Make your reservations months in advance.

Lisa B

Expensive, but the view and the food are fantastic!You will need a reservation.

On King L

This is the place to go for your last night out to pamper yourself with incredible views, insane food, and excellent service.

Debra B

The food and atmosphere are unbelievable! Very expensive but worth it. Make reservations and stop on your way back from the road to Hana.

Chrissi Hernandez

If you're going to splurge on a great meal (or many!), make a rezzie at Mama's Fish House. It's crazy expensive but it's the best meal I've ever had on the island! And I've been to Maui four times. To give you an idea it's around $50 a plate, $18 a drink.

Scott McGaraghan

Our best meal of the week - and far and away the most expensive. I had a gourmet version of a Hawaiian plate lunch that I will not soon forget. And I have already forgotten the price tag.

London Lees

The location is amazing but you don't have to eat here to enjoy the location. The beach in front of the restaurant is open to the public. It's a pretty touristy place, and the food is good but pricey. It's the "nicest" restaurant in Paia. It's not the top of our list, but you won't be disappointed if you go.

Kevin 'Sparky' B

A very unique and quirky upscale restaurant with fantastic fish! Fresh caught everyday, the menu even has the fisherman's name who caught your fish. Don't skip this one.

Robert D

Best Fish Restaurant on Maui: Caught Daily, Gorgeous location and environment!

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