Zachary's Chicago Pizza

  • 5801 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618-1602
  • (510) 655-6385


Tanya Nguyen

It is definitely hard to find a good deep dish outside of Chicago, but I would say this place comes close. We ordered a medium mushroom and spinach pie and struggled to finish, having forgotten how heavy these pizzas are. I thought it was well done, and would happy to come back or try their other locations nearby!

Chris Morgan

Delicious deep dish pizza on a cool street in Oakland. Lots of close by bars and 5 minutes walk from Bart

Audrey Lo @TravelingAudrey

The best deep dish pizza spot in NorCal. It's worth the wait and drive. You can put your name down and grab a drink next door while you wait for your table as it's located in a cute little downtown area of Oakland. The crust is pretty thin for a deep dish style and use fresh crushed tomatoes and definitely didn't skimp on the cheese. Really great spot and highly recommend.

Eric Brink

I hosted 3 out-of-town visitors last night for Dinner here at Zachary's. As a long-time patron of the Berkeley Solano branch, I have been itching to try out this Zachary's, and this was my first real chance to do so. Heck, I hadn't even stopped by around Lunch time for my favorite individual slices for take out.

I made a 5:30 PM reservation as my guests were flying into SFO from the Central Time Zone and didn't want to make it a long evening. As such, I also took up Zachary's offer to order the Pizza ahead of time so that it would be ready soon after we sat down. As it turned out, traffic was heavy from SFO and they arrived late to still warm Pizza already on the Table. Oh well, 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.'

While I was holding down the fort for my guests to arrived, I had a chance to admire the nice interior decor featuring metal tables, wood accents, and an open feel. As it was early, it wasn't crowded at all. Service was friendly and efficient.

I ordered 2 Medium Pizzas - their signature spinach and mushroom and one with sausage. Several slices were enjoyed all around and with leftovers to take home. Gayle appreciated that as she came home late from work and without Dinner. The beer selection (I had Racer 5 IPA) was pretty good, and of course the movie theater is right across the street for a future Date Night.


Spinach and mushroom is the best!

During my trip to SF, I met up with some friends who recommended Zachary's. They raved about the place so we decided to see what the hype was all about.

When we arrived with a party of 4, the wait time was about 30 minutes. They could clearly tell we were starving so they offered to take our orders prior to seating us. Once we were seated we waited another 15 minutes until our food arrived. Since we were told that the deep dish pizzas were extremely heavy and filling we only ordered two pizzas to share between the 4 of us. We ordered the Spinach and Mushroom and the Zachary's Special which included Italian sausage, green pepper, onions, and mushroom. The two pizzas alone were enough to fill us up, leaving us with leftovers to take home as well.

Although, I prefer thin crust pizzas than deep dish pizzas, I have to say that I was pretty impressed with Zachary's. I never had pizzas like Zachary's before! I can only compare it to lasagna, which there were layers of toppings stacked on top of each other, with the final layer of tomato sauce on top and cheese oozing out in between. The process of eating a single piece of pizza was messy so I ended up eating with a knife and fork.

Bonnie B

I spent most of my life in Chicago and have fairly high expectations for Deep Dish pizza. Zachary's was a strong attempt at replicating a Chicago style deep dish pizza, but not quite the same. I expected at least another half inch of cheese and a lot less tomato sauce on the top. I think they put a lot of tomato sauce to compensate for the lack of cheese. The crust was also not very buttery. In general the filling was good. I give Zachary's 4 stars for its great service and speed. Overall I was pleased with the pizza, but I must warn you it is not the same as a true Chicago style deep dish pizza. I haven't come across another restaurant in CA that does a better job at trying to make a good Chicago style pizza.

Tamar Jackson

The people were really nice and helpful. Great customer service. With that being said it took a while for my pizza to come out and the there was a lot of cheese. Now considering the fact that it is Chicago pizza that probably the way it's supposed to be. Just me living in California my whole life I love the thin crust and light cheese on my pizza. If you're looking for the traditional Cali pizza this is not the place for you, BUT if you want some good Chicago pizza then this is the place for you

Marianne and Greg Miller

Great deep dish pizza, also thin crust. always crowded but you can get your pizza to go.

Joe Gordon

We had some awesome pizza here. Lots of special flavors. Usually quite busy and takes a while for a pizza sometimes but worth the wait. The stuffed pizzas are huge and filling.

Terri G

You'll have to walk or drive to Solano Avenue, but it's another great locations for restaurants and boutiques and of course great pizza!

Jenn B

Oh, how I love Zachary's. Order the Zachary's Special pizza and thank me later. It doesn't have meat, but it's stuffed with so many other things that meat eaters wouldn't mind sharing this kind of pie with their vegetarian friends. Keep in mind that they take at least 20 minutes to bake, so call ahead.

Rhia R.

I've only tried a few places with deep dish pizza, so I have yet to get used to the concept of the sauce being on top. Probably shouldn't make a big deal out of it, because everything will end up in the same place. That place being my tummy. I totally get why Zachary's draws the masses in. Orders are placed ahead of time, as they take close to a half hour to make depending on the pie you choose. Once seated, your order comes to your table piping hot. I got to enjoy their spinach and mushroom, with pepperoni as an added extra. Very good stuff, this was. Unfortunately my hunger fooled me as I couldn't get past one slice. Bummer! That said, their small 10 inch pie is just right for splitting between 2 people.

Kat Sun

Wow, the stuffed pizza (Chicago style) was delicious! My mom and I decided to get a medium pizza -- we each ate about 1.5 slices at the restaurant and took the rest home. We got the Zachary's Special (Italian sausage, onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms). The crust was delicious -- with so much stuff in the middle, it didn't get soggy. The top was loaded with a tomato sauce and chunks of tomatoes. Yummmm! After you're done eating, you can walk around the shops nearby.

I will definitely be coming back if I get the chance. I think my brother would enjoy the pizza.

My GPS took me to the back of the restaurant for some reason, but it was a blessing I guess since Zachary's was on the left side of the street. From Solano, take a turn on to Colusa Ave and a right onto Catalina Ave to find parking in the neighborhood). Walk to Station Place and take the little walkway to the front of the stores along Solano.

Mendel Lin

I'll admit, I really wanted to like this place. After hearing ravings for this place I keep trying to figure out what is it that makes people love it so much?!

To me, all it is is a baked layer of bread on the outside filled with tomato sauce and random ingredients. You might as well call it a tomato pie, or a tomato soup + goodies. When I think pizza, and especially Chicago Pizza, I'm expecting at least a little more bread (disclaimer I have never had real Chicago Pizza from Chicago). There's a reason I loveee BJs Deep Dish pizza as it's just so satisfying to pick it up and bite into a thick piece of soft bread, cheese, sauce and toppings. I can't even pick up the pizza at Zachary's!

Nope, sorry sir. This ain't pizza to me. Call it Zachary's Chicago pie and I'll maybe let it slide.

However, I can't deny, ingredients are fresh and yummy. Just the combination could use some work.

Stanley Chan

This place of one of my favorite pizza joints ever. If you are a fan of Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza, this is the place to be at. The crust is thick and hearty, and the pizzas are all topped with bountifuls of tomatoes, making the pizza juicy! We ordered both meat and veggie/mushroom pizzas, and all tasted like heaven! Service is wonderful and the staff very friendly; they even serve your first slice! Come early because this place gets super packed!!!

Matthew Crompton

Just across the Bay Bridge in Oakland's hip Rockridge neighborhood, Zachary's serves up classic, deep-dish and seriously dense Chicago-style pizza - a strong contender for the Bay Area's best pizza experience. They've won more awards than Meryl Streep, and a single slice -- stuffed with cheese, toppings, and a heavy tomato sauce -- practically qualifies as a meal in itself.

Maria A

This is a very busy place with probably the best pizza around. You can also call and order one that is half baked and finish it off in the flat's gas stove. See menu on line. Very popular place in the East Bay with two location. Closest one is on College Avenue.

Richard P

What more can I add that hasn't already been said. Great Deep Dish Pizza. The parking and wait can be a little tough, but it's worth it. You can order you pizza as you wait for your table, because it takes a while to make. A great spot for pizza if your are in the East Bay. \

However, my favorite is LIttle Star in the City!

Zachary's is no slouch though. The pizza is still delicious.


Look at that pizza. It's SO big...

Stuffed with juicy chunks of tomatoes, melted, ooey gooey mozzarella cheese, yummy mushrooms and delicious spinach on a bed of wheat crust. Hot damn!

I shared a small pizza, which makes two people literally stuffed, and left satisfied and probably 2lbs heavier. We had the pizza made half spinach mushroom (for me) and the other half BBQ chicken. I can definitely say my vegetarian portion was pretty good. Definitely not healthy but certainly yummy. I spoke with a local customer there and he even said this stuffed pizza is better than the stuffed pizza in Chicago. That's a strong statement!

As far as location, this place is on a cute street with other nearby stores. I enjoyed walking around and exploring this part of Berkeley on sucha beautiful day. The nearby neighborhood was so cute with pretty little houses. This area actually made me consider moving up north for work!

Vivek Desai

Absolutely delicious. I would highly recommend the deep dish mushroom and spinach pizza.

Mark Del

Best chicago style stuffed pizza in the west coast, maybe even better than some in chicago!

Jen H

Luv, luv, luv this place! It's always a MUST stop when I go up to the Bay Area.

They are known for their Chicago deep-dish pizza and boy, it's delicious! Just thinking about it makes me want to drive up north for a pie *drool* The wait is usually long, so expect a wait or get there early!

A must is their Spinach & Mushroom (Fresh spinach, mushrooms and a blend of three cheeses)! Don't even waste your time on the other choices if it is your first time here. You'll be in heaven....even a meat eater like me can't praise enough for this delicious pie!

PS, you'll always see some College kids around from Berkeley most likely.

Enjoy, I wish I was there right now!

Yen Phan

I love Zachary's Chicago style pizza! Mmm, deep dish of tomato sauce, thick layer of cheese, and good amount of dough crust. All the toppings are soo good, mushrooms, sausages, chicken, you can't go wrong. Pizza should be thick with A LOT of sauce. The gourmet thin crust stuff is like eating crackers compared to this. I salivate every time I think of Zachary's. I would love to visit Chicago and get a taste of their pizza, until then, Zachary's is my top pizza place in the Bay.

Connie Chang

1 slice of Zachary's stuffed pizza = 1 happily stuffed tummy

Take home a half-baked pizza and pop it in the oven whenever you want, it's just as yummy.

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