• 510 Embarcadero West, Oakland, CA 94607
  • (510) 238-9200
  • www.yoshis.com


Krista Canfield McNish

Yoshi's Jazz Club is a wonderful place to catch like music and to grab drinks/dinner. It makes for a fantastic night out on the town.

elaine g (@iamego)

They have a bar outside the club but I recco coming early to get a seat inside the venue and ordering within the venue.

This has to be one of my favorite places to see artists.. Its nice and intimate so you really get a sense of who these artists are.. They usually ask questions and engage in convos here w the audience and usual the crowd is limited so you don't get the rambunctious randoms who shout weird comments. Plus everyone is seated so you don't have to worry about the tall people in front of you...

Albert Qian

Located right in the heart of Jack London Square, Yoshi's is perfect for anyone seeking an experience in Jazz. I came here the night Brian Culbertson was playing. There's a lot of foot traffic here and the demographic is older, but the music is good! Shows are all different every night.

Terri G

Great place to hear good jazz and other musical performers. Located right across from Jack London Square, it's a great place to get food before the show. It is also a great place to take a walk along the waterfront.

Stella R

If it is jazz you want to hear Yoshi's Jazz Club is the place to go! You will hear the best of jazz in a dining club surrounding. And on Sunday's you can stroll along Jack London Square, visit the thriving farmer's market and go to a Sunday jazz matinee all within walking distance. A must go for all jazz lovers from around the world!

Susie Song

Yoshi's is by far the most famous and historic jazz venues in all of the West Coast. Pretty much every single one of the legendary jazz musicians in the past has gone through Yoshi's, and Yoshi's has done an awesome job in preserving the venue in its original form as closely as possible. It's not as new and swanky as the San Francisco one, but it's definitely got its charms that you can only find in such a historic venue.

FYI: Food is not very good here, so make sure you eat before you go for the show. ;)


This place is perfect for date night and some really great live entertainment.

The service was excellent.
The food was great!
The ambiance was fantastic.

Would definitely recommend this place to everyone.

Steph Uniacke

I saw Dee Dee Bridgewater here several years ago and we got front row seats. It was such a great performance and she even interacted with the people sitting up close, calling out anyone that wasn't tapping their foot along or bobbing their head. The wait staff was great but the food was only okay.

Eric Brink

It was an early date with Gayle years ago at Yoshi's that changed everything. The evening started in line for our Keiko Matsui when I was told that we should just be friends. Things continued to Dinner at their Japanese restaurant and I question that I'm still trying to answer properly. The show was thoroughly entertaining and the night club venue was intimate and comfortable. Our date ended with me passing her "test kiss" and the start of a wonderful relationship.

spice road

We had a satisfying dinner at Yoshi's and enjoyed a nice jam session. Loved it that the train goes right by the restaurant. Only in Oakland! Overall, a nice night out for the mamas and papas.

Tiffany Shanel

Great place to listen to live jazz music while enjoying japanese food.

Check the calendar because there is always a variety of musicians performing at the venue, not all the performers are strickly jazz musicians; there are salsa bands, R & B artist, blues musicians and much more.

I highly recommend to arrive early if you are going to the first show so that you can reserve the best seats. I prefer the booths, which are limited, but there are plenty of tables to choose from.

Because shows are limited to about an hour to an hour and a half, I would advise eating dinner in the restaurant before the show, or eat before you arrive.

You want to be able to enjoy the show instead of waiting around for your food to get delivered. Orders arrive relatively quickly, but when I go, I like to only order appetizers and cocktails.

The bar servers are very quick and it's a perfect spot for a date night or hanging out with friends.

Nathan Thadani

Perfect place to take a date! You've got Japanese food and live Jazz, what's not to like about this place?!

Connie Chang

Yoshi's club is intimate, and there really isn't a bad seat in the house. If you want to get really up close and personal, then you should definitely make reservations for dinner beforehand so that you get priority seating in the front rows. We did, and sat just a few feet away from the stage. They offer the full drink menu inside the club, as well as their sushi, appetizers and dessert menus. The chocolate cake we ordered inside the club was more like a chocolate puck - really hard and not what we were expecting at all. They had other desserts that sounded appealing, so go for something other than the chocolate cake.

Before the concert, we had dinner and sat in the tatami area, which was really fun. We started our meals with pear-guava martinis, which went nicely with the pan-seared scallops, miso black cod, bansai roll and spicy scallop roll that we shared. The scallops were like buttah, as were the rolls. The cod was nice and fluffy, but extremely bland. We had to dip it into soy sauce to give it some flavor.

Although the food was not that spectacular, the concert was.


Great Place to dine and great Jazz.

John P. Sherman

Expensive Japanese restaurant and food was just average. We've had better Japanese food for the price. Only good thing is you get reserved seating if watching a show after dinner.

Mitch D

Here the great top Jazz artists at the nearby Yoshi's Jazz Club

Joe P

The place to be if you like intimate settings for jazz concerts.

Kirk and Jaleh

Very popular for all

Andrei Amos Lakos

Food is fine - a little upscale prices - great jazz venue

Hana Nobel

Yoshi’s opened as a sushi bar in 1972 and has become an award-winning 310-seat space for musical performances. There aren't a lot of places in the area (or the world) to get great Japanese food and listen to great jazz music. The surrounding Jack London Square area is a cool place to spend time before or after a show, too. Plus, it makes it easy to catch a train, bus, or ferry to a concert. If sake and smooth tunes are your dream evening, Yoshi's is your dream venue.

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