Fisherman's Wharf

  • 107 Anglers Rd, Lewes, DE 19958
  • (302) 645-8862


8 Sandpiper

Great place to take a walk along the marina and check out all of the fishing boats. If you go during the afternoon you might see the boats coming in with fish fresh from the ocean! This is also where you can sign up for group fishing tours or charters and go dolphin or whale watching.

Christi Haines

We loved the Dolphin/Whale watch tour we took from here. Saw lots of dolphins; but, didn't see any whales the day we went out. Had some rain and choppy waves which were fun to sail through.

Linda Green-Tooke

You see fishing boat yard, dock and restaurants. Very interesting.

Joyce M

Must-see spot for fishing, sightseeing, charters and restaurants.


The most artificial tourist spot in SF. I suggest staying away from this spot. Instead visit the Ferry Building, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, the Mission.

Preston Francis

The area is clean and family friendly. Tourist spots as well as local restaurants and shops.

Mick Den

Typical tourist stuff but still a lot of fun. This city is so culturally diverse thanks to its acceptance of foreigners, that there is always a new and excited event happening.

Morgan Lesli

Great place to walk along to find some great places to eat. A very scenic stroll!

Irene Thomas

This place is very touristy but it can be fun to explore. There are a great deal of restaurants and shops. I am sad that Rainforest Cafe and Joe's Crab Shack have closed but there are other places that I like to eat. Two of my favorites that are still around are Hard Rock Cafe and Boudin Bakery. Most of the shops sell souvenirs and they all seem to sell the same stuff. But you can find a few unique stores and some discounts.

Steven Flanagan

Very touristy but fun place to see if you are looking to grab something to eat, drink or shop for those souviners that adorn most people's houses.

Alyssa Collier

A staple San Fran attraction. Lots of restaurants and bars and shops to entertain anyone. They even have a big carousel that is fun for all! Definitely a must see attraction.

The Happy Travelnista

I really enjoyed Fisherman’s Wharf. The only downside is the expensive parking ($9 per hour). There is so much in the area to do until you could easily end up spending 4 hours there. My favorite part was the food. I had the best crab sandwich from a crab stand called Sabella & Latorre. It was cheaper than one of the other nearby crab stands. Parking trick, you can at least save on parking by patronizing one of the crab stands and getting your parking validated for up to an hour. Also, there are homeless people in Fisherman’s Wharf but they won’t bother you. Great views here as well.

Emily LeBlanc

Great place to get fresh seafood at a good price, plus you can catch a part of the Princess Diaries set!

Derek Lakin

Always busy, but I always like the feel here. Great place for souvenirs, but don't forget to check out the native sea lions.

Leila Najafi

Love this place for a good ol' bowl of clam chowder! Beautiful views of the harbor.

Christina De La Torre

Fun place to come and check out all of the shops, the street performers, and all the hoopla.

Chrisanna Johnson

I feel it overrated, too touristy and while historical not reflective of the area which I’m glad I got around to seeing.

Tyson Bramer

A must-see cliche that really doesn't warrant the attention. There are so many great places to see and eat, and this is not one of them. Come for a minute to see it and then head as far away as possible.

Tiffany K

Really cool area to walk around and enjoy a bunch of different activities! Totally recommend!

Brian Kim

Good place to go for tourists with plenty of things to do. Lot of places to go eat. Make sure to try the lobster rolls and clam chowder.

Leow Cheng Lam

It is fun to visit here as can saw many people around here. Many seafood restaurants and shops. Known for its historic waterfront, delicious seafood, spectacular sights and unique shopping. While strolling at Fishrrman's Wharf, you will have a chance to see the boisterous and noisy lions.

Paige Harris III

The heart of San Francisco, well thats what I think of it as. The ultimate in tourist attraction, games, food, bay, and shops.

Diana LJ

Interesting pier, with a lot of activities and restaurants. Can spend an afternoon there.

Alexander Guzman

The wharf is always packed but there's always great food and new things to do! Beautiful area!

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