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Louvre Museum

  • 75058 Paris CEDEX 01 France
  • +33 1 40 20 53 17
  • www.louvre.fr


Burcu Ünsal

So many beautiful art and history are living in this place. Also you can see magnificent look of the historical and the modern together. If you’re visiting Paris you should see Louvre Museum!

Adel Alharbi

The most famous museum in the world, you don’t have to be an art expert to appreciate the paintings within the walls of this museum. The Islamic and Egyptian sections are the hidden jewels of the louvre, be sure to check them out.

Gary Burke

This the most beautiful, and impressive, museum that I've ever been to. It's also the biggest museum in the world. It's so big that it's humanely impossible to see all that the Louvre has to offer in just one visit. How long would it take you? Well, if you ever have 100 days to spare, you could probably squeeze in every piece of art, but you could spend only 30 seconds on each piece – and that’s if you were there all day, every day. The museum offers 380,000 pieces in total – but not all of collection is exhibited to the public.

Marcelo Ferreira

You need at least a whole day to see the best part of the museum, organize your agenda. Join at the Carrousel entry is always better than the main entry

Lauryn Neas

I love the Louvre. It’s one of my favorite museums in the world. Not only is there magnificent art everywhere you turn, but the actual building is a piece of art in itself. A few tips: go first thing in the morning and if you want some great shots for your insta, go at least an hour before it opens to get some crowdless shots! We did not buy tickets for this ahead of time and had no regrets. We simply got in line 15 minutes before opening, walked in 20 min later, bought our tickets at a kiosk, and waltzed on over to the Mona Lisa. Speaking of the Mona Lisa, if you are wanting to see this, you need to go as soon as you have your tickets. There will most likely already be a crowd, but it will only get worse throughout the day. If you just can’t make an early morning work, go to the Louvre website and check the open times. Occasionally it will be open later in the evening (possibly Friday) and not many people know this. You might get lucky and have some areas all to yourself!

Deepak Lifecntstop

Where else other then the centre of the city, easily accessible by the public transport bus, metro, taxi or if you want you can hire a cycle and ride around the place.

History is preserved at its best, one of the most iconic monumental structure, the class at its best next to the river beautiful view around the place, its a big place around the iconic pyramid shape of the Louvre museum. The ticket cost you around 20 -60€ depending in which category you want to choose. Buying ticket online is always an option to skip avoid the long que. Without a doubt a place to be whenever you are in Paris.

Being situated in the centre of the city, its surrounded by lots of kiosk and a big market place full of restaurants and shopping options within the walking distance.

I hope this will be helpful.

Colleen Holbrook

If you are truly interested in seeing the Mona Lisa in person, go ahead, it is surrounded by a crowd. I enjoy the sculptures more so and discovering other pieces that I have not seen in a million photos.

Alyssa Collier

If there's anything you do in Paris, do the Louvre. You will never see so much history and art in one location than here. The Mona Lisa is beautiful of course but this museum has so much more to offer. You can spend hours and days wondering around. I recommend taking a tour to see stuff you might not find just wandering on your own.

Victoria Lynn

Saying this place is huge is an understatement. I definitely recommend planning at least two days here to truly see and appreciate everything. When you go see the Mona Lisa (as you should), you MUST turn around to see The Wedding at Cana because this painting is MASSIVE. I was hurt that hardly anyone was looking at it, being that it was in the same room as da Vinci's painting, but it is downright impressive and my favourite of all the paintings I saw.

Sunshine Blondie

This place is truly wonderful, it’s one of the most historic places in Paris. With a massive collection of art and a general romantic Paris whimsical feel to it, I’d give it a 10/10

Evgenija Gries

Book guided tour worth the time spent and listen and see with a experienced guide

Syreeta McCutcheon

Beautiful pieces even for someones who's not a natural art lover. Use the Paris museum pass or buy tickets online to avoid unnecessary lines.

Annmarie Ware

Amazing experience! We spent a few hours at the Louvre and my family aren't really museum people. There is also a shopping mall inside.

Sam Poullain

A scar on the face of Paris, or one of the modern icons of the world? My five-star review won't leave you guessing.

Celeste Gonzalez

A musttt! You can spend days in the Louvre. If you’re on a tight schedule plan ahead in terms of what you want to see, but visit!


Very well curated. A lot of amazing art. Take your time. Multi-day Museum pass may be worth it you plan on seeing multiple places. Plus it slips the louvre entrance line. They're also open late on select days. I loved going at night bc it was significantly less crowded.

Cassandra Yeh

The Location: Metro #1 & 7, Exit :Palais-Royal Musee du Louvre. The underground metro connect directly to the museum building. You will pass the shopping area then go through the security. After pass the security, information booth is there and also ticketing windows.

The Admission: 15 euro

There are 3 sections of the museum. Take the museum brochure/map with you. There are thousands & thousand of art works. If you want to see every single piece of art...... it is going to take more than one visit!!!

The BIGGEST museum I have ever been too!! The collection they have... UNBELIEVABLE!!

The first piece of art I went to see - the one and only.... MONA LISA!!!

If you only have time for one museum... this has to be the one!!! You won't regret~

Miquel Llobet

Endless collections of art styles and formats. Make sure to book half a day to fully enjoy it.

There is a surprising collection of “art objects” including classic furniture and royal palace decorations.

Lawrence Lam

Sooooooooooo many things to see in this expansive site. You will get your fill guaranteed

Tyson Bramer

A place that speaks for itself. While many will come for a few of the famous paintings, the museum has so much to offer and truly requires a great length of time to be enjoyed.

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