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Haleakala National Park

  • Haleakalā National Park, Kula, Hawaii 96790
  • (808) 572-4400
  • www.nps.gov


Mimy Wraspir

Our family of 4 drove the winding roads up in the dark, brisk morning. We all bundled up with extra layers and wrapped ourselves with blankets on a perfect “perch”, as we anxiously awaited the sunlight to touch the lands. We propped the GoPro, set to capture intermittent photos while we enjoyed the sunrise. Such a beautiful sight of light and “dancing” colors to be seen all around us! It happened all so quickly, once the sun started to wake up. After the “show”, our family hiked around the trails before heading back down. Keep an eye out for the bicyclists on the road. Although chilly and a bit windy, it was an overall lovely experience for the family.

Tommy Maui

One of the most incredible places on earth! Sunrise, sunset, anytime - you must visit and explore this magical volcano.

Makiah Chadwick

My favorite place on Maui. The drive up is incredible, with rolling switchbacks that steadily give you more and more stunning views of the island. Once at the top, you can gaze out into the crater, across the entire island, and even see big island! Bring a jacket because it’s cold at 10,023 ft

Mary Webb

Loved the sunrise. Cold but so beautiful. The views coming down are amazing but watch the road on those hairpin turns.

Carmen Strand

Neat experience to do almost anything here - many ecosystems, unique plants, wildlife, weather, altitude. Did the bike trip years ago and still a memorable experience. Parks are great, could spend several days here. Keep in mind that when you go to one part of the park and pay for your pass, it may cover more than one day or park location and your senior park pass (if you have one) works here. Highly recommend.

Hina Vo

Beautiful austere desert at great contrast with the lush tropical rain forests of Hana and the dense green forest and valley of Iao valley. Shows diversity and was gorgeous. Lots to learn too. :) visitor center at the top closes around noon so amke sure to visit as early as possible!!!!

Michael N

Enjoy the view from the top. If you're an early rise you can watch a beautiful sunrise! Take a bike ride down the volcano.

Flavia&Kelly M

Beautiful sunrise. Make sure you make reservations prior to heading up Haleakala.

Cheryl A

Haleakala National Park is Maui's highest peak at 10,023 feet above sea level. About an hour and a half drive so you will need to plan accordingly and check the sunrise times for your planned day. It is cold at this elevation so wear enough layers to stay warm.

You can also check into one of the tours. Pick up can be at the condo between 2AM-3:30AM. Entry fees would be included in the tour cost.

If you drive yourself:
The entry fee for a private vehicle are listed on their website. and can be paid by credit card when you arrive.

**From the State website
Haleakalā Sunrise Reservations

Beginning on February 1, 2017, visitors in personal or rental vehicles wishing to view sunrise at Haleakalā National Park will need to make sunrise viewing reservations ahead of time at recreation.gov. Online reservations are now available up to 60 days in advance of your visit. The cost is $1.50 per car. Before February 1, 2017, sunrise viewing parking spaces will continue to be available without advanced reservation, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note:
The $1.50 reservation fee is not part of the entrance fee. Entrance fees will be collected upon entry to the park. Visitors with national park passes, please have your pass and ID ready to present at the gate for entry.

Karisa Holzer

We went during the day. I really wanted to go on the sunrise tour but it was super early and pricey. It’s cold and very windy up there. Certain days it’s hard to see anything because the clouds sit in the valley.

Bill & Gritt

10,023-foot dormant volcano offers spectacular sunrise views & glimpses of local endangered birds.

Carol S

Haleakala means "House of the Sun". This is the place where Maui lasso'd the sun and made him promise to travel more slowly across the sky, so that the Hawaiian kapa cloth would have time to dry.

It's really a spectacular place - parts of the crater look like the surface of the moon (NASA actually trained astronauts here for the moon landing). The views from here can be glorious, although as the day goes on clouds usually gather at the summit. Going to Haleakala for the sunrise is another iconic Maui activity, although if the weather cooperates we've heard sunset can be beautiful too - and you don't have to get up at 3AM to see it.

Be aware - the summit is over 10,000 feet. It can be cold up there - REALLY cold. Like below freezing cold if you're there for the sunrise. And the National Park Service now requires reservations. But even with all that - it's pretty wonderful, and worth doing.

Ginger o

Amazing and beautiful views of the entire island! Loved climbing above the cloud cover. Beware, though: bring sunscreen if you're walking around for any length of time up there, and bring a jacket! It's 10,000 feet above sea level (think: Breckinridge, CO)

Hien N

There are two favorite things to do:

1. Sunrise Trip - you have to get up early and drive up to the top for the sun rise. Make sure to bring sweatshirts and long pants. Temp - 30 and 40 degrees.

2. Hiking down the crater. This is fun but make sure you bring lots of water. It's easy to go down but be careful not to go too far, it is very difficult to go back up.

Mary J

Sun rise bike tours available! One of the more popular activities on island.

Better be exploring

This place feels like you're on mars, a bit colder than anywhere else on the island so bring some warm clothing. Gorgeous views, can't wait to return.


I had no idea it would be so cold up here. It was 38 degrees (F). This wasn't just the coldest I've been in Hawaii, but the coldest I've ever been anywhere (I grew up in Hawaii, sorry). I went up with a button-down shirt and was woefully unprepared. I still managed to reach the summit in the crazy winds, but we saw nothing because of the rain and clouds. On the other side, however, it was perfectly clear.

If you want to see the sunset, you have to make a reservation and pay in advance, then wake up super early and drive up. FYI.

London Lees

First timers to Maui need to take the trek to Haleakeala. If you can get yourself up early - do sunrise. It's an epic experience. Nice all day hikes, or just drive up for a small walk.

Kesha Ligon

It was Beautiful but very cold. Come prepared for a sharp wind chill and then warmth as the day goes on.

Michelle Tarbush

I gave this 4 stars on,y because I hate the drive up or at least the last few miles. It is very scar but once you get to the top there are spectacular views. My biggest tip for this trip is to dress in layers. It is freezing at 10,000 feet. You can then slowly strip down on you way back down to the beaches. Mist people love to go here for sunrise or to bike down. You have to do it at least once.

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