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Bi-Rite Creamery

  • 3692 18th St, San Francisco, CA 9411
  • (415) 626-5600
  • biritecreamery.com


Brian Sunter

Great ice cream by dalores park with funky flavors like balsamic strawberry. Only problem is the line is insanely long on weekends.

Leila Najafi

This place is practically an SF landmark! It's a cute little deli near Dolores Park so you can pick up snacks and have a picnic around the corner.

Jean L

Lines are always long so bring your patience. I got lucky yesterday on a Friday afternoon where there was no line and all the samples! I loved the honey lavender. Try it!

Kelly Eng

Still my favorite ice cream place in San Francisco!! I’ve pretty much tried all the others. My go to flavors are honey lavender and mint chocolate chip.

Francesca Mandrile

On my first and will be my last visit. We waited over 25. minutes and i really can't understand the hype? It was average at best. Price is average. .which at today's prices are overpriced already.

They have what seems like nice choices of different flavors that you wouldnt get elsewhere. After trying 3 different flavors its clear that that they really don't taste like the ingredients as listed. Honestly baskin robins tastes better. you would do better purchasing ice cream at a health food store which have the same varieties of ice cream like lavender and ginger, etc.

Save your money and time


Homemade organic ice cream in flavors such as salted caramel can draw lines to this shop & bakery.

Amyra Prime

Creamy, quality ice cream. Every bite is worth the wait. Cookies and cream classic, lavender plus honey is a great combo as well.

Tracy C

Bi-Rite serves up amazingly creamy and flavorful ice creams. They attract loads of customers from the nearby Dolores Park social scene and their line can be punishingly long on a sunny day. In this foodie city the locals are still willing to wait for and hour or more to get a scoop of earl grey,lavender honey, black sesame, malted vanilla and my favorite salted caramel. If the line is daunting, try the shorter line that serves soft serve only. Some friends prefer it to the hard scoop! Not cheap!

Stephanie W

Super popular for their salted caramel flavor. You can avoid the long line and get a soft serve instead and the special window or buy a pint at the counter!

elaine g (@iamego)

Usually there is line but dont be discouraged.. the line moves pretty quickly. No room at the tables inside? No problem.. Just cross the street and enjoy it at Dolores park

Frances Nguyen Ha

Bi-Rite serves excellent ice cream with unique and delicious flavors. The line is often long but it's worth it.

Kryshana Ananthan

I can't say enough about Bi-Rite's lavender ice cream, and that's all I'm going to say about that! AMAZING.

Kate B.

Another of San Francisco's must-visit ice cream spots. Don't expect much fanfare - it's literally an ice cream counter near the entrance of the Bi-Rite grocery store San Francisco's Mission District, but the ice cream uses brand-name local ingredients, so you know it's fresh! They also offer a range of flavors for the more adventurous and sophisticated palate, including balsamic strawberry, basil, and bergamot olive oil.


My go-to for quality ice cream. Outrageous flavors done just simply delicious. It's like a taste of heaven in my mouth. I do recommend trying the seasonal flavors; Summer time they have cucumber and basil while fall they boost orange cardamom. Their number one winning flavor is honey lavender but don't be afraid to try it in what's called a 'Dainty Gentleman'. Three flavors (honey lavender, orange cardamom, and earl grey) topped with blood orange olive oil and a dash of sea salt. You got to try it!

Helen Wong

I love that they have their regular flavors as well as seasonal things. My favorite summer choice is peaches and cream! I haven't found any peach ice cream that is as flavorful as theirs!

jeffrey payatt

Yes there's a line. Yes it's worth the wait. Get an awesome scoop and got to Delores Park and people watch. A never miss when we're in The City.

Nat @fromyourparisian

Ok, so after reading all the reviews for this place I had to try it and I admit that the ice cream here is freaking amazing! Had the peach and the brown sugar with caramel and ginger swirl ice cream and also tried the salted caramel and the malted vanilla with peanut brittle. But, as the line-up at the 18th street location was super long, I went to the Bi-rite (that has a creamery too) on Divisadero street. Same ice cream, shorter wait!

Jaime Lehman

The quintessential trip to the most beloved ice cream parlor in San Francisco - ask anyone and they'll tell you Bi-Rite. Are there better places? Probably. Shorter lines with the most reasonably compared? Absolutely.

Does that mean I'm going to go there instead of here? No.

Crazy flavors done with perfection...sounds like San Francisco!

Alex K

Seriously this is the best ice cream I've had anywhere. They get their cream from Strauss, which says something. Get the salted caramel. It's life changing. It made me rethink what kind of ice cream I buy from anywhere.

Krista Canfield McNish

Bi-Rite Creamery cranks out delicious small batch ice cream. To be honest, all of the flavors at Bi-Rite Creamery are amazing, but some of my favorites include the ricanelas, their honey lavender with Sonoma honey and the coffee toffee with Ritual coffee. I've got Bi-Rite's Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones cookbook at home and it's an excellent way to get your Bi-Rite Creamery fix at home. Helpful Tip: Bi-Rite Creamery does pints to go and if you're just getting pints you can bypass the long line for scoops. (Just pop inside and queue up on the right handed of the register.) The line is often long, but they get through it fairly quickly even if the line runs all the way past the corner of the street. In my opinion, their scoops are always worth the wait!

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