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Dole Plantation

  • 64-1550 Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa, HI 96786
  • (808) 621-8408
  • www.doleplantation.com


Kat Sun

I always thought that the Dole Plantation had an admission fee, so I was surprised to find out it was free. We parked in the large lot and walked into the souvenir shop. Tip: don't go too crazy because many of the items you can find at the local grocery store for cheaper. Some items are exclusive to the plantation. We had to get a Dole Whip of course...a $7 soft serve though...ouch...we wanted to get another one, but it just costs too much for what you get. We enjoyed our soft serve outside and walked around the garden. You can put in some quarters to get some fish food and feed the koi in the pond. If you want to take the kids on the Dole train, there's an additional fee.

Michelle Fink

Great place the pineapple ice cream is great the train ride is informative and they have a pineapple cutting demo every 30 min or so

Jessica Taylor

Touristy place but kind of a must if you’re visiting. Make sure to try the dole whip!

Karisa Holzer

They some pretty neat things to do and see here. The pineapple treats are so good.

Lenae Moore

The maze was okay; the pineapple garden was disappointing; and the ticket taker warned us away from the plantation tour by saying there were no pineapples to see. We thoroughly enjoyed the gift shop - filled with a variety of interesting things at a variety of price points. The Dole Whip and roasted pecans were delicious!

Evan Gracey

Cool history overshadowed by tourists looking to eat pineapple ice cream and over spend at the gift shop(mall). Once outside the most interesting part of the self guided tour was the Hawaiian Trivia maze (Guinness book world records largest man sized maze) at a cost of 8.50 a person this was worth the stop over on our way to the north shore. Also enjoy the pineapple creme, just know it's pretty indulgent...

Jacquelyn L

Love to visit this attraction. Great for children of all ages and adults too! Enjoy a relaxing 20 minute train ride around the property or go through the World's Largest Maze! There's a wonderful gift shop so much more!

Noe Solis

The famous Dole Plantation! A must check out! We stopped midday and had a blast! Found some amazing souvenirs! It was a little hot going through the maze but we did It. Recommend for families! Costly though!


This is where the Dole Plantation Farm is and you are allowed to take a train tour for a fee or a walking tour! They also sell their fresh pineapples and other lunch/dinner items so you can dine here and go check out their surprisingly huge gift shop! There is also a maze that you and your family can do a scavenger hunt together. It is definitely worth the visit!


The maze was a lot of fun (even for adults) and the Pineapple Whip was delicious!

Victor And Jennifer M

Fun Family stop, I recommend you take the train tour and get some of the rich history of the North Shore.

Tamz L

Great place for lunch and souvenirs. Interesting displays and informative tour about the pineapple industry on Oahu.

Carole E

The Pineapple Express train ride displays everything agricultural on Oahu, from cocoa to birds of paradise.
The world's largest maze is a must......all ages.

Morison Woo

I am glad I got to visit this place. Definitely rent a car to get here because it's pretty much in the middle of the island. I would make a trip out here on the way to the North Shore. Takes about 45 min - 1 hr drive from Waikiki.

If you are a tourist, I recommend getting the Oahu Go Card as this gets you free entry to all three attractions in here. If you plan to do the maze, allocate a bit of time for that because it will take you awhile to do the hunt inside.

I also recommend trying the Pineapple Ice Cream. That was pretty good. Their Macadamia nuts are great as well, freshly made!

The Pineapple Express Tour was interesting. It was basically a 2 mile ride (round trip) throughout their plantation and you get to see their fields where they grow crops.

Overall, great place to drop by if you are here in Oahu.

John T. M

Great place to stop on a rainy day or on your way to North Shore. Tells you all about the pineapple field here on Oahu. Don't forget to grab some DOLEWHIP!!

Makiah Chadwick

So. Much. Pineapple. It makes sense since it's a pineapple plantation, but wow. I had some pineapple ice cream inside of a pineapple cup that was filled with pineapple juice. It's all really good though. The pineapple maze is fun and the train ride is interesting. I now know a lot more about pineapples than I ever wanted to.

Nadine C.

A popular tourist attraction, Dole Plantation is no longer in operation. However, you can ride a train, feed the Koi (fish), explore the Maze, look at the various pineapple plants, shop, and have a snack!

Kristoph Carey

Nice family activity. Don't forget to try the pineapple flavored ice cream along with all the other treats available.


We sometimes dropped by Dole Plantation while we're driving around but it's always very crowded with sightseers coming by big buses. If you have enough time, please enjoy eating dole whip(ice cream) or dole maze ;).

Diane Fujii J

When my boys were little, they of course loved the train ride. And a little known fact is there is a koi pond at the far end of the garden....put in some coins and get some food to feed them. Bring your camera as the fish literally pile on top of each other - out of water!

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