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Hanauma Bay State Park

  • 7455 Kalanianaʻole Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96825
  • (808) 396-4229
  • hanaumabaystatepark.com


Holly H

It was beautiful, I felt safe, there were lots of families and other travelers and it was a wonderful experience!

Makiah Chadwick

Hanauma Bay is the perfect place to begin snorkeling. The Bay is a protected wildlife area, so the sealife is incredible. You can swim out there for hours and still not see every kind of fish. The animals are also accustom to humans, so getting up close and personal with them is not difficult at all. Just don’t touch anything.

Kat Sun

If you have time to come here to snorkel, it's one of the top-ranked spots on Oahu. You pay $7.50 for admission and you have to watch a quick 10 minute video as an "orientation." You can then take the tram down or walk down to the bay (the tram costs money each way, so take the walk if you can). They have a snorkel rental shop. You can also just sun bathe or go swimming.

Michelle Fink

Over crowded but great place to see loads of fish. If snorkeling. I love to go to three tables in Pupukea

Joelle Kobel

woderful bay, with an incredibal reef. sadly some tourist walks on there (mostly asian people)


Honolulu's best snorkeling place. Wide varieties of sea animals can be viewed even at a shallow point. Really amazing for the city to have preserved this site. Snorkelling gear can be rented if you came without your own.

Randy R

A nature preserve and state park. A collapsed volcano with protected white sandy beach and perhaps the best snorkeling on the island. The park is open 6am to 7pm. Note park is closed on Tuesdays. Highly recommended.

Kevin Picholo

It costs $7.50 per person to enter the Hanauma Bay, where you can snorkel and the equipment is available there for rent.

Shannon Phillips

What an incredible place! This old volcanic crater has become the home of many exotic fish and coral. Don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear and sunscreen and get ready for some under water fun!

Charlene Marie

Beautifully maintained and protected. Great snorkeling and extremely clean! They really take the protection of the reserve serious and I like that. There is a quick video to explain safety and preservation. Loved it!

Celeste Lucci

Great place to look at some reefs and the fish will come right up to you, like any marine preserve or coral reef. It's really crowded though.

Sean Billings

The place opens at 6 am we got here shortly after so parking was free as was our entrance!!!

Catrina Duggan

It was wonderful! A little rain but that's fine, low visibility as well but once we got away from everyone it was perfectt! Definitely going back.

Adrian yo

Very nice place to take the family, taught my 9 year old daughter to snorkel there, lots of beautiful fish, overpriced on snorkel gear rental $20 for fins, mask and snorkel. $9 for just fins. But overall worth it i think. Just do the walk down and up, not that bad my 5 year old did it without problems and as many calories as I have consumed in Hawaii I needed the exercise. Definitely not the best beach for just playing in the water but snorkeling was great.

Coryne S

Hanauma Bay is great for snorkeling and seeing the east side of the island.

Jacqueline L

Great place to learn about shallow reef fish - it's like swimming in an aquarium! Too crowded for me, but the place is undeniable beautiful. Please take care NOT to touch, walk on, kick, or disturb the reef. People are inadvertently killing the coral reef by walking on it, "swimming" over it when the tide is too low, stirring up sand and sediment, and using toxic chemical suncreens. Bring a flotation mattress or boogie board to float over the reef. use only zinc oxide or titanium oxide sunscreens or wear long sleeve rash guard and tights, or lightweight dive suits.

Mary O

Cost $7.50 to get in. $1 to park. Make sure you get there kind of early if you want a parking spot!!!! Such a great place to snorkeling, the coral is breath taking and you we see sea life that you can't find any where else the in the world. The beach is also very nice, clean with fresh water showers and a food stand available. You can spend a whole day here!

David K

Very peaceful. High concern for preserving the reef and coral as one would expect from a preserve.

Te Pora TE

What an experience! Get a snorkel set from Walmart and see some beautiful fish close up... Get there early to avoid waiting in a long line. Take food there. Very expensive to buy food from the snack shop. Steep walk down and back. We caught the small trolley back up for $1.25... Kids 13 under free.


I've been coming here since I was a kid - and it's changed a lot, for the better: they make people aware of the importance of respecting the park as a nature preserve. You must pay a fee and watch a video before entering the park. Snorkeling is what people do here - slather on that sunscreen (your back will get burned if you don't!) and check out the views of turtles, tropical fish, and other underwater wildlife. Don't walk on the coral!!

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