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The Grove - Yerba Buena

  • 690 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105
  • (415) 957-0558
  • thegrovesf.com


Bonnie B

Decent lunch spot. Gets busy around noon on the weekends. Fairly large servings

Tyler Jahnke

Been here NUMEROUS times and have always had a great experience from the food, ambiance, and staff. Whenever I'm in the Westfield/Metreon area, this establishment comes to mind if I'm looking for a casual, hearty, great tasting, and enjoyable vibe experience.

Please note the ordering style: it's open seating, you order food at the register, and receive a number to be placed at your table where it's delivered. So it's pretty casual.

BREAKFAST SERVED ALL DAY!! I love eggs...a little too much. Breakfast burrito is legit, tuna melt is awesome, vegi lasagna is amazing, slow cooked chicken and meatballs are decent.

Beer and wine also available! And the restaurant ambiance is on point: cool fireplaces, a couple "loungy" type areas, coffee bar, tree type structures (with lights) in the middle of the restaurant, an overlooking second floor...a lot to love.

Check it out.

Amanda Brenneman

This busy place is very unique. The food was all excellent, and we ended up taking their cucumber refreshment drink and adding soju to it - WINNING! The tomato bisque and grilled cheese with bacon was amazing. Someone else had the breakfast hash and the breakfast tacos. Everything was great! A little crowded, but the flow seemed to be ok. We went upstairs and found a seat in the wall/booth. The view and decorations from up there was beautiful!

Krista Canfield McNish

The Grove Cafe Yerba Buena is a bit more spacious than its sister location in the Marina. Their pies are delicious and it's a great spot for lunch. Oh, and their Rice Krispy treats are chewy and huge!

Frances Nguyen Ha

The Grove appears to be popular with tourists, which is no surprise considering the influx of hotels and the delicious food. Try the smoked salmon breakfast sandwich.

Travis Katz

This is a funny place located across the street from the SF MoMA. The decor is really quirky - with high ceilings and decor kind of like a modern ski lodge. The food was pretty good, but not amazing. Had a good omelette (my friend had a quesadilla that was mediocre). Afterwards had a boysenberry pie - was nothing to write home about but I enjoyed it.


This is my favorite Grove Cafe in the city. It's easy to get to and the layout is beautiful. On the downside, it's a bit expensive. A pot of tea cost me near $5 if not more, and the smallest size of beer rivals pints at nearby bars. It's not cheap, but it's one of the prettiest and most spacious places to sit indoors in the FiDi when most other cafes are packed with people.


Moroccan baked eggs: there's two poached eggs in a hot pan full with veggies.

Nicole Rynee

Saloon'y sort of spot. All wood interior. Cute! Food ..... Delish! Brunch fabulous!

Drac Wigo

The food is great here and the atmosphere is very inviting. It is slightly overpriced but it's worth it.

Drew M.

t was morning time in San Fran, and I was starving. I wanted to go to the MOMES, but I knew that I would encounter the sassy version of myself if I didn't caffeinate and carbo load beforehand.

The Grove seems to be the only spot in the near vicinity that has any charm or welcoming vibe at all. I found the interior to be spacious and homey, kind of like a ski lodge full of hipsters who weren't actually there to ski but to wear clothing like they were skiing and complain about how they were skiing before it was cool.

I asked the nice staff at the counter what I should be ordering, and they directed me towards the breakfast burrito, which I supplemented with an iced chai. The portion sizes were decent, and the price was pretty expensive. I liked everything about this place, but there was just little things that nagged me:

$4.75 for an iced chai that was mostly ice. It was good but seemed to be about 8 oz with the ice.

The breakfast burrito had a good citrus finish with a healthy dose of avocado, but for around 9 bucks? My feeling throughout here was that everything should have been just a little better for the pricepoint, though I'd imagine everything is expensive in SF.

I could have just as easily sat in for a coffee and a pastry at Peet's and been just as satisfied for half the price. For an order at the counter type place, it's just average.

3 Stars.

Betty N.

Hungry and cheap?

The Grove Cafe will answer you.

$9.95 for a delicious piping hot pot pie was all I need after a tiresome paparazzi day at WonderCon.

The pot pie was hot, burnt my tongue. I liked it, enough to keep me warm and happy.

The menu consisted mostly of comfort foods like mac and cheese, nachos, lasagna. Things I would make at home.

The cafe was lofty and spacious with modern wooden touches.

Good go-to-spot for a cheapo dinner.

RECOMMEND the chicken pot pie.

Connie Chang

Love the eclectic tavern/ski lodge/rustic decor going on inside. It's warm and inviting, and more spacious than the Chestnut or Fillmore locations with the bi-level seating.

I love that you can get breakfast until they close at 11pm. And that's another great thing - they're open until 11pm in an area that typically doesn't have any cheap eateries open that late. There's really something for everyone here. So far, I've had their tuna melt, lasagna, and tomato and basil soup - everything is tasty. Also, I can never resist getting a scoop or two of the Three Twins ice cream (mocha and bittersweet chocolate are my favorites).

Service is great, and they've got an efficient ordering/pay system down so even when there's a long line, there's not a long wait. They get you in and out in no time - though people generally take their sweet time eating here and just hang out, because it's just one of those kind of places.

Ally Wu

It is always a safe bet here for a good salad and sandwich. It is also a place that you want to linger. The whimsical tree trunks in the cafe, fireplace and comfy couches make for a ski lodge type of environment that you just want to slow down and hang out.

Caroline Carlos

Huge meatballs and pitchers of beer. Mixed crowd. Good for a casual weekday hang with the guys. You may see a few people working on laptops, but I suppose they don't mind the noise if they're voluntarily there.

Anne-Michele Harrington

Casual atmosphere with delicious food. Great for breakfast and lunch.


Easy and chill. Breakfast, salads and sandwiches.

Bruno Pimentel

Nice food, good price, nice attendants

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