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Ladurée Paris Champs Elysées

  • 75 Avenue des Champs-Elysees, 75008 Paris, France
  • +33 1 40 75 08 75
  • www.laduree.fr


Lauryn Neas

I am a macaron lover to the extreme so I knew I had to try these when I went to Paris! I was fully expecting there to be a line out the door, but there wasn’t at all (it was a little before 7pm). I highly recommend these if you want to get your macaron fix in Paris!

Mira Zaki

I returned here 3x in the same week when I first discovered this gem! The macarons are world-famous, the experience is luxurious, and the quality is the same every single time. I love this spot and the pride the French have in their cuisine.

Cassandra Yeh

The Location: Metro #1 & 9, Exit "Franklin D. Roosevelt".

According to Google, Laduree is one of the BEST bakery for macarons. Got to try it, right?

Well.... still overly sweet for me. The texture is good but a little bit pricey. Maybe because of the name? The packaging is cute, definitely good for gift.

Miquel Llobet

The flagship Laduree store, home of the Macaron - if you just want a quick bite there is a small tent outside where you can buy them quickly!


A must try if its your 1st time in Paris. Macarons that melt in your mouth in their trademark pale green containers make the perfect gifts for people back home. They opened a store in NYC awhile back if you decide you have to have one after Paris :)

Lindsey Musil

Beautiful on the inside. Pretty expensive desserts, not sure I would spend too much here. It is worth it if you are traveling here for the first time.

Ashlie Lanning

Beautiful, delicious, and sweet. Food was great, probably the best we had in Paris. Check out the bar in the back where you can get macaroon and drink pairings!

Lee Ann S

Macaroons,Napoleons abound and the delicious hot chocolate , where the spoon almost stands up.

Jeannie Herlihy

Service was EXTREMELY slow!
Food mediocre and overpriced. We didn't even stay for dessert because it would of taken forever. For a party of 6, the wait was 25 minutes at 3:30-4pm in the afternoon. Giving it two stars because they still have the best macaroons!

Emily C

The omelette is highly recommended and you will question why your omelettes were made incorrectly for all your life. The macarons here are what are to die for and I loved all the different flavors.

Zaid A.

A Parisian institution- it's basically the dream tea party. Colorful, cute and whimsical - this place is a must see destination for tea and dessert. The macaroons are definitely the best I've had in the world and the service is excellent. Its popularity has allowed it to expand to cities all over the world including New York and most recently Los Angeles, but the Paris store on the Champs is the flagship and most famous of the bunch.

Stephanie Romo

Laduree is a must see while in Paris. It is the tea party I dreamed of having as a child. The macaroons are the best and the tea is tasty!

Danielle Samuels

The location is classic elegance at its best. I loved the rooms upstairs. We ended up just having tea and desert which was lovely. The Marie Antoinette tea was my favorite. It smelled amazing even before drinking it. I had a desert that was similar to a tiramisu except it was strawberry flavored. So delicious. Enjoy yourself. experience everything this location has to offer.

Deborah Chen

I had high tea here and I really liked their Truffle Omelette, it had a lot of truffle flavor and there were truffle pieces adorned on top. I had the Kir Royal (Champagne) and my friend had the tea. We bought 7 boxes of macaroons after.

Rebecca Goglia (@BeccaBandit)

Laduree makes high end macrons in a wide variety of flavors. If you're going to splurge on macrons, this would be the place and location to do it! We didn't try them as we aren't huge macron fans, but it was fun to poke our heads in.

Sophia Shen

A bit pricy but the place smells and looks awesome of sweet treats! A must try since this is the first original macaroons in Paris shop

Stephen Hubbard

Fabulous place. Just looking at their window display makes the mouth water and makes one dive for a camera. Beautiful and yummy.

Maan @Travel Binge

What every traveller to Paris, the famous Macaroons brand. Although I noticed in my last visit (only last month) there are now more competing luxury brands similar in look and taste as Laduree, and trip Cher of course!

Rae Castro

Best breakfast in Paris. Make sure to try the French Macaroons all of them are excellent but seasonal are a must try. They melt in your mouth and only the freshest ingredients are used. The other French patisserie our equally wonderful. So many choices I had to visit several time during my trip to Paris.

Maria Hagan

The rows of colourful macarons certainly caught my eye as I made my way down the Champs-Elysées! Ladurée is the epitome of elegant French patisserie. The various Ladurée boutiques around the city get busy, but if you can find a seat amid the ornate golden stylings of one of the pretty green tearooms, it's well worth trying some of the delicacies on offer. Yes, the little macarons are expensive, but they are ganache-filled treasures that a one-time visitor simply has to taste!

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