Cafe Du Monde

  • 800 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116
  • (504) 525-4544


Art Art

Naaaaaa.......too much hype for this silly donuts !!
I went in and ordered 3 I took a bite of one and stopped eating all that pinche powered sugar! Plus got got all over my clothes! Too much shit for me! I end up going to a bar and orederd me there local beer Amber! That was the shzzz for the freaking powered donut lol pass!!!!! I left them on the table and Left!



This restaurant is famous for beignets the menu is small but they offer coffee, hot chocolate , the beignets were so delicious very addictive

Rochelle Madrigal

Dont wear a dark-colored shirt!! I used the powdered sugar to sweeten my cafe au lait.

Monica Jaramillo Justice

This place is open 24hrs but always super packed. It is worth it though, also not super expensive.

Kay Lemons

Beignets are definitely worth the hype and this is the place to go to get them. It's a fried donut with powered sugar on there and they come in an order of 3. I really liked how fast they served my party even though it was extremely busy. This is a must visit place when in NOLA.

Morgan Lesli

Perhaps because I went just as they were closing, I felt the person dealing with us was a little rude. We went there late to avoid the crowd, but perhaps that is the draw of the place. The beignets are, however, great.

Natalie Ayres

Delicious and hot! Even though it was crowded and rainy we got a table right away. The service was fast and we were in and out quickly. Bathrooms were gross though.

Dj Daley

For the best experience go late at night when the tourists are not out ;)
The history speaks for itself.

Alyssa Collier

This is the classic tourist place to go to. The beignets are everything you could imagine and more. For always being so crowded the wait for a table is always under 30 minutes and the staff provides great service. And it's 24 hours? Amazing. You can literally get beignets all day!

Stephen Taylor Hawkins

If you've never been to Cafe Du Monde, it is sort of a rite of passage, but it isn't a place you'll want to go every trip. The line becomes too excruciatingly long, and there are beignet places that are just as good elsewhere in the city.

Ingrid Blackwell

This should be your very first stop when you get into town. This will set you right for you stay, and come everyday for coffee and beniets.

Re becca

After seeing kim K flew in just to eat their specialty beignets, I knew this was a must stop spot when we visited during our bachlorette party. I came a during dinner time so we ordered 2 plates of these bad boys and ate about three..the hot cocoa really washed it all down good

Ciara Lascano

The location was great so many things around it. The line was long but quick however the beignets were delicious. You have to visit here!


This place is a must when in New Orleans. It’s iconic. The beignets are going to get you messy so don’t worry about having powder on your face! The cafe au laits are also a necessity. We enjoyed dunking the beignets in the coffee. It’s a seat yourself kinda place, the servers will come grab your order and you can sit back and eat. Quick table turn overs so you shouldn’t be waiting long.

John Schilling

Good beignets and fun atmosphere. The lines can get crazy, but if you've never been, it's definitely worth it.


The beignet was yummy! Fresh and not greasy. The white sugar powder is just the right amount of sweet. Excellent service

Leigh Virkus

A "must" on any visit to New Orleans. There are other locations, but this French Market location is the original. Authentic beignets (three per serving) smothered in powdered sugar & New Orleans chicory coffee (best prepared as cafe au lait) are the standard items, here. Milk & hot chocolate are available for kids or non-coffee drinkers. Cafe Du Monde is a tradition/part of NOLA's history.

Monika Šegulja

Dirty, overcrowded, mediocre beignets (all they had was plain ones with like three coffee flavors), waiters are scatterbrained
Regret going


Loved this place! Beignets were amazing and Cafe Au Lait was delicious! It's busy but worth it!

Tiffany Marie

Fresh everything, always. They know what they're doing for sure. Best way to enjoy is to go to the to-go window and find a bench in the French market and enjoy people watching!

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