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My team loves Bake Sale and Betty and her team are great they are very accommodating to my teams needs

Matthew Chiang

The chicken sandwich is so good and worth the wait. You probably want to go on a off weekday to try minimize waiting times, but there'll still be somewhat of a wait because the place is only open for half of the day.

Terri G

Wonderful food. A car trip away from our home, but if your in the Temescal area, it's a great place for lunch.

Alex W.

Amazing chicken sandwich!
Cute and creative outdoor seating arrangement but not that comfortable! :-(
Super crowded and right next to a busy polluted intersection!
Lines are super long but they do give you cookies while you wait ;-)
Great strawberry shortcake!
If you want a comfy area to sprawl out while you eat, avoid the ironing boards!!!

Greg L

Betty has blue hair. She employs the locals. There is only one fantastic chicken sandwich and many baked goods. The LONG line goes by FAST!. Your table is one of many ironing boards on the sidewalk.

Travel + Leisure

Alison Barakat, a.k.a. “Betty,” worked as a line cook at Chez Panisse before donning an electric-blue wig and setting up shop for herself. Her fried chicken sandwich is as simple as it is famous: buttermilk battered breast, sourced from Fulton Valley Farms, and spicy, tangy slaw with jalapeños, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and mustard on an Acme torpedo roll. Add Frank’s hot sauce to taste.


What a stunning, delicious fried chicken sandwich!! Grab some lemonade and a cookie with the sandwich. Yum!

John Lin

This place is unbelievably over hyped! Its just a chicken sandwich people!! The slaw is ok, the chicken is just chicken and the bread is below average. Do yourself a favor and go to Wendy's for the asiago chicken sandwich, its every bit as good without the lines.

Yen Phan

I saw the imfamous "blue wig"! Before I moved from the Bay, Bakesale Betty was the place I must try. I've seen the lines out the door and around the block, usually that's a sign that the people know what's good and it is worth the wait. While waiting in line, the cashiers were nice and gave me free cookies, score! I like how they just have a few items on the menu, and it all just hits the spot. I love the strawberry shortcake, the whip cream so soft and the strawberries were scrumptious. I am glad they have a 2nd location in downtown Oakland, I wish it was there when I worked in the area. Mmm, every time I come to Oakland I want Bakesale Betty's shortcake!

Scott Daly

UMM! have you heard they have a good chicken sandwich?! LOL

bewigged in a cobalt blue flip, betty cooks up a storm of cookies, scones, breads and other sweets. the lemon bars are to die for and her banana and pumpkin bread really hit the spot. she's from australia and so are her recipes for sticky date pudding and lamingtons (vanilla sponge cake bars with strawberry jam, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in coconut ...). the scones are sooo scrumptious -- try the pear-ginger fo sho. if you drop in after breakfast, you can have one of the tomato, cheese and ham sandwiches made on homemade white bread. the one-of-these-things- is-not-like-the-othe r item is fried chicken sandwich. knowing betty, it's the best fried chicken around.

i don't get into oakland too much these days so i'm really glad i can find them at the farmers market in walnut creek on sunday's. her husband michael is there quite often as she's busy baking and always seems so eager to give away free breads, scones and bars that they might want to share with their customers.

all i know is i need to take a vacation to australia and hang out at bakeries looking for the girl of my dreams with that sexy and sweet blue hair.

Eric Brink

I have had the chicken sandwiches several times now and have enjoyed them each time. The 3 types of scones that I have tried have also been very good. No Pot Pie yet though.

This afternoon was also my lucky day. Not only did I get 2 free cookies (ginger bread and chocolate chip), they threw in a small tray of brownies with the sandwich.

Nathan Thadani

Don't believe the hype. The fried chicken is good, but not worth what most people say about this place. The hours are terrible as well as they're only open for a couple hours during the day and they run out of the sandwiches quite frequently. If you're set on going here, make sure to get here earlier in the day before the lunch crowd takes over.

Connie Chang

Yes, the wait is long, but it's worth it! The fried chicken sandwich is pricey, but large enough to feed two. Make sure you pick up some scrumptious baked goods as well. Their cookies, pies and strawberry shortcake are all divine.

Will Urich

This place is so over-hyped, it's going to be hard to get an honest opinion from people. The chicken sandwiches are definitely good and filling, as are the baked goods, but the prices they ask ($8 for a sandwich?) are bordering on over the line because the sandwich is definitely not THAT good. There is always a gigantic line that stretches out the door to the street light 5 stores down, so the best bet is to call in and enjoy the envious stares of the hungry hopeful as you snag your grub.

Judy B

ummmmm!! no sign! 51st & Telegraph in Temescal

Kirk and Jaleh

Great breakfast in an old fashion style. Be prepared for 30-60 minutes wait

Michelle Gislason

Their strawberry shortcake is out of this world.


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